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As a little boy, I always loved to play with my cousin’s Barbie dolls, but not playing house with them, I always loved playing with their hair.  Never did I think that it would lead to a career later in life…

I’m a born and raised Chicagoan, particularly raised here in Lincoln Park.  Being a first generation born to a family of Mexican immigrants, it was quite difficult having the conversation with my parents about me wanting to go into a career that wasn’t the ideal path that they wanted for me...which eventually lead to me having to pay for beauty school on my own and having to move to the suburbs to do so...


After beauty school was over, I immediately got my first salon job at Frank Gironda Salon and Spa in Naperville, IL where I gained a great deal of education and experience through apprenticing under the company’s top stylist as well as undergoing the company’s rigorous training program.  This was where I gained enough exposure into the rest of the industry to learn that I wanted more. I later moved back to Chicago from the suburbs and worked at a TIGI focus salon that lead to me taking on the opportunity to work as a traveling educator for TIGI. It was quite the exhilarating experience and it allowed me to meet some AMAZING people.


Those sitting in my chair usually tend to be an awesome cool-toned blonde, a fiery redhead, gentleman looking for a fresh to death fade, or a bride looking for the best glam of her life for the most important day of her life…...annnnddddd everybody in


...So to all my hair orphans out there looking for a new place to call “hair home,” don’t you fret cause Louie’s chair is ready for ya!


*My training repertoire includes numerous classes with Redken, TIGI, Pureology, Martin Parsons, Global Keratin, Tape-In extensions, and Fusion extensions

  • Redken
  • Redken Shades EQ
  • IGK
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