I have been in the beauty industry since 2000 and have a vision of 

providing total beauty and creating a unique portrait of style for each client. 

With each client, I strive to combine uptown sophistication with downtown 

personality. Cutting edge, yet never out of touch, I look at each client, 

understand their desired image and translate that into a perfect style. 

I have the ability to modernize the iconic styles of the past and translate

them into a look that is chic and fresh. I motivate through education each

year with formal training from PaulMitchell the School- Los Angeles California

& Bumble and Bumble-NYC. 






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Megan is the best stylist in all of Tampa Bay! We moved here from New Jersey in June 09, and we found her through research on the internet. We saw nothing, but great compliments about her skills. They were right! My husband, 20 year old son & I love her cuts. She is really sweet & cuts your hair exactly how you want it.
Barbara B.
Well what do you say about someone like Megan?! I have known her now for about 5 years and wouldn't dream of going elsewhere for color, cut, blowout or any type of treatment for my hair! And believe me I have hair!! Lots of it! Everyone I have sent to Megan is thrilled with her expertise, knowledge and professionalism! (and her awesome head massages during shampoo and conditioning is to die for!)I always leave looking like a million bucks! Well, at least my hair does! Megan will make you feel special because you are!!Now go and set up an Appt. with Megan because your worth it!
CJ's S.
Megan is the best hair stylist in Tampa!! She will listen to your every need and tailor a cut and color just for you. She is very creative and passionate about what she does and it shows. Thank you Megan!!!
Diane S.
Megan has been doing my hair for almost two years and I can't imagine anyone else ever touching my hair again! I am always happy when I leave her salon. Megan is a very talented stylist as well as a kind and honest person. Megan goes out of her way to schedule appointments at times that work for her clients, and has even come in on her day off to make sure I could have my hair done before leaving on vacation. Megan does excellent work and I would highly recommend her services to everyone!
Amanda C.
Megan is the best hair stylist I have ever been to, and I always leave her salon feeling good about myself. She does an amazing job with hair color and I ALWAYS get compliments about my hair everywhere I go. She is a good listener and also knows exactly what haircut and color will work best for you. I would highly recommend going to see Megan because she's the best in town!! She also gives great head massages :) -Shadai J.
Shadai J.
Megan is awesome. Her color skills are awesome and she really knows what is good for you and what is hot now. And, she has such a great personality, sitting in her chair during a cut and color is like relaxing with a good friend.
Rachel S.
Megan is a true professional and artist in every sense. She takes her time to fully understand the look and style you want and takes into consideration your personality to give you the best color and cut. Megan will refuse to let you leave her chair until you feel your best! Not only is she the best hair stylist, she will become a great friend. She has a hip, vibrant and fun personality. She makes an appointment a great experience!
Kyla F.
Ladies... if you are in need of a new look or just something fresh.. megan is the girl that you need to go see... i have been a client of hers for over 5 years and i would never go any where else! Stephanie=)
Stephanie P.
Megan is a great stylist! She can take one look at you and know exactly what will look best. Not to mention her loft is the spot to relax and have a good time. Not one time have I went in and not had a great laugh. She is fun to be around but professional at the same time.;-) Check her out!
Amanda L.
I found Megan through this site about 6 weeks ago. I haven't had a consistent stylist for awhile and have bounced around between 3 or 4 different places during the past few years. I have super-thick, naturally wavy hair and it's hard to get a good cut that allows me let my hair dry naturally without looking like I had a mop on my head. The cut Megan gave me was awesome! I usually blow dry my hair straight just to have some control over it but since getting my haircut with Megan, i can let my hair dry naturally and my waves fall perfectly. Also, Megan has the sweetest personality. The appointment flies by because the conversation is so enjoyable. I'm about to book my next appointment now! -Wendy W.
Wendy W.
I can honestly say Megan is one of the BEST hairstylist I've ever had. I am one of those clients that comes out with a different hair color or do almost every time. It's hard to find a stylist that will give you EXACTLY what you want the FIRST time. I always get compliments on my hair thanks to Megan. Not to mention she is always on top of the latest trends in the hair industry so if you want to try a new look she's always done an amazing job.
Peggy J.
Megan is the best!!! I moved to the Tampa area about a year ago and was in search of a hairstylist. After a couple of bad experiences at other salons in the area I was lucky to find Megan. Since day one she took the time to find out what I want and like. She has a vibrant personality and makes each visit to Salon Lofts a fun time!! Jeanette. R
Jeanette R.
Megan is simply amazing! I was so happy to find her 5 years ago when I moved to Tampa. I get compliments all the time on how shiny and healthy my hair is. She has been making me feel pretty for years now and I don't trust my color to anyone else. She gives me sexy Kardashian hair every time! -Kim
Kim H.
Megan is a great listener and a great hairstylist! I only wanted a trim and some styling tips and that's exactly what she gave me - and the cut/style looked great! I will be back for sure!
Nina R.
It took me a while to find a new stylist/colorist after moving to Tampa and I've been so happy since finding Megan! She's always accomodates our whole family with evening or weekend appointments. Thanks Megan!!
June G.
What a wonderful experience I had with Megan Trivette. She is the very best Tampa has to offer. She takes her time with each client and listened to my specific needs and concerns. She isn't pushy and is up on all of the latest trends and styles. Thank you Megan.
Summer G.
Megan understands that everyone wants to look chic and alluring, but needs to stay real for everyday life. Megan has a deep love and knowledge for all that is glamorous from the latest in hair color techniques to hair extensions,cuts and styles. A true creative soul I'm pleased I found. Let Megan bring out your inner most chic and glamorous! Nancy A
Nancy A.
My hair was a disaster when I found Megan. In a single visit, she brought life back to my damaged hair. Whether it is color, cut, UpDos or professionalism, Megan ranks among the best. For the past four years, she has provided me with the best service I have ever had. (I also want to mention, I have thicker hair and have always had problems getting good cut. Megan is one of very few stylists that has ever consistantly given me a decent cut over the past 41 years.)
Tracy T.
Megan is an artist. She has completely transformed my hair. I came to her with specific concerns and she had an answer for all of them. My hair has never looked better. It is quite a luxury to be able to sit in a stylist's chair and to have complete confidence in her ability and vision for your hair. Thank you, Megan!!!
Rosanna V.
Megan is awesome! I have thick, damaged hair and she has been the only hair stylist I have ever had who could get it back to health and looking better than ever. She puts so much time into understanding what you are looking for and gives you her honest opinion which really makes a difference. She is the best!
Chelsea T.
I moved to Tampa and was worried about finding a stylist in the area. My first and only stylist here has been Megan, and I have been nothing but impressed! Megan is also very accommodating and will make sure you're more than satisfied. She is always willing to teach me more about color, styling, products, etc. I would recommend her to anyone!
Katie G.
I was new to the Tampa area about a year ago and in search of a hairstylist. After a few not-so-good experiences at other Salons I stumbled on Salon Lofts & Megan. THANK GOODNESS! Megan has by far been the best hair stylist I have ever had. She not only does a wonderful job on my hair but she is so very helpful in giving me information and tips on how to achieve the look on my own. She always shows me exactly how she did the style and will give me advice from blow-drying to brushes and maintaining healthy hair. Her dedication, knowledge, & personable attitude makes every visit a great one! I would highly recommend Megan to anyone! “Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.” ;)
Katie G.
My stylist of five years moved and I was in a complete state of panic. I read the reviews for Megan and decided to try her since I love the convenience of the Salon Loft's location. WOW, the reviews are spot on! Meagan is a hair goddess and I'm beyond satisfied with my new stylist! Megan is a color genius so rest assured you are in the right hands if you are looking for natural looking, lasting color. She's also phenomenal at giving me just the right cut. I've been trying to grow a chin length bob out and Megan manages to keep me looking great during that in-between stage. I highly recommend her and know she's already worked her magic on my friends that I've referred to her. Please don't hesitate to let Megan work her magic on your hair too. You'll be so glad you did! ~ Kristie H.
Kristie H.
After moving from NYC to Tampa I was apprehensive about finding a local hair stylist. Through a friend’s recommendation I found Megan. She has an amazing, intuitive style to create what is perfect for each individual. She has a clientele that includes men, women, young people and not so young people. Every person I have seen leave her salon has a unique and personally appropriate style. No need to worry if you try Megan; she knows how to listen!
Loraine M.
I moved from West Palm Beach a couple of months ago and had a really hard time finding a good hairstylist in Tampa; I finally found Megan and I am so pleased with her! She actually listens to what you want and does a fantastic job! Not only did I leave there loving my hair but she actually made the long process enjoyable. Megan is a very talented and charismatic stylist and you can definitely trust her with your hair!
Loreyn P.
Megan gave me the highligts I was looking for! I have been searching for a stylist that can blow dry my thick hair and style without having to use a flat iron and she did an excellent blow out. I had so many compliments on my hightligts and haircut, I will definetly be coming back to Megan! -Whitney B.
Whitney B.
I highly recommend Megan! She has worked wonder on my hair. The color and cut always comes out amazing!!!
Natalie H.
After moving from another country to Tampa and trying 4 different salons in the area, I found Megan and would say that she is the one. She listens to you and makes sure you leave completely pleased. She gave my teenager daughter the perfect haircut for her wavy hair and does the best keratin express treatment. She is so professional and I can see that she loves what she is doing. Ana
Ana R.
Megan has been our stylist for a couple of years now. She always works us in even when we forget to book one and in desparate need!! My daughter has special needs and has a very dry scalp. Megan has done treatments and recommended products that have helped alot! She also does her highlights and makes her feel like a model!! Thanks Megan, The Graneys
June G.
I've been a client of Megan's for almost two years. Finally someone gets me and what's best for me, and my hair. No more clumpy highlights or statements like "your hair is too fine for layers". Megan's ideas are fresh, and I'm confident telling her what I want, and confident taking her advice. She not only is a great stylist but she's also someone I can now call a great friend.
Kerri R.
Megan is THE best. I first came in after moving to Tampa and she cut it exactly how I wanted it. Since then, Megan's had excellent ideas and suggestions and I've changed my style a few times, and am always happy with the cut and service (fantastic food and nightspot recommendations are a bonus!). I live in Orlando now and still drive the hour to have my hair cut by Megan! Total package (wash, scalp massage, cut, rinse, style) and reasonably priced too! Love it and won't let anyone else touch my hair! - Chris R
Christopher R.
Megan Trivette is by far the best stylist/colorist in Tampa. She's super sweet, hip and actually listens to what you want. If you are looking for fabulous hair, you have to give Megan a try...you won't be disappointed! I don't trust anyone to touch my hair but Megan. She is the only stylist I have met (and there have been quite a few) where I can sit down, relax and know I'll leave looking like I have celebrity hair. I've never had so many compliments on my hair in my life!!! Go see Megan now...your hair deserves it!
Jodi H.
Megan Trivette is without a doubt the best hair stylist in Tampa Bay. I drive an hour and half with my girlfriend to have her tame our wild manes! The transformations we have expereienced are amazing. She finds solutions to pesky annoying hair issues that we all have natuarlly. After calming fears, she works with the client to find a style and color that brings out your best features. I would never trust my crazy set of curls to anyone else! I'm so excited she has her very own loft and would recommend Megan to anyone. She even transformed my own mother! ~Allison
Allison L.
Megan Trivette is, hands down, the best stylist to work on my hair. She listens to your every need, and uses all her expertise to work on perfecting a look specially for you. I have spent years hunting for a stylist with the skills, versatility, and overall genuine vibe that Megan provides to her clients. You'll leave her salon feeling refreshed and looking wonderful! If you know what's best for your hair, you'll book an appointment to see Megan ASAP!
Laura L.
Megan is the only person I trust with my hair! I have been going to her for over a year and she is amazing. Before doing anything she takes the time to understand what I want. I like to experiment with my hair color but cannot do anything drastic because I work in a corporate environment. I always leave her salon with the most gorgeous hair color and cut that looks natural and effortless. I would strongly recommend you book an appointment with Megan!! Katie M
Katie M.
I stumbled across Megan 2 years ago and have been hooked ever since. She is the ultimate professional, using her passion a skills to make the best for each appointment. Megan is also very prompt, which in my experiences is not a standard across the board. I always look forward to having my hair done and am pleased with the results, every time. I walk out feeling like a million dollars! From hair straightening (produced without the dangerous ingredients most contain), to hair coloring, haircuts and styling, Megan is a great choice.
Alicia P.