I am passionate about hair...your hair!  Whether its cutting, clippers, razors, curling iron, foiling, coloring or keratin, I love doing hair! 

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  • Matrix
  • Sexy Hair Care
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I've trusted Mandy with my curly hair for about 10 years! She has cut it, colored it, done updo for special events, even hair for my wedding day and my wedding party! I trust her to make me look good!
Veronique P.
Mandy has been cutting everyone's hair in my family for the past 18 or so years. She is much more than an extraordinary stylist. She's become a part of the family. That just goes to show you how dedicated, personal, and personable she is. Absolutely fabulous! Lyn M.
Lyn M.
Wow! I look great! You have to appreciate a stylist with so much skill, knowledge, and class.
Drue L.
So lucky I found Mandy not too long after I moved here. It's been a long time and I'd like to take her with me when I leave!
Judith H.