I've been a hairstylist for 11 years, my passion for hair started while I was a receptionist at a hair salon in high school. I decided to go to college at the University of Cincinnati and after two years I realized it "just wasn't for me." I immediately started my search for a hair school and soon enrolled at Micheals College of Hair Design. I loved hair, I loved being artistic in coloring hair. I loved the percision of cutting. This was the industry for me! Doing hair allows me to combine my creativity and love for people.

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Megan did an amazing job. I loved the haircut. I highly recommend her to anyone.
Sean S.
Megan does an amazing job with my naturally curly hair! She understands how it has a mind of its own and it has to be treated special to get the cut right. She knows me and how little maintenance I like so she found a color that gives me what I want with the ablility to have a little less maintenance!
Jamie M.
Megan cut my hair for the first time yesterday and I love it. She took the time to listen and gave me a great cut. I would highly recommend her!
Rachel B.