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     My name is Linnea Jones, and I have been working within Salon h3, a Paul Mitchell focus salon, three years now. I started out at Salon h3 as an intern in the summer of 2014. This is when my love for the salon and hair as a whole first started to grow. During my interning time, I learned many of the techniques that I continue to use behind the chair today! In April of 2015, I became a licensed cosmetologist. Today, my love for this industry continues to grow every single day. We recently relocated Salon h3 into Salon lofts, and I'd love for you to come see our new home; Loft 22!

     When it comes to creating a masterpiece behind the chair, inspiration is everywhere you look. There are always new trends coming out and techniques to keep up on! I specialize in balayage, which is a lightening/highlighting technique, and lived-in hair color, but enjoy utilizing  every single technique that involves color! With balayage and lived-in hair, I am in love with the concept of creating a natural look, although sometimes the process may be a full color correction. The outcome looks effortless, even though, in some cases, it may take hours.  As a hair artist, I live for seeing the transformation on my clients during color corrections, fashion color applications, full balayage highlights, formal styles, and up-do's or even a simple haircut and style. The hair is my canvas, and I am blessed with all the challenges I overcome behind the chair each day. I am inspired by each and every client sitting in my chair on a daily basis. This is why I am licensed to create!

     Check out my Facebook page and my Instagram in the links posted above. Hope to see you at Loft 22 in the near future!

-Linnea Jones


  • Paul Mitchell Complete Brand
  • Paul Mitchell Pro Tools
  • Twisted Fringe Hair Extensions
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