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My name is Kasey, and I’m a hairstylist specializing in holistic products, services, and lifestyle. I’ve been in the industry professionally since 2009, but I’ve been doing hair all my life. I believe that there are a lot of misconceptions in the beauty world, and I’m here to educate you on them while giving you amazing hair. Win-win (or win-win-win for you Office fans out there)!

I believe that the products we are using and the services we are getting are creating the problems we’re trying to fix. It is known that sulfates, alcohol and fragrance are terrible for the hair - why are they still in most deep conditioning treatments? What we put in/on our bodies has a direct correlation to how we look and feel. It’s not black magic, it’s science!

Although I do perform color services, let it be known that there is no all natural, completely clean hair color on the market. There are more organic forms of chemicals that companies have started using, but they are still harmful to the hair and (more importantly) the scalp. Because there is no way to avoid this, I’ve added ‘holistic scalp free color’ to my menu of services. I meticulously apply color to the roots, while keeping it away from the skin. I'm still holding out hope that some brilliant hippie/chemical engineer invents a hair color line that is as safe as it is beautiful. In the meantime, I'll give you tips on how to take care of your noggin to prevent further damage.

If you want to learn more about healthy ways to beautify yourself, if you have bad allergies to product, or if you just want to hang out with a crazy cat lady/dance teacher/The Office fanatic, book now!

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Clients - while online booking is usually a good tool to see when I am available, feel free to contact me if you're having trouble finding an appointment. Thanks! 

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Kasey is my hair's new best friend. Before meeting Kasey, I had never done anything with my hair and on a whim decided to a blonde balayage. Kasey's excitement and knowledge about hair put my reservations at ease. Every time I go back and ask for small adjustments in the style or toner color, she listens to what I'm asking for and more than delivers. Plus she's a joy to hang out with! I'm obsessed.
Corinne H.
Kasey did my hair for my wedding, and she did SUCH a fabulous job. Not only is she great at styling, her cut and color skills are unmatched. I was so dissappointed when she stopped doing hair - and now I’m so happy she’s back! Whatever you’re looking for - Kasey is your girl! And she’ll do it by making your hair healthier!!
Darby D.
She’s back!!!! Kasey has an all new approach to hair. Not only is she amazing at cutting, styling and coloring, she offered me several things that I could do (and not do!) to keep my hair looking and feeling its healthiest! I left her loft looking spectacular and feeling great! Kasey’s bright smile and sparkly personality will keep me coming back! Love her!!!
Diane W.