Welcome to my salon loft page!! You can follow my Instagram @my.skinsta - I’m Maikele! Pleasure to virtually meet you! I’m a licensed esthetician focused strictly on corrective skin care. Acne, hyperpigmentation, deep acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles and more. Every client leaves happily glowing! Book me for a free consultation! I want to see all your pretty faces and help you reach your desired skin goal! 

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You changed my skin! After going to dermatologist after dermatologist nothing was working. After finding Maikele on Instagram I took a leap of faith and bought a microneedling package and a skincare kit that cleared my skin up within 2 months. I still have a ways to go with my skin but with help from her and a little patience I believe I will get there! :)
Anna N.
I started seeing Maikele as I was struggling with hormonal acne and all over generalized clogged pores. I’m now following an at home skincare regimen suggested by her that is working wonders + my monthly chemical peels/cleansing facials and have minimal to no break outs! I would recommend Maikele to any of my friends or family members.
Megan D.
Maikele has a lot of knowledge surrounding skin care. I’ve booked with her twice and I learn something new every time. I like to go in with an open mind and let her work her magic!
Tori C.
Maikele does a very through job while also ensuring youre getting the best service possible! My skin has never felt better! If youre considering a skin care specialist, she would be the best choice in the northern Indy area!
Skylar C.
Maikele is absolutely amazing. She is so knowledgable, personable, kind, caring, professional and result oriented! She is so passionate and it shows from the moment you come into contact with her. I have received multiple facials before but so far only two (about to be three) facials from Maikele and the difference is astounding. I have super sensitive skin but still have acne and with other estheticians my skin would leave irritated and almost looked worse and really not much better a few days after. With Maikele, I leave with my skin looking refreshed and glowing. I can tell my skin is getting healthier. It is even better after I bought the kit she suggested when I asked about home skin care regimens. I go in there and I don't feel like she's trying to oversell me. It's refreshing finding someone so talented, passionate, and humble! I love that she posts before and after results with her clients. Seeing other peoples results gave me the confidence to know she really knows her stuff!
Natalie P.