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Mackenzie is a Columbus native who graduated from the Ohio State School of Cosmetology as a Manicurist. Mackenzie has been in the nail industry for three years, specializing in maintaining natural nails, hard gel extensions, shaping, and modern intricate nail art.

Growing up in the commonwealth of Northern Virginia, close to the District of Columbia, Mackenzie was introduced art theories and began to gain publications in poetry. Ultimately, growing her love for visual design via words into actual visual exhibitions. After years in the art world with many mentors in the beauty industry at her side Mackenzie decided to study to be a Manicurist. 
Relaxation Reflexology is a practice Mackenzie is passionate about as it resonates with her want of wellness for all people on Earth. Reflexology is pressure therapy that helps bring the body back into alignment. Health is best maintained daily rather than trying to mend aliments when they occur.
Mackenzie has a strong interest in the beauty industry and will continue to be a student.
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Omg MACKENZIE was AMAZING! This was my first Gel experience and I am glad that Mackenzie was the 1 to introduce me to GelX life! She took her time, she was calm, friendly, patient, she tried a new design.. it was awesome, simply the time that should took to make sure that I was satisfied, she really did personalize this experience which I absolutely love! I don't even have all of the words to explain my excitement, Idk if I want to go back for the nails or just to get away and have girl talk about nothing and everything at the same time. I'm eager to see what happens with my new nails. I will return, AND I recieved 20% OFF! February Promo! But!! Great experience + Great Service + Great Quality = Great Tip
Cedaisha D.
Finally I found an affordable and talented nail artist in Columbus! She takes her time and will make your nails a piece of art. I tried the hard gel for the first time and it looks natural and glamorous. Will definitely come back!
Leah D.
Mackenzie did an excellent job with my gel x. This was the first time I had that service done and it far exceeded my expectations she was able to perfect translate my vision for my nail design and I was really happy with the service.
Morgan T.
I've been getting my nails done by Mackenzie since she started in the business. She takes her time to make sure your nails look fabulous and are exactly the way you want them. The gel and manicure lasts for almost 3 weeks. I've gotten my nails done other places and Mackenzie is the best by far!
Andrea C.