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Looking for a relaxed, professional, enjoyable experience? Book an appointment with Laura. She is incredibly welcoming, accommodating, and METICULOUS. I finally had the experience of being happy walking out of a salon. Days later, I continue to be mesmerized by the haircut of my dreams. I showed her two photos, and that's all it took for her to understand what I wanted from my hair. I look great even on lazy, bad hair days! I have tried so many stylists and spent too much many at pretentious places trying to find my one true match. On the best of occasions, there was always something a little off. I currently live over 300 miles away, and I will not have anyone else cut my hair again. I've run out of positive adjectives. Do yourself a favor and go see her.
Hala A.
Laura Magruder is my go to person! She is not only talented at everything hair related but she is also friendly and fun! For me the trip to her is 2 hours long and I am more than happy to take it because of the care that Laura puts into her clients and into hair.
Heaven L.
Laura is a hair WIZARD! Without fail, every time she knows exactly what my head needs and does an amazing job educating through out. She's helped me go to a coral color, blonde balayage, lighten up almost black hair, give a clean cut-- and the list goes on. No one I trust with my hair as much as her.
Kate P.