Hello everyone.. my name is Kristen (: i have been in the business now for 17 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. I consider my profession my passion and love what I do. Set a appointment today. Its easier then you think!! 



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Kristen is the absolute BEST at color and cuts! Her highlights are beautiful and she works with your hair to get the best style for you. I have had other stylists compliment my hair and tell me what a great stylist I have. I agree!
Debra V.
Kristen the hair stylist that I've been looking for for YEARS and I'm so glad that I found her! I can show her any picture - no matter if it's a cut, or for color purposes - and she knows exactly how to take the pictures that I show her, and give me exactly what I'm looking for but can't put into my own words/description. You won't be disappointed - she's truly an awesome person. (Bonus Points because she gives really good scalp massages while she's washing your hair too!)
Laura S.
Kristen is one of the most talented hair stylists I've come across. She's extremely professional while talking to you like you've been BFF for years at the same time! She did exactly what I asked for, and made it look absolutely beautiful. She's my hair stylist for life now! ❤️
Shawna P.
Kristen is the BEST hairstylist around. I tell anyone that wants hair done to go to her. She’s amazingly talented beyond anyone around. I absolutely refuse to allow anyone to touch my hair except her.
Heather M.
Kristen really knows what she's doing. I like to try different colors occasionally and she amazes me every time.
Marykay S.
Kristen has been cutting my hair for over ten years. I'm a dude, I get the same cut every time. I can sit down, go to sleep and wake looking like a prince. She's like a robot. When I do stay awake, I can dump all my troubles onto her. She'll listen and say, "yea, I understand." man that makes me feel good. She's a great therapist. KB is the best. Book an appointment today for a cut, a curl or just to get something off your chest and talk. She can do it all!
John B.
She's amazing !!!! Try her you will not be disappointed !!
Terry M.
Kristen is the BEST go to gal for hair. I won’t let anyone else touch my hair. She does my hair, my kids hair, my parents, my aunt and my grandmother. If anyone asks if I know a good hairstylist I say no I know an AMAZING ONE!!! Love ya Kristen!!!
Heather M.
Kristen has been cutting my son's hair for about 9yrs now. She does such a great job that my son refuses to go to anyone else! Major proof of this happened a year ago. My son was in a horrible car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury, while he was at Nationwide Children's Hospital last summer, even in his unaware state when I asked him about his getting his hair cut he said one thing "Kristen". At that time he wasn't speaking hardly at all, it said volumes that he remembered her name and for him to say it. I went straight to Kristen and told her what happened to my son. She told me she would happily come to the hospital and cut my sons hair! She didn't even hesitate! And now that she has relocated a half hour away to be with Salon Lofts we didn't even hesitate, we make that drive to go to her! She not only does an amazing job with hair but she is a truly wonderful person!! Sincerely, Shelly Batten
Shelly B.