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I have been going to Mila for 4 years. She is a true professional and very knowledgeable about her craft. What sets her apart from the others is that she actually CARES about the health of your nails. She has grown my nails naturally and made them strong.
Lorri L.
Mila is a true professional. She's an artist that will make sure your nails are the stars of the show. She has a personality that can always bring a smile to your face and once you see how your nails look when finished, you're definitely going to book with her again. When she was finished with me, I couldn't wait to show off my nails to everyone. I felt like a kid that just got a new toy and couldn't wait to show all my friends. If you're in the area and want nails that turns heads, then book with Mila. You will not be disappointed. You will leave with a smile. -J.S
J S.
Mila has a sweet soul and I am so happy that she has ventured out on this new journey. I have known her professionally for 3 years maybe more. She introduced me to SNS and I am addicted. I love that she is about nail care. Healthy nails also apart of the art. All that to say that you will love your experience with Mila and will become addicted too. In a good way of course.
Marquitta D.
Mila is the best! If you're looking for a professional, friendly nail tech who does excellent work, then she is your girl! My nails always look great!
Christi S.
Mila is very professional, her salon is very clean and she is very thorough in caring for your nails. She has a passion for what she does and she truly wants to make sure her clients are happy with her work. I have followed her to the opposite side of town because I appreciate the quality of her skill. Nina
Laninia D.
I’ve been with Mila for over four years now and I don’t want anyone else touching my nails. She keeps my cuticles so healthy. She is also just a great person!
Valerie B.
Mila has been doing my nails for years now! I have tried other places but no one and I mean no one is as good as her! She really takes her time and really enjoys what she does. She has a great personality and is very friendly... thanks mila for always taking care of my nails! Book with her you will not be disappointed.
Christina N.
I have been going to Mila to get my nails done for nearly 3 years now, she is amazing! She knows what is best for my nails (hands and feet), she has a great knowledge of nail care and she researches and keeps up with all of the new nail trends. She is very professional and is always doing what's best for her clients. Book her, she will take the best care of you!
Natalie V.
Mila has been my nail technician for 2 years. She is very professional and knowledgeable about nail care. She does what's best for the health of your nails (toes included) and not what's best for her bottom line (her pockets). If you don't like something, don't be afraid to speak up. She wants your experience to be a good one. Book with Mila! You won't be disappointed.
Lorri L.
Mila is awesome! She is the only person that I trust to do ANY service on my hands or feet! Not only is she skilled but she is passionate about her work. So there is no opportunity to leave her service without being satisfied. When I tell you that I was horrified when I went to book an appointment and she was no longer with "that" particular nail salon! I would not let anyone there perform any services. Thank God I randomly ran into her! Thank you for everything Mila!!!
M C.