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i can say a lot about me but I will only give you facts and a lil bit of my background, its very simple , I was raised by a single mother of 4 girls , I learned the true meaning of hardworking at an early age.

My mother had a lot of different quote's she use the one the stuck with me the most was "God blesses A Child that has there own" She Also taught us to depend on no one but God .those quotes stuck with Me , with that being said life wasn't easy for me but when I look back on it "it was a great learning experience. It truly played a big part in who I am today.

My love and passion for creative design in hair came when I was 13yrs old as I said before i was one of 4girls and my sister allowed me  to be creative and express my talent Thur my work on them thru out the years. As a teenager I did my family members hair and my friends and there friend which made me more passionate and driven to be more creative in my braiding and styling.

Little did I know it would lead to this Strong Love And Passion For My craft in the Hair Business. While having a few bumps and bruises along the way, which motivated me to keep pushing and to keep striving for success 22yrs later and a lifetime to go. that Passion and drive Never left , It only got stronger I'm very passionate about my work every style is created with love. 

I found that falling in love with your craft and passion creates Top Quality work, God Blessed me with this amazing talent and creative eye to allow my work to speak for itself .

I've my Way thru a few salons but God lead me here to this point in my life where I'm my own boss call my own shots making my own hours others can't say that But this not enough, I have goals and dreams to catch and with God leading the way I have a very bright successful and prosperous future. Success here I come.....

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Montreace is amazing. The very first time I contacted her I knew I would have a long lasting relationship. She is very professional, efficient, fast, and courteous. I would recommend her to anyone. She is a beautiful person inside and out. I am greatful for her talent and skills. Book with her. You will love it and be back.
Jahari C.
Montreace is Amazing! That' s it - simply amazing. Her character and how much she really cares for her customers shows in her work. She really treats her customers well, both with the awesome work she does and with her prices. Amazing!!!
ChiChi I.
Benita K.