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 Joseph is highly trained in multiple color techniques including baylayage, contouring, color melts, shadow roots, and fashion colors. He has received advanced education in razor cutting, and clipper cutting, so he is comfortable with both men's cuts and woman's. Feel free to book a consultation with him today


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FINALLY! After one appointment I know I need search no further! I have been searching for someone like Joseph literally for years. I have gotten "good" cuts and color before but Joseph is spectacular! He gave me exactly what I wanted in a cut and it was done flawlessly. My husband even stated that this is the first time in a long time that I haven't had to take the scissors to my head after a salon appointment. Equally as important to me is his chair-side manner. He is a delight to talk to and I felt completely comfortable asking him questions about my hair "issues" and techniques he would recommend to resolve them. I am only in the area for a few months but I am very seriously considering making the 3 hour drive to have him do my hair when we head back home. YES! He is THAT good!
Kelly L.
I have been using Joseph since he was in cosmetology school. I have had other stylist do my hair and I am never as satisfied as I am when I leave Joseph’s chair. I will now only let him touch my hair! He stays current on all trends and techniques and he is fun to chat with! He is the absolute best!!!
Destiny W.
Joseph has been handling all of my family's hair needs for over 5 years! He has awesome ideas, a fabulous personality that shines through while he is with you, and his passion for hair is beyond compare. I won't let anyone but Joseph near my hair ever again.
Casey P.
I have been going to Joseph for about four years now, and I will follow him wherever he goes. He's the only person I trust with my hair. Ive gone from red to brown and a few different colors in between. He has always made my hair look flawless and healthy. He is my stylist for life. I love Joseph!
Sydnie B.