Kj Diggs is a Certified Natural Health Consultant and Coach. I have worked over 13 years in medical field as a CNA II and Medical Assistant and holds a degree in Business Arts and is currently attending college to be a Holistic Health Practitioner and also will be obtaining Certification in Tricology. I have also worked in Weight Loss Management, Cardiology, Emergency Room, Operating Room, Primary Care, and OBGYN, as a Medical Assistant. While attending Nursing school, I completed coarse study, Anatomy & Physiology, Organic Chemistry, and Biology. I changed my focus from Western Medicine to a Holistic approach about 7 years ago. I started Bjutiful Soul, LLC because I feel that Western medicine, suppresses illness, instead of investigating the root cause. Some clients that I engaged with, did not understand many of the food and beverages, they consume, products applied to the skin, mindset, and suppressed anger can cause many of the issues with their health. I feel that educating the client is key, and allowing them to take an active roll in their healing process, can bring about change. I believe, "Everyday, you should allow your soul to exhale, and breathe."

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