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I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR. The M.D. in my salon name represents my initials! I am a Massage Therapist licensed by the OHIO STATE MEDICAL BOARD. I also have a Bachelor's Degree from Indiana University in Exercise Physiology. In the seventeen plus years I have been practicing, I have had experience working on everyone from NFL athletes to cancer survivors. When performing massages, I try to stimulate as many of my clients senses before I even put my hands on them. In my office you will find a cozy, relaxing atmosphere with soft candle light, relaxing music, tranquil fountains, relaxing scents and a warm, cozy massage table. All services except Mini Massage/Target Area include hot towels added to feet and back (unless client declines), and water after service to help with the detoxification process.

For those who can not or choose not to come into the office, I can come to you.  There will be an additional charge for travel and set up in off-site locations.  Please keep in mind that not all services can be performed outside of my loft space.

Other services:  I DO PARTIES!   Having a girls night in, Health Fair, Corporate event or any other gathering where guests would like spa services, I can provide that too!  I have a massage chair or I can bring the table.  There is a deposit required to hold the date, NON REFUNDABLE if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of event.  The cost is dependent on the hours I am needed.  Please call to discuss details and other pricing for onsite events.  If other spa services are requested I am happy to refer those to you as well!


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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
I went to Marcia yesterday for the first time. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marcia to everyone. I am a hairstylist and am pretty tight in my upper body with doing hair all day, and she worked out alot of knots that I had. Marcia's room is very relaxing and soothing. I look forward to booking more appointments with Marcia and will be back for sure. The several people that said Marcia is AWESOME was right!!! Can't wait for my next one. Thanks Marcia!!! Steph K
Stephanie K.
Marcia....thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I feel wonderful!! Even days after my massage..can't wait for the next one!! Vicky
Vicky G.
Marcia is amazing. It doesn't matter what kind of message you choose as long as you are on Marcia's table you will leave happy! I've learned messages from Marcia are not a luxury but a necessity for great health.
Marie C.
Marcia is great! Not only is she fun to be around, but she does a great job. I always feel better! -Beth S.
Beth S.
Wow what a difference. I feel like. A new woman with my stress relieved. I can think more clearly and got a great night's sleep. Thank you Marcia!! BJ REED
Bj R.
She is incredible! I never had a massage done before, she made me feel so comfortable..and the massage..oh so great! Her atmosphere is just as she says..cozy, gentle fountains in the candlelight and the music really sets it! I highly recommend her to anyone no matter what health issues. I have knee, lower back, and sciatic problems and after the session, I noticed those issues were not bothersome anymore! Marcia is simply wonderful! Give her a try and you won't be disappointed!
Marcy W.
I have so many muscular issues and I have gotten tons of massages. In my opinion Marcia hands down gives the BEST massages I have ever recieved in my life!!!! Every knot relieved, all the tension gone, total relaxation... I would get a massage from Marcia every week if I could!!!! She is the greatest :) Shana Holderby Galena, OH
Shana H.
When I first came to Marcia, I DESPERATELY wanted the pain in my lower back to DISAPPEAR?! Instead, Marcia's Superb Skills & Techniques, caused my body sleep comfortably for 72Hrs.....STRAIGHT!!! She's a MUST HAVE!!! "You the COLDEST!!!" ;) -P Leslie
P Leslie L.
I treated myself to a birthday massage and it was one of the best gifts ever! Truly a relaxing experience.
Stephanie M.
I finally made it to get my first massage from Marica. It has been over 5 years since I have had a massage from anyone. I will not be waiting 5 years any more after my visit with Marcia! More like every 3 months now. Not only does she give wonderful massage, she is a wonderful person who I am proud to say she is my friend. Thank you Marcia.
Chris B.
Marcia is INCREDIBLY AWESOME at what she does! I had my very first full body message done, needless to say I felt like a queen getting a royal treatment. My aches and pains disappeared. I slept like a new born baby that night. I Wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone! I cannot wait to see her AGAIN! You GO MARCIA you are a BEAST! Shermaine B.
Shermaine B.
Marcia is amazing!!!! She is passionate about her work and very dedicated to making you feel like a new person.
Tammi S.
I use to think that getting a massage with feet was gross, but once I visited Marcia, I realized that it was the very best massage I had ever had and would highly recommend her to anyone!
Beth R.
I never experienced a massage so relaxing to the point I fell asleep and left feeling greater then ever. 10 stars for sure
Mesha W.
I have been away from Marcia for over a year. I am long overdue! She is an amazing person and is truly about her work. The experience you get with her is one of the best ever! See you soon Marcia
Tracy S.
I had high expectations when I arrived at Marcia’s massages Salon. Not only did she meet my expectations she exceeded all of them. I struggled with a shoulder injury for two weeks and Marcia magic hands relieved the pain. I wished I had gone to her when I first felt the pain. I am looking forward to my next visit. Priscilla F
Priscilla F.
One word... Infreakincrediable! I know that's not a real word but beyond real is what a massage from Marcia is... really you have to try it to know! Treat Yourself, I do as often as possible, it's an investment in you physical, mental, and spiritual well being. -John Blaze!!!
John S.
I absolutely love getting my massage monthly. Talk about stress relief! Marcia has magic hands, she is very professional and an excellent listener. She also doesn't mind the snoring! Must have monthly!
Kimberly G.
Marcia is awesome! I have MS, after my first massage I noticed a significant decrease in my back pain. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I will be a client of Marcia forever! I am looking forward to my next massage!
Tiffany R.