I have been a Master Stylist and Color Correction Specialist for nearly 14 years.  As I believe in most aspects of life, word of mouth is the best form of reference.  I will let my guests share a little about me:

"I've been going to Kira for about a year now and couldn't be happier with my hair.  I came in with far to reach hair goals. My previous hair stylist was letting me do whatever I wanted with my hair, not keeping health in mind... We are all hesitant to find a new hairstylist but I highly recommend Kira for all your hair needs." - Laura P. via Yelp review for Kira

"So I've been seeing Kira for 10 years now and I can tell and promise I will follow her where ever she goes! She is theeeee most knowledgeable and professional stylist I've ever dealt with!  I haven't ever left unsatisfied and if I questioned anything or didn't like something she would and is the first one to make sure she is accessible to be able to fix it to and make me happy!" - Gail R. via Yelp Review for Kira

"On my first visit I mentioned a problem I've had with oiliness buildup that I've tried to address over the years with very expensive water filters and shampoos to no avail.  She taught me a simple shampoo technique and recommended a different kind of brush that has fixed it completely." - Danielle W. via Yelp Review for Kira

"I had a men's haircut this morning with Kira.  She is an amazing stylist and cut my hair exactly the way I wanted it.  She talked me through the whole haircut, making sure it was what I wanted." - Jesse C. via Yelp Review for Kira

"Kira made me look like glamour star from the 20's." - Kika N. via Yelp Review for Kira

"Great hair cut with Kira.  She's very good at communicating with the customer about the hair style they want and the hair style she gave me looks very natural, smooth and bouncy." - Alice J. via Yelp Review for Kira

"When a friend of mine showed up for drinks one day with amazing bangs I realized that I looked like Chewbacca in comparison and asked where she went for her haircuts.  So glad I did!  My friend insisted that Kira was the best!" - Laura M. via Yelp Review for Kira

"I have the worst trouble finding a hair stylist.  I have very curly bleached blond hair and not everyone can handle it.  Kira is the only stylist I've every gone to more than once. She is efficient, knowledgeable, and does my hair exactly how I like it." - Taylor S. via Yelp Review for Kira

"Kira not only gives me a great cut, she gives the best blow dry/style! You'll come out looking like a celeb." Ellie I. via Yelp Review for Kira

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