Hey friends :) 

My name is McKenzie Cullum. I am a Director Hair stylist and I have been in the beauty industry for 15 years. I am so happy to have landed here, at Salon Lofts Perimeter Loop. I have acquired knowledge in every avenue of hair color, cutting, extensions, makeup and lash extensions.  I am your one stop shop for everything beauty.  I cannot wait to share all of my experience, tip and tricks, so that you leave my loft feeling as beautiful as ever. 

I am currently not available for online booking, but feel free to text, or call me.  I will do  my best to find an appointment time, that is suitable for both you and I.  Thank you so much for visiting my page, and I cannot wait to see you!


***For appointments contact

McKenzie Cullum (419) 957-4359

  • INOA Ammonia Free Hair Color
  • L'Oreal Professional
  • Redken Shades EQ
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McKenzie is a hair genius. I’ve been going to her for over a year now and my hair has never looked better. I’ve had the keratin treatment, (which is amazing! Goodbye frizz), And Regular Blow outs that last for days! She is a natural at all things beauty. She just has this natural instinct for what looks good, what keeps your hair healthy and what will make you feel amazing. My cut and color seriously top any stylist I’ve ever been too she listens to what you want then offers advise, she actually shares her knowledge with you and helps you make good choices. I love this about her. I’m not an expert, I want someone with an opinion that will help me be my best me! Earlier this year I decided to take the leap and finally get extensions, and I’ve never gotten so many compliments in my life. Definitely a time and money investment, but for someone like me who can’t grow my hair past my shoulders is been a life changing experience. I love them so much I’ll never take them out!! Today I’m going in to have my lash extensions filled and I can’t wait!!! Her lashes are amazing! So super soft and light weight, they last longer than anyone else I’ve been too and I don’t feel all sticky or glued together when I leave. I get so many compliments everywhere I go. She’s the 3rd person that’s done my lashes and by far the best, I was blown away. Her loft is clean is and her chairs are super comfy too. (Especially the lash chair! Hello massage!) I seriously can’t say enough about her. Thank you so much for helping me find my style.... My look....me!!
April M.
I have been seeing Mckenzie since she started styling in Columbus about 6ish years ago, and have been hooked since!! She has never let me down and has corrected my hair immensely after some bad color jobs that left my hair looking untoned with split ends from hell!! She is the only stylist I have truly followed through the years and for good reason! My first cut and bolayage from her was the best I had ever had! Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to watch her develop into the amazing Stylist she is today and her talents have only grown stronger and more diverse. My hair has never grown so long before in my life and the new growth is so much healthier then when I started seeing her. For years I couldn't grow my hair longer then mid chest and before my cut today it was close to my hips!!! Literally every time I see her, she makes me look even better then the last time, which I always think is impossible!! She just has a supernatural ability to zero in on what you want, what your hair wants and what will look and feel the best for your life style. If your looking for the best bolayage of your life or having a "split-end bad color" nightmare, contact Mckenzie a-stat!! I also can say her lash applications are flawless. I am an Esthetician, and I service a lot of her lash clients, and even with steam and hot towels, I have yet to see one lash come off unless it was naturally shedding on its own. She is very personable, open and updated on all new techniques and concepts dealing with all things beauty and will gladly connect you with the right person if you are looking for other beauty contacts. (e.g. nails, aesthetics, brows) Also any products I have gotten from her has no comparison to anything I have tried to buy on my own and it immediately replaces whatever I was using before. Its never been easier to style and take care of hair!! I highly recommend all of the service that Mckenzie offers and I won't ever go anywhere else as long as she is still servicing, so hopefully never!!! LOL
Katelyn H.
McKenzie listened to what I wanted and executed perfectly. She is a very talented stylist that I highly recommend.
Lara K.