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2017 Winner in Massage

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Kevin has 20 years of massage therapy experience in helping people with many kinds of medical conditions and pain issues. As the owner of KB Wellness Massage Studio he has expertise in Swedish, Deep tissue, Craniosacral, Sport Massage and Healing Touch incorporating several modalities into the care of his clients. Before starting his business, Kevin served as Spa Director and massage therapist for almost 10 years at the Anderson Mercy Healthplex, where he helped many patients from the hospital both pre and post surgery and the sport center. Kevin has helped improve the health and well-being of a range of clients from children with disabilities, athletes, pregnant women, the elderly, and others with various medical conditions. With a degree from the Dayton School of Medical Massage, Kevin spent several years as the exclusive massage therapist for the Dayton Bombers hockey team while working at spas in Dayton and Cincinnati. A navy veteran, Kevin and his family moved to his wife's hometown of Anderson in 2004. He can occasionally be seen on stage with the local community theatre group, The Beechmont Players.  Please like KB Wellness massage Studio on facebook, Thanks.

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Kevin is an excellent, professional massage therapist. He puts one at ease so that not only do muscles feel relaxed and fluid when the massage is done, but also one's mine and attitude. I highly recommend him.
Loretta H.
This was my second visit to see Kevin. My first experience was great, but it was about a year ago and I just hadn't made the time for myself this year. I've recently experienced knots in my shoulder and neck and have seen the chiropractor. He suggested I get back into massage therapy. Made an appointment this weekend and I woke up this morning and was not in pain for the first time in a few weeks. Kevin finds the spots that need work and really takes the time to listen to your needs. Already booked my appointment for next month! Well worth the money.
Terri S.
Kevin doesn't just give "feel good" massages. He has a deep knowledge of the body, and can pinpoint and deal with problem areas to leave you healthier as well as feeling better. --Steve P.
Steve P.
I highly recommend Kevin. He’s professional and does an outstanding job. My whole body feels new. I have massages with other people and Kevin is by far the best.
Erin K.
Kevin is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable about MT, he gives a fantastic massage. I walked out of my session relaxed and feeling great!
Rebeccca M.
Kevin's middle initial "H" stands for "Holistic!" He knows how the body's structural components work together. I've been blessed to have him as part of my health care team during recovery from rotator cuff surgery, as he has helped improve my pain level and my flexibility.
Nadine H.
I can highly recommend Kevin. He is heaven on a plate. He put me at ease from the start. Highly skilled, he uses various techniques to ease the mind and body. Once finished, I felt quite limber and relaxed. I am thankful Kevin was recommended to me and want to pay that forward. You won't be disappointed.
Claudine E.
The "Donna" - some hot rocks & deep tissue.
Donna A.
Kevin makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. You can tell he really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but in who you are. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience. He gives wonderful advice and truly cares. I couldn't recommend a better professional!!
Scott S.
Kevin does a great job of incorporating massage with stretching. He is very knowledgeable and professional. It was one of the best massages I have ever had.
Lori S.
I get massages from Kevin on a regular basis and I can say that no other massage therapist compares to him. His expertise and knowledge are apparent in each one of his massages. Kevin always goes out of his way to make you comfortable and to reduce/eliminate any pain you might have. He is always friendly, courteous and willing to accommodate your schedule as well. I highly recommend Kevin if you are looking for a excellent massage therapist... you will not be sorry and you will never go anywhere else! Julie G
Julie G.
I have been receiving my massages from Kevin every 2 weeks for nearly a decade. I know him well and he has exceeded my expectations. I have substantially less pain. My range of motion and my mobility has improved greatly. While managing a department, Kevin has managed to keep my stress levels in check. After 9 ½ years I continue to reap the benefits of Kevin’s massages and “wellness wisdom”. Kevin is an excellent massage therapist, who is dedicated to utilizing his exceptional knowledge and extensive range of massage techniques. He is an empathetic professional, who is set apart from his peers by his excellent listening skills and positive approach to life. He listens to my problems and concerns and factors them into my treatment plan. This profoundly extends his “healing power.” I have referred many friends and family to Kevin and they have all expressed their appreciation of Kevin’s therapeutic expertise. Kevin is a kind and caring person who fosters a comfortable and accepting approach to his clients care and motivates them to participate in their “wellness journey.” Experiencing this wealth of Kevin’s therapeutic expertise makes possible an outcome that can be said to be “the gift that keeps on giving.” Deborah Christie Retired Director of Social Work The Christ Hospital
Deborah C.
Kevin is does a great job and helped me greatly after a nasty car accident.
Robin S.
I walk into Kevens studio with severe pain in my neck and can hardly move, And once he is done with my message I am no longer in pain. After being in an automobile accident two years ago when a lady ran a stop sign I have been seeing a chiropractor once a week. And Kevin as often as possible my pain is at a minimum. I cannot praise Kevin enough He is the most knowledgeable massage therapist that there is. I also know. That he continues to strengthes his ability to help his clients. I will seek his help as often as needed. Thank you Kevin for your help with my neck and back pain. You're the Very Best Jon Latham
Jon L.
Kevin Burnley is a gifted licensed massage therapist and all around wonderful person. For several years, I’ve experienced significant daily headaches and discomfort in my neck and shoulders. The pain became severe that accompanied tight muscles, significant numbness, decreased mobility and multiple knots in my neck and upper back muscles. I began my therapy sessions with Kevin last year. After each session, I leave his office feeling relieved of pain, and the numbness is completely gone. I am constantly impressed by his extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and his willingness to listen carefully to symptoms and ask very pertinent questions. He asks about daily activities, he listens and suggest various modifications so I can participate in my overall well-being to feeling better daily. Kevin draws from his vast knowledge and extensive training of how the body works and how repeated damage and incorrect body mechanics can affect the anatomy. I am grateful to Kevin for his excellent skill, magnificent personality and his kind heart. I appreciate his unique ability that allows him to get acquainted with his clients on a personal level. He is totally committed to helping others feel better about their health, on a physical and spiritual level. I look forward to continuing to work with Kevin for healing, comfort and progress. I am truly blessed to know Kevin. I feel honored and deeply touched to write this testimonial for such an amazing person. Sincerely, Kristen McCarren, CMA Practice Manager, Mercy Health Physicians
Kristen M.
I had my first massage with Kevin yesterday and I must say that I was one of a kind! I've been getting massages for years and Kevin was absolutely fantastic and no one else can compare in my opinion! He's very informative and also uses aromatherapy during the massage. I will definitely be a regular client now! Thanks Kevin!
Heather W.
It is my pleasure to recommend Kevin, a massage therapist extraordinaire, for his skills in all forms of massage for a patient who needs muscle relaxation, stretching and increased joint mobilization. As a physician, suffering from chronic back pain and muscular skeletal pain; I have been under his care for over four years. He has been able to improve my function and strengthen my musculature. I can function a lot better because of his treatment. I recommend Kevin very highly. P. Raj, MD
Prithvi R.