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Jon is the best hair dresser I know. He takes such good care of me when I am there. He does a fantastic job on my A line bob and my hair color Is always perfect. I wouldn't trust any one else to touch it. <3 Melody
Melody E.
The first I met Jon, I made an evening appointment. I felt so bad for keeping him late. I apologized to him profusely. He just turned me around and looked at me and said, "I'm here as long as it takes to me you happy." WOW! I was a loyal customer from that moment on. Carla F.
Carla F.
Jon is an artist. Jon has brought me, and my hair,from dark to light, thin to thick, dull to bright...and has helped me to see each appointment as an opportunity to shine. For almost 15 years, starting in my pre-teens, Jon has helped me to grow with my personal style and remains the only person I trust to do so. Although he always asks, I never give Jon Instructions: "you're the artist," I remind. I have traveled the world but it is my hometown that holds the person who has shown me that ones' hair is ones' canvas-- Jon continues to help me to cut loose and embrace the beauty he has helped me to see. Because of Jon, the beholders see beauty from new eyes, myself included. If you are ever given the chance to meet him-- let alone to become his client and friend---you too will be honored. I recommend Jon to all who are lucky enough to be his canvas.
Taylor S.
When I decided to go from long hair to extremely short, the only person I trusted to do it was John. You can see the before and after pictures on this web page. I think John did a fantastic job and I am really happy with my new look. I have known John since I was 10 years old, and he is not only a great hair stylist but also one of the nicest people I know. Sincerely, Cassie B.
Kevin B.