*Please do not come to an appointment if you are not feeling well or have been in contact with anyone that is sick.

*ALL persons will be required to wear a mask that loops behind the ears while in the salon and during the service. Please bring your own mask with you. I will have a few available for those that forget, but it is a very limited supply. 

*Upon entering Salon Lofts, you will required to immediately wash your hands, in addition I will be spraying hand sanitizer on your hands when you enter my loft.

*You will be required to have a temperature check upon arrival using a temporal thermometer. Anyone with an elevated temperature of 100 degrees or greater will be asked to rebook their appointment for a later date. 

*Anyone experiencing shortness of breath or a cough will also be asked to reschedule. 

*You will be required to fill out both a questionnaire and a waiver at the time of your appointment. 

*Plan to wait in your vehicle or outside of the building until your scheduled appointment time, you may text me upon your arrival. I will call or text you after the previous guest has left and the salon has been properly disinfected. Only then may you come inside. 

*No additional guests will be permitted during your appointment time. Exceptions are allowed for same household family members with back-to-back appointments, and for parents bringing their child in for the child to receive a service. 

*Unfortunately, I can no longer offer beverages or magazines.

*Please do not bring food or drink in as it will require you to remove your mask, exception to be made if there is a medical condition.

*For the next few weeks, blow drying will not be offered due to its ability to spread germs and droplets a further distance. This will be re-evaluated every few weeks and lifted once it is safe.



At the young age of 3 years old, Lauren Kattenburg did her first haircut on her best friend, from what she's been told, it was a pretty even trim. There is nothing she loved greater than playing salon.

Fast forward 30+ years past Barbies and braids, boys and broken hearts, updos and flatirons, curls and pixie cuts, college and hair school, a marriage and two children...

Lauren has been in the industry for 15 years now. Her career started off on a high note winning the Grand Prize at Graham Webb Academy's Hair Show. Her first advanced class was taught by the Doves at the Wells Studio NYC, razor cutting and color theory. Since that first class she has returned yearly to the Well Studio for further advanced education in everything from color foundation to color contouring. She competed in the 2016 Wella Trendvision Semifinals and has entered the Sebastian Whats Next Awards in successive years. She became an educator for Wella/Sebastian in 2016 and then decided in 2018 to return her primary focus to behind the chair and her family. 

When you sit down in Lauren's chair, she immediately makes you feel like you've known her forever. She wants to know the real you and then design a color and style to match. She wants to create a unique, wearable, flattering, and manageable style for everyone she encounters. Her empathy for others has helped shape her into the person and stylist she is today.

Lauren never stops pushing herself. Every creation has to be better than the last, more sharp, more blunt, more vibrant, more intricate. The passion, the fire, the driving force inside of her is never quieted or extinguished. She dreams in patterns and wakes formulating, listening to the movement of the hair and letting it guide her.

15 years in and her love and passion still grow. You can see it daily in her smile and her happy dance behind the chair after a well executed look.

  • Wella Color
  • Pulp Riot Hair Color
  • Sebastian
Testimonials Leave Testimonial
I spent 3 years with a previous stylist trying to get to that perfect icy platinum blonde. Lauren nailed it the first time and I’ve seen her every 5 weeks for the past 18 months. My hair is the only accessory I wear every day and if she moved across the country, I’d have to start flying there every 5 weeks. (Please don’t ever leave me!)
Kelly J.
I found Lauren about two years ago when I wanted to try a seapunk/mermaid color scheme. Since then, she's never steered me wrong, always looks for input, and has helped me gracefully transition from rainbows to natural and then back again. I don't even pick colors anymore because each palette she makes is utter perfection. Her skill, talent, and creativity are obvious with her work. 10 out of 10, I will always trust my hair in her hands. Btw, Lauren, please don't ever move. -Jenn M.
Jennifer M.
Lauren is a master artist. She is not only skilled at what she does, she is also passionate about making people feel great from the inside out. She is an excellent teacher. I have very wavy hair. I have learned how to style it for both straight and curly looks. She has taught me how to use product, use tools, and give myself a more professional and stylish look every day. -Christina E.
Christina E.