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I was introduced to the world of hair as a receptionist in a luxury salon in the DuPont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC, in 2001. I segued from behind the desk to behind the chair as an assistant, and the rest was history! 


Fast forward to now, I’m an accomplished  Master Stylist as well as a Master Colorist, in my 20th year.  For the last 5 years I’ve been a 

member of the Goldwell US Artistic Design team, sharing my passion with stylists across the country. 


When it comes to shaping, I like to focus on precise shapes, while creating custom looks for each guest. 

My cutting training has taught me that precision and fluidity go hand in hand, perfecting the balance of classic and trend. 


With color,  no two clients are the same. I have trained intensely with Goldwell’s color system, and love the results it produces. I specialize in all color, from basic to advanced, creating custom formulas for each individual guest. From Balayage to Vivids, almost nothing is impossible (ALMOST nothing). 


I am also available for freelance projects, photo shoots, etc. Please call or email for more info. 


When you see your finished look,  you will for sure feel like you are on Cloud9! I can’t wait to take you there!


Please call, text or email me at (919)695-7643/  to schedule your appointment today. I am conveniently located at Salon Lofts, Chapel Hill Village, 201 South Elliott Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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Lane has been taking care of my hair for over four years now and I couldn't be more pleased. He is a master at color and I always leave satisfied. I really appreciate that he listens - really listens - when we talk about the hair cut and does what I ask. After the dark Covid year I appreciate his skills even more, as he took my too-long-needs-color-tuck-it-in-a-hat hair and made me feel like myself again! He is most professional and cares about keeping current with all the many products and trends in the hair industry. Keep up the good work, Lane - you're the best! Gail N
Gail N.
If you like your blond customized, and your cut/style maintenance free, then Lane is your guy! I have extremely fine, wavy blond hair, and Lane delivers every time. He always tweaks my collar formula or cut each time so there’s a slight difference (so it’s not always the same boring thing), and I never have to worry about looking just like every other blond walking around. Yes excellent at choosing which tones work for my skin, and which shapes work for my face. He creates magic! Denice C.
Denice C.
I can't say enough wonderful things about Lane. Hair is incredibly personal. I know this because growing up, kids made fun of my hair. I was always self conscious because of my hair. It wouldn't grow, when I tried to lighten my hair it would turn red or orangey. I never knew how to cut and style it to flatter my features. I was at a loss. But then I met Lane and that all changed. I learned that to have a hairstyle that works for you, your personality, and your hair, you need an artist who also understands you AND the science behind hair coloring and cutting. Lane got to know me personally. He understood what I liked, didn't want, and what I was striving for. He took note of my hair structure and put together a formula to complement my hair. Now I have a beautiful blonde color (my normal is dark chestnut) that fits my complexion. Then he cut and styled my hair to perfection. Over time, he took note of the things that I liked and anything I wanted to do differently. My hair is a short hair cut and it's difficult to get it right - but somehow he does. And now people stop me almost every single week to ask who did my hair. After a lifetime of being teased about my hair to it now being sought after is pretty incredible. I love my hair and it gives me great confidence. This is all because of Lane. I travel over 30 minutes to see him and I would travel to Charlotte if I had to. He's that good! The best part is that I also have a friend in Lane.
Misty C.
Lane has been doing my hair exclusively for years now, and I wouldn’t trust it with anyone else. He is kind, welcoming, knowledgeable and extremely talented. He’s always down for something fun and at the end of the day he always puts the focus on what his client’s desires are. 10/10 would highly recommend
Tree R.
Hello all you Ladies who are out there in that horrible place of wishing for a stylist that “gets” your hair. It’s a tough place to be in. I was there 3 1/2 years ago, till I found Lane 3 years ago. Lane is a magician with color. I am a redhead, probably the most difficult color to attain the effect wanted, and to maintain. Lane does such good work I am often asked if I am a natural ginger! Hahaha. He only uses Goldwell and I have only allowed Goldwell color products on my hair. They are the best. The styling products are great too. Come meet Lane he has a great personality, you’ll have an enjoyable time while he makes your hair look it’s best. ~A
Anne M.
I found Lane, after becoming nervous about going to the salon. Everytime I went I came out with warm brassy highlights. I even stopped dyeing my hair. I have brown hair and like subtle, sandy, cool highlights. Lane never disappoints, he is brilliant with colour. I am very particular and he always accommodates and understands what I am looking for. You can’t go wrong with Lane!
Daisy T.