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**I perform balayage services for 99% of my highlight clients. I HIGHLY recommend considering this service if you are a new client and do not know what service you are interested in. ALL photos posted to this site are BALAYAGE! :)

 I believe hair is a part of your identity. It should compliment you not only from the outside, but the inside as well. Your hair should match your vibe. 

     I believe our haircare routines should reflect us realistically. You should love your hair from the moment you leave the salon, and also in the days leading up to your next visit.

     I believe your hair is an investment, and a very important one at that. That means with every service, I am here to answer all of your questions, hear your concerns, and develop a routine with you that will work for the hair you have invested so much in financially as well as with your time. 

     I believe I am here to share as much knowledge as I can with you, my guest. If you aren't comfortable with a curling iron, I will tell you exactly what you can do to master it at home. If you want to learn a braid, I am more than happy to show you what I know. If you are confused as to why you need dry shampoo, I am here to educate you thoroughly.

     When I am not in the salon, you will find me rocking a messy bun with my amazing husband, and my beautiful kids. My family is my biggest passion. I totally get mom life, but I also understand what it means to be a professional young woman. My business has become another part of my life that I love taking care of. I also have passions for education and cooking, and I tell myself if I decide to ever expand on my career, I would love to open a children’s cooking school, or run a fleet of food trucks. I unwind after a long day at work by jamming out to music in my car and singing, and I don’t care who hears or sees me

  • Sunlights Balayage
  • Habit Hand-Tied Extensions
  • Milkshake
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I’ve been a client of Kimber’s for almost 3 years. My entire experience with Kimber from start to finish is nothing short of satisfying. When I tell her what I want or show her pictures she makes me feel comfortable and is encouraging that my ideas will suit me well! Her confidence reassures me the girl knows her stuff so I can just relax from that point on and enjoy my time getting my typical balayage and cut with great company and conversation! She has never damaged my dark brown hair with bleach and took it down to a natural blonde balayage slowly and beautifully! I won’t go to anyone else. The girl is a the perfect combination of someone who is very professional but also has a passion for art in hair, particularly in color!
Jessica C.
I have been seeing Kimber for a little over 4 years now and I cannot say enough how fantastic she has been. From my very first appointment she was able to make my pinterest hair goals come to life! Her service and salon has such an upscale feel while still making you feel at home. My hair has never looked better because her balayage skills are out of this world! And it has never been healthier because of the products and treatments she continues to introduce me to.
Kalyn G.