Hello beautiful humans! 

I've been in the makeup and beauty industry for over a decade, and spent 4 years as an executive trainer for a major brow brand. During my time traveling coast to coast, training people on creating custom brows- one thing stood out to me--  eyebrows have the ability to transform people & their confidence. And nothing makes me happier than seeing the glow people have when they look in the mirror, after a microblading service! 


Ready to gift yourself the brows you've been dreaming of? Book your appointment today, and leave with your own after service glow! Can't wait to meet you & those beautiful brows! 

xo Marla 


  • Tina Davies
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I had my brows microbladed and shaded back in the fall and I am OBSESSED! Marla is a true artist and one of the only people I would ever trust to do my brows. She is very meticulous and made sure I was completely satisfied with the consultation before she started doing anything permanent which I loved! I have had SO many compliments and would highly recommend her!
Andrea D.
I worked in the beauty industry for over ten years. Marla is the most talented line artist I’ve ever seen, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to have given me the blade! My brows are perfect and I am loving not having to spend time and energy (and money on brow products) filling them in! Highly recommend having Marla do your brows. Nobody else, just her!
Kelsey F.
I absolutely love my brows! She walked me through every step of the way! I was pretty nervous to get them done and she was so good about calming me down and making me feel comfortable. I get so many compliments on them all the time. She is so good at what she does! I highly recommend her!
Angie W.
I have been waiting for this moment, one in which I get to publicly share the story of how Marla's artistry empowered me to love my natural beauty again. In my early adult life, I decided to give up makeup. I grew to love my natural features, my perfectly imperfect skin, and even my overgrown feral eyebrows. But then I experienced my first flawless brow wax, and the start of my brow lovin' obsession! So let's fast forward about 5 years, as a new mother and amidst the startup of graphic design career, I realized acts self-care were completely absent in my life. I would look in the mirror and could not recognize the exhausted and neglected woman staring back at me. So I made a list of things I wanted to do to bring appearance back to life-- my eyebrows were obviously the #1 priority on that list. So I reached out to a few of my trustworthy brow artist friends about microblading, its booming popularity, and who they locally recommended within the industry. Next thing I know I am sitting in Marla’s chair, nervously shaking in my boots, as she maps out the beautiful future of my brows… When you take a seat in Marla’s chair, you and your eyebrows are her entire world. She cares about every single detail and takes the time to ensure your vision is brought to life. Marla is an artist, who’s craft is finely-tuned in the most natural way. She is kind, she is patient, and she has the most infectious laugh that will leave you eagerly waiting for your next session. Your brows have home in Marla’s hands, so take a moment to practice the act of self-care you’ve been needing, by enhancing your natural beauty with Bladed by Marla.
Mariah H.