Welcome! My name is Jordan Seifrig I am a 2nd generation cosmetologist from Santa Claus Indiana. My Mother has been a Salon owner for over 30 years. I practically grew up in a salon and enjoyed sitting and listening to the ladies talk and connect. It was educational and extremely inspiring. Seeing how my Mother was able to create a special bond with each and everyone of her clients was incredible.


After high school I went to the Herron School of Art and design in Indianapolis Indiana. Once I got into the program I just knew it wasn't for me. After about a year and a half I transferred to Indiana University. My field of study was Sustainable Design. After my first semester I had an internship in Northern California where I was helping to build Sustainable Yurts. Lets just say it was extremely hard and I learned a lot about the things I did not want to do.


I was at a point in my life where I didn't want to go into more debt doing something I didn't love, but at 20 I didn't know of anything I loved enough to make a career. I did know I wasn't ready to go home, I had made it! I was in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. I was infatuated with the lifestyle, the scenery, the possibilities. I met some of the most amazing people who helped me find odd jobs. One of which was work at a circus camp called Camp Winnarainbow. Founded by Patch Adams and Wavy Gravy. It was short lived as a series of unfortunate events took place. I cut my thumb, bear sighting in camp, poison sumac on my face, my car blew up. My parents graciously bought me a plane ticket home for my 21st birthday.


Being back where I started felt like failing. I was working at a restaurant as a waitress, living on my brothers couch. I felt so lost and unsure about who I was and what I should be doing.

My parents strongly encouraged me to go back to school or get a job with benefits. Knowing I was not ready to settle down in Southern Indiana, I told them I was going to hair school, but in San Diego.

I don't think they believed me. But I got a taste of a whole world outside of Santa Claus, Indiana and I knew I had to see more. I moved to San Diego and went to Paul Mitchell the School. I LOVED it. How could you not? I lived a mile from the ocean, I was surrounded by some of the top names in the industry and I already had a strong understanding of the skills. I never thought I would follow in my mother's footsteps, but I  was hooked.


After school I moved back to Indiana. My sister was about to have her first son and I could not wait to be an aunt. I worked at a cabinet factory where I was a Union Carpenter. I mean let's face it, San Diego is expensive and I needed to regroup. I was completely miserable there. Working night shift and then doing a hair during the day.


I moved to Bloomington,IN to enroll back into school. I worked full time at a salon called Senoj (yes it is simply Jones spelled backwards) and went to school full time. I graduated with an associate degree in Business Management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship.


I moved to Indianapolis, and got a job at Angie's List. Another place I was miserable. Stuck inside, physically attached to a desk in a call center. I knew I was always the most happy doing hair so I joined the team at Salon 6. I love Broad Ripple the clientele and the overall vibe.


Now I have started a new chapter in my career at Salon Lofts. I am excited for the challenge and I am humbled by the support of my clients, Friends, and Family. I love doing hair but more than anything I still love the connection I make with my clients...my TRIBE. They help keep me motivated and inspired.  I love what I do because of them.


If you are looking for more than a hair stylist please, come join my tribe. I would love you have you.

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Jordan was the first to really cut my hair, and I mean really cut it. I had long hair my whole life and decided that I was ready to feel better about myself so I went to Jordan. And 3 years later she has still been the only one to cut my hair. She truly caress and wants to make sure your time with her is so much fun. and it is! We always have great conversations and a good time. I’m always excited to get my haircut and walk out feeling amazing thanks to her! Def check her out!!
Taylor L.
I’ve known Jordan for years and she’s been my stylist for a little over a year now. I’m so glad I found my way to her salon chair. I’m the girl who says “Uh, just cut my hair...?” and doesn’t really care how it turns out. That said, Jordan always knocks it out of the park! Curls, volume, shape - she can always find that life in my hair.
Kelsee H.
I started seeing Jordan after a stylist I had been seeing for five years over processed my hair. She has patiently worked with my hair for almost a year now. She’s helped me get back my healthy natural shiny mane and has been patient and realistic through the whole process. She is great with hair because she continues to educate herself on products, styles, and everything HAIR. She is passionate about what she does and it really shows. I love the line of hair products she carries (Davines- look it up, it’s amazing!) and how long the color goes without fading! She’s a great communicator, always on time, super professional and personable!
Lindsey S.
Before Jordan, I was that stereotypical 'Great Clips guy' who didn't think my hair needed any love. After so many bad haircuts and awkward conversations with complete strangers, I finally decided it was time to find a personal hair stylist. THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE! Jordan is very down to Earth and turned the haircut experience from something I loathed to actually enjoying. Her expertise is top notch and being the social butterfly that she is, she makes anyone feel welcome the second they sit down in the chair. The hair/head massages also are a nice perk. :) Overall, I would recommend her to anyone in the Indy area. -Mitch Ladig
Mitch L.
I met Jordan through my sister. Since then most of the women in my family have had their hair done by Jordan. I am not one to be adventurous with hair, let alone get my hair cut more than once a year, but I know every time I am in the salon I will walk out with an amazing haircut. Jordan is consistent in her work and a wealth of knowledge. She always has you best interests at heart and will guide you in the right direction. Jordan will give you a wonderful haircut experience, the fabulous hair is just a bonus!
Valerie H.
Jordan is by far the best stylist I've ever been to! She has such a warm and welcoming personality. She is great at listening to ideas and interpreting them in a way that actually works for your hair type and body. I love her Salon Loft decor... comfortable, modern, and earthy - A perfect space to spend an hour (or three) of pampering! I always leave her chair feeling like a million bucks outside and in. PS - Her scalp massages are to die for!
Beth H.
I had never been loyal before to a specific stylist before. In comes Jordan, and I'm so glad that she did! I now look forward to my late night haircuts and gabbing about the boys! Jordan has been great, giving my hair the treatment it deserves and ALWAYS makes me look great. I know now that I don't need to find a new place or hope for the "good" stylist. I have a great one now, and I highly recommend anyone go to her.
Ben K.
I have been enjoying the many talents of Jordan for almost three years!! She knows my hair better than I know myself and each time I make a change or get new color ALL of my friends are asking me who made it happen. She’s been with me as a blonde, with a touch of purple and from long long to short short. Whatever you need she can do it but she will check if you have anything big going on in your life before she cuts bags, does any drastic coloring or let’s you chop chop off all of your hair. She is both friend, artist and stylist and my Italian locks are grateful we found her ❤️ @teresasabatine
Teresa S.
To the *many* friends, coworkers, and strangers who ask "who does your hair??", I refer to Jordan as my hair quaaaaaan (queen). I had been coloring and cutting my hair myself (with occasional Great Clips trips) for a decade when I first went to Jordan in 2016 to take me from unruly mop to clean, professional bob (yes, a post break-up statement!). She did such an impeccable job, I never stopped going back to her chair. She has kept my hair healthy and beautiful with every whim, as I went from sleek bob to textured below-the-shoulder layers, dark brown to ice-princess white. On top of her professionalism and being a damn good hair stylist/colorist, she is such a fun, warm person--truly a joy to talk with. I've recommended Jordan to countless people (men and women!), knowing they're in good hands no matter what they throw at her. She's simply the best!!
Cristina C.
I was Jordan's first paying client, way back when. Nine years later, several relocations later and I'm still a regular, adoring client of hers. In fact, my husband is also one of her regulars. Her talent is unmatched and her personality is to die for. I cannot recommend her enough, Indy! :) - Brittany Simpson
Brittany S.