I have extensive training and thirteen years experience with cut and color. Fashion, music, and people with great stories inspire me. The aspects of the job that I love most are creatively customizing a look for each individual and seeing them leave my chair feeling great about themselves. I am a great listener, and am happy to teach you to achieve your best look at home. I am available on Tuesday and Friday including late evening, every Sunday and every other Saturday. Call or schedule with me online, texts will get a quicker response than voicemail if I am in the midst of a busy day, I look forward to meeting you!


If booking your first appointment with me, especially for color, please leave me a note about your current color and the look you are hoping to achieve. Feel free to email any pictures you may have seen that represent what you are looking for. Thanks for reading.

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Lora is great! I'm the type of person who changes her mind constantly when it comes to hairstyles. I have been very impressed with the two times having been seen by Lora; she listens to what I want for my hair, and I walk out with great results. Highly recommended!
Andrea B.
Lora is the ONLY hair stylist I trust with my hair. I am an Esthetician, and have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. I have tried many stylists over the years, but after meeting Lora, I will never go with another! I need to keep up a certain level of maintenance and style due to my career, however I know nothing about hair! (Unless I am waxing it off lol) Lora is always stylish and on trend. She makes you feel comfortable and truly listens to your needs and concerns. She is a wonderful person to top it all off! You will not regret making an appointment with her, what are you waiting for?!
Kirsten D.
Lora cares about what you think and sincerely wants you to be happy with your hair. She listens carefully and gives feedback so you can come up with the perfect hair style together. She is the best!
Laura G.
I may be the worst client for a hair stylist. I walk in with a mess of hair and offer no clear direction on what I want done with it. Lora wasn't phased. She fixed me up with a great looking haircut and did so with a personality so pleasant and amiable that I will no doubt be returning in the future.
Ryan R.
I have had a million different hair stylist that have given me goods cuts that I have truly liked, but none that I have loved. Lora is the BEST! she gave me exactly what I needed and wanted, and told me how to style it the way she did. I will ALWAYS go to her from now on. I was so impressed.
Emily S.
Lora is wonderful. I have rather difficult curly wavy combination hair that I had not let anyone cut in several years due to bad experiences. She did a great job with my cut and color. I would highly recommend her.
Sherri A.
Lora is wonderful. She was so sweet and easy to talk to, her prices are very reasonable and she highlighted my locks perfectly and brought my mop up to a style to show-off. Try her - she's great!!!! Krista
Krista B.
I have always had a hard time finding the perfect stylist. I hate to admit, but I am one of those people who would constantly change stylist never really leaving an appointment feeling satisfied. Lora has never let me down. She truly listens to your ideas and needs when it comes to hair. I have been so pleased with every cut and color. Lora makes every visit perfect never rushing and getting it just right! Thanks
Heather R.
Lora, Just want to let you know, I've received a lot of compliments on my new haircut. Thank you!
Virginia C.
Lora is a very talented stylist who listened to what I wanted, looked at all of the photos I brought in, and talked to me about my daily routine before jumping right in to a new, drastically different cut. She's the first stylist that has ever captured exactly what I asked for and I credit that to the time she spent talking to me before even getting out the sheers.
April K.
I'd recommed Lora to anyone. She successfully combed out my tangle-y hair in the gentlest way that any stylist ever has. It was amazing! And the color was awesome!
Jeannette S.
Lora was great. I was not sure what I wanted when I walked in. We talked about my lifestyle, what I thought I wanted and then we talked about what she thought would look right for me. I LOVE IT. She knew just what I needed. Lorri G.
Lorri G.
I absolutely love going to Lora! I had only been to her once for a trim and on my second cut, trusted her to chop off my hair! I loved the style and was so pleased! I would trust her to do both minor and major changes to my hair. I can't imagine anyone else doing it!
Kaleigh W.
Lora has been doing my hair for four years. She listens to what I want and lets me know if it would be a good fit for my lifestyle. She has always been honest with me and that is something I value. She is the best stylist I have ever had. I am a client for life!
Heather K.
Lora is without a doubt the best stylist that I have ever used. I read the other comments she's received and they are all 100% true. Don't even hesitate to give her a try, she won't disappoint!
Debbie P.