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My name is Kristi. I am so HAPPY that you found me! I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2003 and I abolsolutely love making people feel good about themselves. Over the years I have been thrilled to learn every new technique and trend out there. For a few years I worked at men's only shops to fine tune my mens hair care skills. I went back to full service, as I missed my ladies and where I continued to grow my color and cutting skills. I can do it all and am glad to do so. I love to learn so I spend most of my free time learning about new trends and techniques so I can always keep my clients up to date and feeling fabulous. So whether you are a gentleman looking for those nice and clean cuts, or a lady looking for a pick me up, I've got you covered! I take so much pride in my work and can't wait to see you. 

Have a variety of products including Joico, Sexy Hair, American Crew, Bed Head, Layright and Rusk.

  • Scruples
  • Joico
  • Sexy Hair Care
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Kristi is amazing! After almost 2 years postpartum, Kristi was able to give me a fresh new look. Being a new mom is hard enough, finding time to get your hair done and trust someone is even harder. Kristi made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. I feel like a whole new person. Thank you Kristi for such a wonderful experience! I'll definitely be back!
Brittany Y.
Kristi is awesome! I always come out look waaaaaaay better then when I walked in!
Myles M.
Kristi is AMAZING!!!! She has cut my hair and colored my hair for years trying new things and styles. She has always left me extremely happy with the result!!! She had also cut my two children’s’ hair as well. They love when they can have it done by her bc she makes them feel so special!!! Wonderful stylist and amazing service! Highly recommend to anyone!
Maisie C.
Kristi is awesome! She fixed my hair after a horrible cut. Been coming to her for the last 7 years. Her work is consistent and always top notch.
Zachary B.
Kristi is incredibly talented and there are several things I love and appreciate about her as a stylist. First, she’s a great listener with a knack for understanding what I’m asking for, even when I have trouble describing a style and don’t have a photo to show her. Second, I have never received a bad haircut from her. I have, however, received more compliments than ever about my hair since she became my stylist, which brings me to my third point. I think one of the best compliments a hair designer can receive is to be complimented by another stylist. I’ve had not one but two other stylists initiate conversations while I’ve been out and about, just to compliment my hair and tell me that it was a good cut. Finally, I love Kristi’s willingness to be honest about what will and won’t work for me when it comes to style requests and inquiries. When she thinks it’s the wrong cut for my hair type or the shape of my face, she gently offers suggestions that would be better suited for me, and she has never been wrong. Wherever she goes, I will happily follow, because I don’t want anyone else touching my hair.
Nicole B.
Kristi started cutting my hair 12 years ago. First time I went to her for a haircut, I told her I wanted to do something different as I wasn’t getting any dates and needed a change. She was very honest and took a chance telling me what she thought I should do and worked her magic. After that first haircut, I got so many compliments from women about my hair. She’s been cutting my hair since and I will follow her to wherever she sets up shop because she’s the best! Oh yea, and since women started noticing my new styling haircut, I started dating again! I finally met a great lady and now, we’ve been happily married for 2 years! Thanks Kristi! Give her a try. You will be glad you did and won’t want anyone else to cut your hair except Kristi.
Todd B.