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NEW CLIENTS FOR COLOR REQUIRES CONSULTATION VIA Text or In Salon. Iv'e always had an ongoing passion for fashion, art and hair. I specialize in up to date color trends and wet to dry cutting/texturing techniques. Early on in my teens I decided to start doing hair and I haven't stopped since. I am TIGI Master Training Certified and Pravana Color Certified. I am very fortunate to have trained and worked with so many wonderful talented artist in the industry. 

You can book online for a complete list of available time slots or you can contact me personally at (813)817-1523. If you do not see something available online don't hesitate to text or call.





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Miguel is the best. I have been going to him for over 4 years and have followed him when he moved!
Josie C.
Miguel gives fantastic color and, fresh, hip cuts/styles! This is the stylist to see for a makeover, or even, for a revival! I've ALWAYS been completely satisfied with the results! Always a pleasure to sit in his chair. Book today! You will be THRILLED you did!
Lola F.
Miguel is not only talented & passionate about his work, but he creates an atmosphere that makes you instantly comfortable. A great listener, with incredible talent. I'll definitely be back!
Niki D.
Miguel is unbelievably talented. No one has ever given me the right haircut until I found Miguel. The best part is that I can actually style it myself. I will drive the 175 miles from my home in Port St Lucie to go to Miguel
Judith L.
"Miguel is the BEST stylist I've ever known. He's my older cousin and was doing my hair way back when we were kids, just "experimenting" and he's done incredible things to my hair since then. He does excellent work and has a true passion for what he does! You will be STUNNED at the magic he works with your hair." -Amanda Q.
Amanda Q.
You know he's the real deal when you feel so comfortable and confident letting him know he can do what he wants with your hair. Usually I just tell him something like "Short, sassy, pop of color but keep it conservative for work." And he works his magic. Would def recommend!!!
Tamara M.
You know he's the real deal when you feel so comfortable and confident letting him know he can do what he wants with your hair. Usually I just tell him something like "Short, sassy, pop of color but keep it conservative for work." And he works his magic. Would def recommend!!!
Tamara M.
I met Miguel through a mutual friend after searching for years for someone to cut my hair the way I'd like it. Well, he must be doing something right because I have been going to and following him for 3 years! We always come up with new, fun and fantastic styles. Every time I leave the Salon after getting my hair cut by him I'm never disappointed. You will never go to someone else again after you let him touch your hair. Book now you won't regret it! -Jennifer. N
Jen N.
Miguel made me feel like a beautiful mommy all over again, my husband gave me the same look from when he first me. Miguel is a magician
Lily S.
Being in the entertainment industry, image is VERY important. With Miguel, I know my hair is in great hands. There is no one else I will trust to cut, style, or color it!
Daniel O.
I have been going to Miguel for years now! I know what to expect every time I see him, AMAZING results!!! From bold to subtle color, long to short haircuts, he has helped me achieve what ever look I desire. I can't imagine going to anyone else!
Keith C.
Miguel is fantastic at what he does. He is a master cutter, and whether your hair is blonde, brunette, or rainbow (yes rainbow) he always colors it to perfection!
Courtney S.
Miguel is by far one of the most exclusive hair artists in Tampa. Not only is he a fantastic stylist, he's also a great listener.
Edmund T.
I went from semi long hair to short and sassy hair! I wouldn't have trusted anyone else to cut it but Miguel! His cuts always exceed my expectations!
Vanessa I.
Passionate, dedicated and talented!
Elizabeth K.
WHO DOES YOUR HAIR? The number one question I get asked all the time. I'm ALWAYS proud to give them the name and location of the one person that has been doing my hair since the early years of his career. He listens to what "I" want and knows what would not work for me. That is a TRUE Professional. Thank you Miguel,and I have no doubt that you will do GREAT in your new location, which by the way is so hip! Miss JAY :)
Jenny O.
see you soon!
Charity M.
I'm male and Miguel has been cutting my hair for over a year now. I've been to several other salons in the area and Miguel is the best. Consistently great haircuts that make me look and feel good and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.
Amahl M.
Im trying to schedule Bob an appointment to get his grey's touched up for your 2:00 slot tomorrow that is showing available, and it won't let me book, should I stop by your booth and make an appointment?
Elizabeth K.
Honestly Miguel was the first stylist to actually listen to what I wanted to do with my hair rather than trying to talk me into something else and I am SO happy with the results. I don't think I'll ever go to anyone else, my hair looks better than it ever has.
Jessica B.
Miguel has been the only stylist to color correct my over processed hair. Previously, I had been to three other salons, and none of them got the color correct. Thank you Miguel.
Chrissy G.
Miguel has been cutting my hair for years. He is simply the best!
Shane O.
I have curly hair and Miguel did such a good job cutting and styling it! Probably the best haircut I’ve ever gotten, I’ll definitely be back!
Kylie C.
Miguel is the bomb. I have blonde hair and he does the perfect combo of high and low lights. Usually I can barely tell when my hair grows out because he blends it so well. Thanks Miguel! -Danielle
Danielle G.
NEVER will I go to a different hairstylist again! Miguel has been doing my hair for 4 years and he's never disappointed me. Even when we get inventive my hair still comes out looking phenomenal. He's an amazing & a very professional stylist. You wouldn't believe he's only 24! You won't regret it!
Emilia L.
Miguel is magical! A true artist. I was thrilled with Miquel from the moment he gave me my first perfect hair cut and he continues to amaze me everytime I see him. He is meticulous and phenomenal at what he does...and damn does he do it well! Loves ya Miggy :D He's a keeper! Always impressed and I highly recommend him to any damsel in distress!!
Amy Jean S.
Absolutely the best in the business and only hair stylist I will go to any more. Very meticulous and creative.
Greg A.
Miguel is totally awesome & professional! Very happy I found him ! I could not be happier! - deb m
Deborah M.
Miguel does a great job with hair, I'm so glad I found him!
Lori R.
Miguel always makes me feel up to date, fresh, and stylish. I get stopped all the time with people asking "WHO does your hair?" I recommend him to everyone I know.
Kacy T.
Miguel has been cutting my hair for 5 years and a friend for more than 10. Simply put, he's really good at what he does.
Patrick G.
Miguel is the best hair stylist I have ever had. He does magic with short haircuts ! Every visit with Miguel I feel beautiful.
Laura T.