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As a stylist behind the chair for 20 years, the salon isn't the only place I have had the opportunity to display my work! A former educator for KMS and Goldwell Haircolor, I have styled runway hair for industry shows, bridal shows and fashion shows, as well as lead a training program for new stylists in 2 salons. My industry is always changing, so therefore I keep up on trends, styles and new products in order to keep my clients in the know of the beauty industry. 


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I've been going to Mandy for 6 years now. She keeps herself up to date on the latest trends. She gets to know you and is really great about telling you what will and won't work for you, your hair and your lifestyle. I'm to the point with her now that I'm just like "do whatever!"
Leanne S.
I consistently get compliments on my color! Like, strangers will stop me and ask where I get it done. Mandy is the best. I've been a client for 10 years and look forward to our 'catch-up dates' every 8 weeks or so.
Michele E.
Mandy is the best! I've been seeing her for 2 years now and she gives the best cut and color I've ever had (and I've had a lot!). In addition, she's extremely nice, fun, and funny... you can't go wrong! Gives great hair styling tips too which I greatly appreciate. Give her a chance and you won't be sorry! -Erin Woerther
Erin W.
I have been goining to Mandy for at least a decade. In that time I have had multiple complimantss from hairstylist on my cut and color. I have even had a few folls take photos of my hair. I recommend Mandy with no hesitation.
Maria W.
Mandy is the best stylist! I trust her so much that I sit down and say, "do whatever you want." She does, and it ALWAYS looks amazing! -Danielle P.
Danielle P.
I have been going to Mandy for close to 15 years because she is the best!!! Mandy is a fantastic stylist and color specialist and is always willing to listen to what I want but is also great in giving advice and suggestions. I often get compliments on my hair and am happy to recommend Mandy!!
Beth B.
What do you do when you move from out of state and need a stylist yet you don't know anyone? You go to your co-workers which is what I did. Found out many of my co-workers see Mandy and they raved about her. It's always an uneasy feeling finding a new stylist so a year ago I gave her a shot. Best decision!! She always knows the perfect cut and color for me and has made some great suggestions. I've loved every piece of advise she's given. Even taught me to curl my hair with a flat iron. She's constantly evolving in her techniques. I couldn't be more pleased with the decision to see her a year ago. Even outside of the styling, she is an amazing person that doesn't forget a detail about your personal life. She is genuinely caring of all her clients which speaks volumes to the passion she has for her trade. My search for a stylist was quickly over. Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.
Due to several blood transfusions my hair started falling out, a lot! The doctor said it would continue for about 4 months. I thought I would be bald by then. Mandy gave me a list of products and vitamins to help. It slowed the shedding down and helped with the texture of my hair. The shedding has finally stopped, and my hair has started to regrow. I am very grateful. Rosemary
Rosemary H.
I’ve been going to Mandy for 12 years now. Our relationship is almost a teenager!! She’s been fantastic. Always listens to what I want and makes suggestions based on my lifestyle and personality. There have been times where I’ve plunked myself down in her chair and when she asks “what are we doing?” my reply is “I don’t know, you tell me.” :)
Leanne S.
Mandy has been my stylist for many years and is fantastic! Even at my age (over 60) I consistently get compliments on my hair cuts, including total strangers. As I have zero styling skills that is a tribute to her talent. She is also one of the nicest and most caring person you will ever meet.
Barb L.
For three years, Mandy has made me feel like her most important client. I know I'm not. But, after seeing her, which is every 6 weeks with these salt and pepper roots, she beautifully fixes me up, empowers my mind and heart, cracks me up, listens to my joys and woes, and ultimately has become my "hairapist". Being with Mandy is better than therapy! Her caring and kindness, transparency, interest in you as a person, and fantastic talents in making you beautiful, all come together for a great experience. Every. Time.
Greta W.