Follow me on social media at:Image result for like me on facebook buttonImage result for instagramHi all!  I have been a professional in the hair industry for about 9 years now, but my love for hair started when I learned how to braid my barbie's hair as a little girl.  As I got older I was always enlisted to do my sister's hair for family photos, or my mom's hair when they were going out for the night.  That turned into doing my friend's hair for homecoming, prom and all our color guard/winter guard competitions.  Hair was always "my thing."  

Even though I followed the business/accounting route after graduation, hair was always a passion of mine.  I finally decided (at almost 30 I might add) to chuck it all and go to beauty school! I thought my husband was on the verge of a heart attack when I told him my plan, but he backed me 100% (after the shock wore off) and I've been living my dream ever since!  I offer a wide range of services from classic men's cuts to extravagant fashion color's, mohawks and everything in between.

I know it sounds like a cliche to say "I love what I do", but I LOVE WHAT I DO!  I get such gratification from seeing the look of renewed self confidence and motivation on my clients faces when they leave my chair.  To know that I have affected someone in that way...there's really nothing like it!  Take a look at my services menu, check out my pictures and even book your own appointment if you'd like!  Feel free to call, text or email with any questions you may have! 

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I have been looking for a good hair stylist since I moved to Indy 4 years ago. After lots of unhappy experiences ...I finally found Michelle! She takes her time and really makes sure your hair looks good when you leave. My hair looks and feels fabulous. She is awesome!
Sarah T.
Hands down the all time best hair stylist ever! I used to travel to Indy from Louisville for 4 years to have her do my hair! (Yes she's that good) I have had about every different color hair and each time she makes it look seamless and absolutely gorgeous!
Chelsea R.
I did not think I would look good with a short pixie cut but Michelle mad it work
Susan J.
She always know how to cut and style my hair. and she is a fun hair stylist to come to.
Susan J.
I've been going to Michelle for a few years now. She has always given me exactly what I asked for and then some. She takes her time and makes sure my hair is perfect. When I first started going to her she did a color correction on me when someone else had messed up my hair and got it back into great shape and recommended the right products for me. I'll definitely Continue going to her.
Brittany C.
I have known Michelle for about a year and a half, and I have been getting my hair done by her for about 8 months. She is one of the best people, let alone hair stylists, that I know! She is so detail oriented and professional that you know you'll have a perfect cut or style every time you leave her chair. It's so much fun that the time actually flies by while Michelle is doing your hair. You walk in, and before you know it, you walk out looking like a superstar! Michelle Flowers is, in a word, AMAZING!
Nick R.
I met Michelle when she was in cosmetology school. She told me she told me she was great at coloring hair ... LOL ... Challenge accepted! I had been going to her cosmetology school for at least 14 years and she is the only student I ever followed from their school. I even drive from Greenwood to Broad Ripple because she really is great at color ... Heaven knows my mop of hair challenged her in the beginning ... I always get compliments on my hair color. I'm not related to Michelle, nor did she ask me to say anything ... She is a great person and an even better colorist ... She was right! Deb D. Best wishes For success Michelle! I'll be in soon for the works!
Debra D.
Michelle is amazing! I wanted to try something new and slightly edgy with my hair and she delivered unbelievable results. I am hesitant when it comes to a change like that, but she was able to calm me down and make me feel comfortable with this wonderful change. I can't wait to come back and do something even more dramatic! Thanks Michelle!
Samantha W.
michelle is a very talented hairstylist and so personable.She really cares about client satisfaction.Looking forward to my next appointment.
Judi G.