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All hair is good hair. I am here to help everyone believe in that for themselves! My goal is that everyone comes into and leaves this space feeling welcomed, heard, more joyful, and more confident. Everyone is a unique human person with diverse hair needs that change over time, so each client at every appointment is given a detailed consultation with a review of specific hair growth patterns, recent hair changes, haircare routines, bone structure, and personal style. I will literally feel your head bones - please don’t be weirded out! :) My goal is for your haircut to look and feel great not just after your appointment, but in your IRL life until your next visit. So you can just live your life and know I GOTCHU.


I practice gender-neutral haircut pricing because it’s fair and addresses all individual hair needs appropriately - not simply based on gender marker/identity. All clients regardless of gender identity or hair length will receive personalized service in an environment for collaboration, nonjudgmental sharing of struggles/challenges, and jokes.  


I am primarily focused on haircutting and styling because I love working with hair in a manner like sculpting. I do not take new color clients. By popular request, I will also be offering one-on-one or small group hairstyling tutorial sessions so that you can conquer your daily hair struggles and go live your best life :)

I also offer video-conferencing appointments for consultations and tutorials. Please email me for more details!

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Fun, personable yet professional, and gives an amazing cut! Thank you Kristine.
Kristopher L.
Kristine is my favorite stylist EVER. She has given me the confidence to wear styles I never thought I’d consider. My hair can be difficult and she takes the time to make sure every piece looks perfect, and that I can leave and wear my style with confidence until I come back in. You won’t be sorry if you book with her!
Kelly W.
Kristine is the best! She is dedicated to learning and giving her clients the best experience. She takes your ideas and helps you look your best!
Beth R.