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+Integrative Bodywork - Shiatsu Style 

+Abhyanga Massage

+Auricular Therapy

+Guided Meditation

+Vibrational Medicine

+Clinical Massage

+Oncology Support

+Migraine and Headache Relief



Licensed since 2011

Over 850 National Board Certified Credited-Education Hours in Clinical Massage Therapy

Over 10,000 Hours of Field Work

Graduated from the Nation's Leading School and Only School Certified to Teach Clinical Massage Therapy


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  • 100% Organic Hemp, Flax and Cotton Linens
  • 100% Organic and Wildcrafted Oils
  • 100% Organic Mineral-Infused CBD
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I have seen many licensed massage therapists and while they were only able to help small parts of my back pain, Melissa was able to see the whole picture. The very first session I felt immediate relief and with every session after it has been a steady recovery. Her integrative technique has helped on multiple planes- not only fix physical ailments but also mental and emotional attachments that coincide. I feel looser, lighter, and my posture has greatly improved. If you have any sort of distress, do yourself a huge favor and check out Melissa! This is the real deal. You will not regret it!
Rimi D.