Kathleen is a fun loving, dedicated hair stylist based out of Washington D.C. metro area. She started her career 14 years ago by quitting college so that she could pursue her dreams of creating beautiful hair and working in the fashion industry which she so deeply adores.

Since then she has gone from being an apprentice, to a stylist in a large salon, to now running her own business, and in between all of that she has continued to grow by working with some of the hair industries finest. She is continuously challenging herself by submitting work to national as well as international hair competitions, working on collaborations, and by pushing herself by partaking in the prestigious Mastered Hair program. That program has opened many doors and since completion she has been published internationally, in Vogue Italia online as well as Lula, and has had continuous work during New York Fashion Week working with multiple teams but most notably the Wella team led by Aubrey Loots and the Aveda team led by Jon Reyman.

Kathleen continues to take advanced courses every year to learn new hair coloring techniques, hair cutting, as well as styling techniques. She prides herself on knowing the latest trends and by knowing how and when to use them on her guests. The hair industry is ever changing and Kathleen always wants to be in top of that so her guests have the best possible experience and the best possible hair.

Kathleen's love for her art is ever growing and evolving. Every opportunity given to her is met with excitement as well as passion. She truly believes that hair is the ultimate compliment to any look and she strives to make herself the best by working and training with the best.

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Kathleen is at the top of her field and we're so lucky to have access to her skills and talent, right here in Northern Virginia. Her color and cut skills are beautiful, and always elicit compliments. She's given me the best style advice and probably saved me from a few bad decisions, always keeping me feeling updated and confident. Added bonus-she's a delightful, intelligent and thoughtful person. You'll enjoy the time you spend in her company.
Jacquelyn B.
Kathleen is an artist for hair. She always has a new competition or Fashion Week story for me. I love that she throws herself into her work and it shows on her styling for the rest of us. Our whole neighborhood goes to her. She's the best!
Elaine D.
Kathleen is great because she cut's really awesome hair, and talks about punk rock music with me. Which I enjoy. She's the best.
Brian M.
Kathleen is the BEST! She has been coloring my hair for years and I ALWAYS get so many compliments. She kind, genuine, and fun! She will always make you feel welcome when you arrive (even when you have waited too long between visits) and feeling gorgeous when you leave! - Sharon G
Sharon G.
Kathleen has been cutting my hair for a couple of years now and it always looks amazing! Whether I'm ready to make a big cut or keep a similar style as before, she always provides great advice for styling and hair care. She is always incredibly friendly and I recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing hairstylist!
Chloe R.
Kathleen is the queen of hair and life!
Beth S.
Love Kathleen! She is so talented. My sister, mom, and I all go to her!!!
Laura R.
Strangers stop me on the street to tell me how gorgeous my hair color is - and Kathleen is completely responsible. Mother Nature was not kind to me, giving me grey hair that arrived far too early, but Kathleen applied her master colorist skills and creative eye to the problem. Now there is no problem, only compliments. Kathleen is the best!
Lisa R.