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Mistey is AMAZING!!! She is very professional and her shop is clean and sterile. She has a large selection of colors and can do many different designs and nail art. I always feel pampered when I visit Mistey and enjoy her conversation and her quick service.
Emily R.
Roslyn B.
Roslyn B.
OMG! I had a great time and now I have amazing nails too. I felt like I was hanging out with a friend.. she gave me advice and we talked about my options of service. Can’t wait to go back!!! Miss you already!!
Shana R.
My nails are awesome and I love them so much!! They are the best nails I have ever gotten!!
Gabby P.
Mistey is so amazing! She is so sweet and does an amazing job! She will not let you leave until your nails are perfect! I’m so happy I went to her.
Megan H.
As a man. I would have never thought a pedicure was for me. I was finally convinced to have one. Let me tell you! Mistey is a pro at what she does with your feet. When I left there is felt like I had new feet! Mistey was cordial and attentive to me. She is all about customer service. So, if you are considering if a pedicure is the thing to do. Do it! You will not regret it. Your feet will appreciate it too. I will be coming back. Thanks Mistey!
David B.
Mistey does an excellent job with nails. Not only was she extremely professional, she has a great personality and constantly made sure I was comfortable and happy with my service. I will definitely be back!
Dayna S.
Mistey does an excellent job with nails. Not only was she extremely professional, she has a great personality and constantly made sure I was comfortable and happy with my service. I will definitely be back!
Dayna S.
Had my first mani/pedi from Mistey today. Best pedicure I have EVER had! Manicure was wonderful, too. She was friendly, efficient, and took her time to make sure my experience was a wonderful one - and it was! Loved her foot/leg massage!!! I'll be back for sure! Thank you, Mistey!
Chris Y.
Mistey is fabulous! It was my first visit with her. She's such a people person. Makes you feel welcomed. She has a great personality that by the end of my appointment, I felt I've known her for awhile. She strives for perfection when doing your nails. She makes sure you get what you ask for....color/design, etc. I highly recommend her!
Lisa B.
Mistey, did a great job on my nails. It had been some time since I treated myself to a manicure so they were pretty raggedy. . I opted for the deluxe manicure. She was welcoming and very professional. She has a big heart and a wonderful spirit. I messed up my nails and she insisted on doing them over although it was completely my fault. They still look great day two! She is definitely a perfectionist and wants to be sure you represent her best work! I highly recommend.
Bay J.
I decide to get acrylics which destroyed my nails but that didn't stop Mistey from giving me the best Gel Manicure I've ever had! Any other gel manicure I've gotten doesn't even last a week before peeling/chipping. Also those massages afterwards are AMAZING. Two weeks later and I still can't stop loooking at my nails! Thank you very much and I definitely will be returning! I would recommend her to anyone looking for good hospitality, awesome service and some good laughs!
Candace J.
I have been to many places and many people and none have treated me so warmly and so personal. She did correction of previous nail techs filled and designed my nails so perfectly with no extra charge. MISTEY IS MY NEW NAIL TECH. Thank you misty for an excellent experience.
Richard M.
Mistey is the best nail artist i have ever me!, she always knows just what i want(even when i can't explain it). she is such a caring and fun person. i would recommend her to anyone.
Gabrielle P.
Mistey is amazing! After my first time of going to her I was absolutely hooked!! She takes the time to get to know her clients and will ask all the questions she needs to, to be able to give you exactly what you want!! Go see her now!
Kamry A.
First experience at a Salon Loft and I absolutely loved the personal attention, high quality service and color options. I can see why Mistey is highly recommended in Dublin. I have been searching for a nail salon I can call home since my relocation and although it took me two years, I've finally found a nail technician I felt "at home" with. Thanks Mistey, see you soon!
Lynette S.
She is absolutely amazing! I drive literally an hour across town just for her. She takes her time and personalizes every visit for your needs. Friendly and always makes you feel like her number 1 client. I love her coming to see her so much and will never have anyone else do my nails, ever :)
Emily H.
This was my first visit to Mistey and I will definitely be returning. I am very particular about my nails, and have struggled to find someone in Columbus who consistently does a good job. Mistey was warm and inviting when I arrived, and was open to do whatever I wanted with my nails. She didn't rush me or make me feel like just another client. She does a great job of making you and your time with her feel special. She took her time taking off my existing gel manicure, and not scraping it off to hurry the process along. She shaped my nails perfectly and was meticulous in making sure each nail looked just right. She took her time and didn't rush, which I appreciate. I left with beautiful nails, and a new nail salon to call my own. Thanks Mistey!
Claire M.
Mistey is absolutely amazing! My very first appointment wit her, she made me feel so comfortable and she is so easy to talk to and there was never a dull moment. She took her time to make sure that my nails were perfect and she truly did an amazing job. All my future appointments are going to be with her and I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants perfect and unique looking nails!! Amanda S.
Amanda S.
Honestly, I feel like I’ve known Mistey my whole life! Never have I had such an amazing and caring experience when getting my nails done! Mistey is very informative and going to her is like visiting an old friend! If you want to feel welcomed when getting your nails done then Mistey is your girl! Well, to be honest Mistey is your girl in general!
Emyle C.
Mistey is amazing ! Such a sweetheart who really takes the time to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want. Not only that but she is the best I've had regarding the quality and look of my nails and toes. You will come out of her cute little room feeling like a pampered princess! (or prince) Everyone and their mother needs to go to Mistey, she is the best there is!
Haley Jo C.
Mistey is awesome. Sweet, nice, very friendly, very professional and darn good at what she does. Please don't go to her so I can.
Sandy D.
Once again great nails. Cant wait for my balance.
Ariena S.
Very professional & informative. Such a personable experience! If you love to get your money's worth simply book an appointment.
Desi B.
I just got my nails done with Mistey for the first time, she did a wonderful job, very personable and professional. - Krista C
Krista C.
Mistey is a goddess! She gave me a hug when we first met and the service was incredible. I have an awesome design on my beautiful gel nails thanks to her. I would definitely recommend her to everyone I met. She is one of the most caring and real people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!
Susannah H.
Today was my first time getting my nails done with Mistey. Mistey is awesome. I felt like I was sitting down with an old friend. My nails look amazing, Mistey is professional but down to earth. I have my next appointment booked for a mani and pedi! I was looking for an expert to establish a normal routine with and I found her! Thank you Mistey!
Kim J.
Great nails
Emily-Joe R.
My nails have never looked better or longer! She does an amazing job and takes her time. After going to Mistey for 4 months I can't see myself going any where else!
Courtney W.
I haven't had my nails done in a while. Mistey made me feel at home and I love my nails. I will definitely be back soon.
Ariena S.
I LOVE MISTEY! She does an amazing job on my nails and actually pays attention to detail insyead of rushing through the process. She is also one of the easiest people to talk to and we pretty much laugh the entire time I am there! Wouldn't bring my business anywhere else!
Alex W.
I saw Mistey to day for the first time! I couldn't be happier with my gel manicure & pedicure! LOVE LOVE LOVE! She's stuck with me now!
Angela R.
Mistey is the best! She has been taking care of my nails for over three years. My appointments are like visiting with a friend! Miss Bev.
Beverly F.
I would send any and everyone I know to Mistey,,,, not only does she do a GREAT job, but, your time spent with her is a fun experience! She is a beautiful person, inside and out!!!
Karen R.
Mistey is talented, hardworking and has excellent customer service. She did a great job on my "beach nails" with cute artwork. And when I encountered a problem, she fixed my situation, quickly, efficiently and to my satisfaction. I highly recommend that you check Mistey out. You won't be disappointed.
Lisa K.
I just went to Mistey for the first time today to get my nails done for prom and I have never been as happy with my nails as I am now! She did an amazing job and made me want to come to her every time I need a balance!
Tina S.
I loved getting my nails done by mistey! She has great prices and she does them so well. They’re the best I’ve ever seen:)
Kelsi L.
My first appointment with mistey was amazing! She's very bubbly and awesome! I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she was magical and made it happen! It turned out better than the picture! Very talent will return!
Sumer H.
First time with Mistey ! Great experience ! Best manicure and pedicure..She is the bomb! Will be back !
Monica K.
been very happy with her service
Greg J.
Thank you, thank you! My nails look great and I am more than pleased!! Will definitely return!
Rhonda B.
Ahhh! Mistey is my new fav gal! I have never been to salon lofts and she made me feel so welcomed and I feel in great hands being there. She made my nails look beautiful and treated me so nice! I will now see her from now on. Everyone should book appointments with Mistey. You will be more than happy with the outcome!
Ireland D.
I Never thought that I would find someone to do unique nails. Every salon was the same things with the same styles, then I found Mistey!!!! she is completely passionate about what she does. I had my husband and my daughter with me at my first visit, not only did she make me feel comfortable she made them feel comfortable as well. She does amazing, hand crafted work and took my needs and wants into consideration. I FINALLY found a awesome nail artist. she takes her time and really makes her clients #1. Highly recommend by me and she made a permanent client. Thanks Mistey!!!!
Brandy B.
Mistey is fantastic!! I'm new to the area and was nervous about finding a new nail person here and I'm so thrilled to have found Mistey and her lovely talents! She was super professional, quick, fun to talk to, and the services (mani and pedi) were soooooooooooooo relaxing and great quality. Looking forward to seeing her again :)
Brandee S.
Today I was blessed to be "Polished by Mistey!" I was looking for a person that specialized in proper foot treatment for ingrown toenails and I was no longer happy with my previous service at another nail salon. I did some research and found Mistey, and I was lucky to get an appointment as a walk-in. Immediately I felt welcomed and comfortable as soon as I entered the loft and I could tell Mistey loves what she does and takes pride in providing exceptional service to her clients. I must say I had the best foot massage EVER! She was very sensitive to my aching feet and was sensitive to what they needed. I would refer anyone to her! You will receive personal, catered care... And did I say the foot massage was AMAZING! Mistey was great and easy to talk to. You will not be disappointed. I'll be back!! - Carla
Carla L.
Mistey is by far the best nail technician I have been too. She listens to what you want and delivers it to your full expectation. I would recommend her to anyone. It is so nice to know when I come to get my nails done, they will be exactly how I like them. Thank you so much Mistey for hooking me up!!
Jill N.
I went to Mistey for the first time today. I absolutely love her. She did such a great job on my pedicure and gel polish manicure. I’m hooked. I won’t go any place else. Thank you Mistey. You are fantastic.
Lesa M.
Had my second manicure with Misty and I really like that she has matte topcoat. Not many offer it! Its such a trendy look. Love it! Can't wait for my next appointment.
Tiffany F.
My girls and I have been to Mistey several times now. she does an amazing job, very detailed too! She is very professional and a lot of fun!
Cindy A.
I've had my nails by Mistey for over 2 years. Not only does she do fanatastic job on my nails but she also gives OUTSTANDING customer service. Very accommodating on appointment scheduling and genially cares about your concerns. Very friendly and always put you at ease. Defiantly recommend.
Beth S.
Mistey is incredible!! She's very concerned about making sure all her clients have a wonderful experience and get exactly what they want. also, she is very easy to talk to which is always nice!! I'm definitely a new regular!!!
Meredith D.
I love Mistey. I just went for the first time and I never want to go anywhere else!
Tessa A.
I came to Mistey when my regular manicurist at a different salon wasn't available, and I am so glad I did! Mistey gave me a great gel manicure, talked to me as if I was an old friend, and made it obvious how much care she puts in to giving you great results! PS: You also get a hand and arm massage :)
Megan M.
Best gel manicure I have ever had! Seriously lasted for three weeks...and I could have gone longer! She took her time to make sure my nails looked perfect, and listened to what I wanted. I will absolutely recommend to anyone, and will be returning!
Carly W.
Best gel manicure I have ever had! Seriously lasted for three weeks...and I could have gone longer! She took her time to make sure my nails looked perfect, and listened to what I wanted. I will absolutely recommend to anyone, and will be returning!
Carly W.
I have been coming to Mistey for about 11 years! She is amazing and I have never gone anywhere else.
Fatmeh H.
OMG!!!! First I love my nails! Second Mistey is wonderful. Great service, great conversation, great salon. She took her time and didn't rush. I felt like I've known her for years. I will definitely be back! Alex G
Alexandra G.
Mistey was so kind and special to me. I was a walk in who desperately needed a manicure/pedicure. She altered her schedule and stayed late to do this wonderful service for me. I am very blessed and pleased to have met Mistey. Highly recommend.
Karen P.
After following Mistey on Instagram for over a year, I finally decided to go see her! She is amazing! It was like I had known her forever! Will be back and I encourage everyone to go see her!!
Keri S.
I got an acrylic full set at the top customer-rated nail salon in Columbus. I came to Mistey for a balance, and...my nails are gorgeous. Looking back a pictures I took after the first set at the other salon, I can't believe I was happy with their job. My acrylics look gorgeous, make my fingers look longer and slender-er :), and I can't stop looking at them. Can't wait to go back!
Heather C.
Mistey did a wonderful job on my nails today! I came in embarrassed by their peeling and splitting but I left with a professional looking manicure, perfect to get the holidays off to a great-looking start. I have already booked my next appointment to get my nails ready for Christmas!
Sandi M.
I had the most relaxing and positive experience with Mistey! Very welcoming and professional service. Can't wait for my next visit!!!
Roslyn N.
A very great job well done! Mistey makes you feel at home with her sunny personality and welcoming demeanor. Her nail art skills are superb and the prices are even better!
Sana S.
I got my first set of stiletto acrylics from Misty and they are fantastic! She is super friendly and very professional. This girl knows what she is doing. Plus, she has candy and pop in her loft, what's not to like!
Samantha S.
First time visit with Mistey and I love the care she put into my nails!! I've never had nail art and I like the designs she showed me. She has a lot of colors to choose from too. Definitely going back! -Tiff
Tiffany F.
Loved my nails! She did my first pedicure and I loved the results!
Grainne H.
Mistey is fabulous! Truly professional, concerned for her clients health, comfort and makes the salon experience great. I'm very pleased with my deluxe mani/pedi and will be returning. Treat yourself to a spa pedicure and keep your feet looking & feeling beautiful.
Reenie W.
I saw Mistey for the first time last week. Love my nails!! I'm getting so many compliments! You will sit down with her and will feel like you've met a new friend. Laura L.
Laura L.
I am thrilled with Mistey's work - I received a gel set with gel polish and the results are absolutely amazing. I walked in with terrible nails and cuticles ("ugly hands" as I called it) and walked out with beautiful nails. The appointment went very quickly - because she is very skilled and works fast, but also because she is a pleasure to visit with and has great conversation skills. She is a perfectionist and had the nails sculpted and shaped perfectly - every time I look down at my hands I smile. (BTW - the hand/arm massage? This service puts the appointment over the top - so relaxing and a wonderful end to a great appointment). If you want beautiful nails - I highly recommend Mistey at Salon Lofts.
Nancy R.
Mistey was one of the nicest nail person I’ve ever met. Will be back to her for sure.
Megan B.
Mistey was wonderfully upbeat, on time and did a fantastic job.
Catherine G.
This was my first time going to Mistey, and I am definitely coming back. I scheduled my next 2 appointments already. She was very personable and has an upbeat down to earth attitude. She made sure I was happy with my service and she took her time with doing so Taesha C
Taesha C.
Today was my first day going to mistey and she was AMAZING! She was so friendly, outgoing and she makes you feel super comfortable during your appointmeng. She makes sure she does everything and anything you want to make sure you're happy with the outcome and takes her time doing so and the outcome is awesome. I already booked her for homecoming and i will be booking all my other appointments through her. Overall great price for the great service. -Lynna K.
Lynna K.
This was my first time going to Mistey and I already scheduled my next appointment. She is so talented and friendly and takes her time to make sure you love what you get. The price is amazing compared to other nail salons and I have never been to someone who is so creative and artistic with nails!
Allyssa A.
I am so glad I was referred to Mistey. After searching for the best nail technician I finally have found her. Mistey is personable, thorough in her work and took the time to help me pick out the perfect shade of polish to match my Birthday outfit! I look forward to my future appointments! -Jessica D.
Jessica D.
Professional,thorough,personalized service. The opposite of so many salons that treat your nail job like a race. Mistey cares about her clients and doing the job right. There are no corners cut on cleanliness or any aspect of her work. My cuticles are overwhelming. She patiently worked them over. Her prices are very fair. I am a happy client. Janet
Janet K.
Mistey has always done a great job on my nails and always does them how i want them and the nail art perfectly . She truly is a master nail artist and i wont go to anyone else ever again.
Kori M.
Mistey is excellent! I had my first pedicure a few days ago and she did a wonderful job. She took her time and really made my feet feel soft and smooth! She also did a design on my toes and it looked great. She is very personable and excellent at what she does. I will definitely be back!!
Deana C.
Mistey is awesome!! She pays so much attention to getting your nails perfect so you'll end satisfied every time. Just let her know what you want, and she delivers. Her pricing is fair and she will make sure that you're taken care of, without overcharging. There's a reason she's booked up so far in advance ;) Book now before it's too late, you won't regret it!!
Maya K.
Thank you Mistey for getting me out of my comfort zone of pink and white and putting color back on my nails with cool designs. You are a sweet person and I enjoyed our time together while you were doing my nails. Thanks so much! Marla
Marla M.
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE my HENNA design! Now I want to do one every day! Looking for new ones after I'm done writing this. When can we do it again? SSSSOOO happy you are doing this now! It's my new addiction. Thank you so much. Great job! Beth
Beth S.
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE my HENNA design! Now I want to do one every day! Looking for new ones after I'm done writing this. When can we do it again? SSSSOOO happy you are doing this now! It's my new addiction. Thank you so much. Great job! Beth
Beth S.
This was my first time to see Mistey, and I highly recommend her! My pedi was the best I have ever had; her foot/leg massage was so thorough, and I was totally pampered! She added many "new" things, for me, with my pedi. Not only is she extremely professional, her personality is such that I felt as though I have known her forever. I booked my next pedi appointment before I left.
Bonnie S.
Mistey is so amazing! She is super nice and friendly!! She makes sure everything is perfect! I am never disappointed with the outcome! Thanks again for everything! I recommend Mistey to anyone who wants perfect nails!! Maggie B.
Maggie B.
I was referred to mistey by numerous people and after years of getting my nails done I have by far had the most absolute BEST experience with her. She is worth every cent & mile! I drive about 20-25 minutes each way to come get pampered by her but you wouldn't understand until you've had a salon experience with her as to why I do. Her work is terrific, she is always so accommodating, you always leave satisfied to not only your liking but hers too and she has one of the most caring an hilarious personalities. I could continue on an on for so many reasons why you should book with her today but I believe I've touched all the important factors. BOOK NOW! YOU WONT REGRET IT :) keep up the hard work mistey you are fabulous ♡Natalie c.
Natalie D.
I not sure where to begin when it comes to Mistey. She is quite literally the best nail professional I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I often try to schedule on short notice, due to an hectic work schedule, and I have never had a problem booking. This is just a one of the many bonuses Mistey has. I trust her to pick my nail color everytime and I have never once been disappointed. When it comes to her loft, she has made it a quiet tranquil environment where I can truly enjoy my nail services in peace which is a major contrast to many nail studios. As if that wasn't enough, the massage chair, the hot towel, and the glass of wine makes the experience complete. Mistey, thank you so much for everything!!!!
Kristina H.
Mistey cares! You will NEVER FIND a person that is so sweet and caring like Mistey. When I went to get my nails done for the first time I was a little worried cause I didn't know what to expect. But Mistey made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I went to get a pedicure and she told me about her specials on Monday and Tuesday's. I couldn't believe her prices. I didn't think I was going to be able to get good service at a cheap cost. The place I was going to before I would spend so much money I was never happy with service. All the tools that she used on me was clean from a packet. I'm very big on that. Not only Mistey did such a wonderful job on my nails and toes, she has really good customer service and has the best personality. Thank you so much for making me feel at home. You are truly a sweetheart.
Michelle W.
I have gotten my nails done in the past by other nail salons and I thought I was satisfied. Really I thought I was happy. Until all of my nails started lifting and popping off. So I knew I needed a change. I was on instagram and Mistey's work came through my news feed. I came in after making an appointment. I was not disappointed at all! Mistey is nothing short of amazing and her work is always breath taking. I will never go to anyone else. And that is mostly because of the personal touch that Mistey has. She gets to know you and asks about your life and family. That really means a lot. Mistey not only does all that but for another perfect characteristic, she learns you and what you like. What colors and styles to the point where you just give her a rough idea and she does something you love more than your original thought! I love going to Mistey and I will never go back.
Aliah Y.
Just wanted to sent a note to tell you how much we really enjoy coming to Mistey. I started getting my nails done upon a tip from a friend who also goes to her. I haven't had my nails done for 24 years, and, decided to pamper myself again,,,and, I am so glad I did! Recently, I also took my granddaughter to get her nails done with me, she also fell in love with Mistey immediately! Her "people skills" and prices are a true plus for Salon Lofts. I will tell anyone who wants a wonderful , fast, relaxing , experience to come to your establishment! Karen Ross
Jenn M.
Mistey is by far the greatest nail tech I have ever been to. She takes her time and truly gives you what you want down to the very last detail. She also keeps you engaged in great conversation and shows a friendship while you are in her chair. I have gotten so many compliments on my nails that I now wouldn't dream of going to anyone else. Thank you Mistey :)
Kala R.
Just had my nails done for a special party and Misty did a fabulous job as always. She goes above and beyond for all her clients. I could be partial but I don't think so. I also want to thank Natalie Cook for sending me to Misty without her I wouldn't know Misty. I have become fast friends with Misty and love all her work. Thanks so much for the beautiful nails and the replacement nail on my toe which I love,love... Tonda
Tonda H.
This is my second time getting my nails done with Mistey and WOW I will never go back to a typical asian nail salon to get my nails done again. She's not only puts her heart and soul into making your nails perfect but she also is so sweet and fun to talk too. I brought in pictures of nail art that I wanted for my nails and Mistey exceeded my expectations. I recommend her to anyone who wants want natural looking acrylics, unique nail art and nails thatSexycani5 alexandriaSexycSexyc WOW!!! LOVE HER -Allie Moore
Allie M.
I love coming to Mistey, she always does a fantastic job on my nails, they always look exactly how I want. She takes her time to make sure they're absolutely perfect and she's so friendly! Mistey is the only one I come to do my nails.
Haley M.
Mistey did am amazing job on my nails! This was my first full set in over 3years. Mistey exceeded my expectations! My nails are GOREGOUS! Thank you Mistey for your amazing customer service and being east to talk to!! See ya soon!
Brittany B.
I had such a great experience with Mistey!! She was there bright and early after fighting through bad weather and I could really tell she genuinely cares about her clients. I'm super indecisive too and she didn't get impatient or annoyed but instead she surprised me with incredible nails! I can't wait to see her next masterpiece :) Abby A.
Abby A.
Mistey does the best nails! After trying many different nail artists for years I have finally found someone who I can go to constantly. She does the best nails and each time I go I get so many compliments. She is by far the best nail artist around and I would recommend her to anyone!
Jessica P.
I have only been to Misty twice, but I am now a loyal client! She is so creative and takes great pride in her work! You will not be disappointed!
Tiffany S.
I absolutely love coming to Mistey! Her nail designs are perfection! I always leave loving my nails! Not only is she a great nail artist but she is easy to talk to and actually cares about your life! I will be a forever customer!
Paige M.
Mistey is absolutely wonderful! So personable. I truly enjoy my nail experience when I come to her and I can't say the same of other nail techs! Her designs are awesome and always unique.
Brooke G.
it was so nice to finally get to see you I've been waiting 4 months and it was the best time of my life. It's nice to finally go to someone that I trust aND understand :)
Lauren D.
Mistey is one of the best nail technicans I have ever been to. She takes the time to make sure her clients get exactly what they want and her nail art skills are amazing! I am so glad I found Mistey and plan on being a regular client for a VERY long time.
Nakia B.
I'm soo glad I found Mistey. She's the best naol tech I've ever been to. She's an extremely talented nail artist from bling, designs, and shaping. I look forward to my future appts of her. - Shelby Mason
Shelby M.
I'm soo glad I found Mistey. She's the best naol tech I've ever been to. She's an extremely talented nail artist from bling to designs and shaping. I look forward to my future appts with her. - Shelby M
Shelby M.
Mistey is the best! She was highly recommended by a friend and now I highly recommend her as well. Very sweet and caring person - plus someone who listens to what her clients want. K. Snyder
Kristen S.
Mistey is the best when it comes to nails!! I always get so many compliments on my nails. She is professional and very sweet!! Amanda M.
Amanda M.
My last appointment I stayed for almost three hours just talking to Mistey and her other amazing clients! She genuinely cares and I love it!! I'm so excited to go with my friend for her first appointment with Mistey because I know she'll love her just as much as I do :)
Abby A.
Misty is so great! I look forward to all my appointments with her. She isn't like any nail artist I've ever met, she does exactly what you ask for and she truly cares about giving you exactly what you want. I'm always so in love with my nails after every appointment with her:) After going to her I can honestly say I will never get my nails done by someone else. Along with being a great nail artist she is a great caring genuine person. Misty is so great and I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks misty!:) -Renata S
Renata S.
I went to see Mistey today and she was absolutely delightful! She is very professional and talented! This has been the best pedicure experience I have had hands down! I'm already scheduled for my next appointment and looking forward to it!! Marquita Mitchell
Marquita M.
Had such an amazing experience here! Mistey is not like any other nail tech out there, she really is amazing and talented!
Jessica P.
Mistey is the absolute best..! I really appreciate everything she does for me, keeps my nails looking fabulous and giving great advice :) you're the best girl <3 love you!
Tori D.
Mistey is amazing! My nails look great and my experience was amazing! She's so nice and kind and extremely talented! Would recommend to anyone :)
Elizabeth T.
Mistey is definitely the best nail specialist I've ever been to! She is fun and makes the time enjoyable. I will always go to her from now on! She has amazing customer service and makes sure her customers are satisfied before they leave! :)
Maddie W.
My Daughter and I went to see Mistey on a referral from my sister. It was my daughters first time getting a manicure. Mistey was beyond patient and very kind. She did a wonderful job and we both left very happy with what she did for us.. Her prices are very reasonable and the detail in the work shows. Thank You Mistey
Nicole W.
Best nail service I've ever had!! First time getting acrylics and she did an amazing job on them:) I reccomened going here for any nail appointment because I know this is the place I'll always be going to!
Victoria K.
Mistey is very professional and patient. You can tell she really enjoys what she does and customer satisfaction is important to her, in spite of me being a little late due to unfamiliarity with the area, she was patient, understanding and still willing to go the extra mile to make it a pleasant experience for a new client ; )
Brittanni K.
Mistey is the best! I just started going to her a few months ago, and I am HOOKED! Her prices are amazing for the quality of work she does! I've been to many nail salons, and I am so glad I found her. I always leave my appointments laughing, smiling, and of course with amazing nails! When she says "Highly Recommended" she is NOT joking. I love this girl!
Karissa S.
I went and visited mistey last thrusday. She was amazing. She was so acomidating since I was early. I haven't had nails put on in awhile, so she was very helpful and made sure they were right for me.. I am still to this day getting complements on them. If you ever get a chance to go to her, you should.. she takes her time so your nails look amazing..
Megan S.
I went and visited mistey last thrusday. She was amazing. She was so acomidating since I was early. I haven't had nails put on in awhile, so she was very helpful and made sure they were right for me.. I am still to this day getting complements on them. If you ever get a chance to go to her, you should.. she takes her time so your nails look amazing.. Megan Stanhope
Megan S.
Thank you Mistey!! I'm been looking for someone to do my daughter's nails and I found Mistey she is so profesional, sweet and nice. I really love the job she do on my daughter's nails.
Jocelyn G.
Thanks you so much ! I love my nails ! My experience was fun and very friendly . I will be going back ! I loved my visit , I had very good service
Samantha N.
Just got an amazing pedicure!! I love Mistey's energy and the quality work she does! Thank you Mistey!!!
Pari A.
Mistey is by far the best nail tech I've ever been to! She lives up to her reputation and does exactly what I ask for!! Book an appointment with her she never disappoints! Thank you Mistey for always making my nails look their best :) -Taylor S.
Taylor S.
Mistey is awesome! She is meticulous with her nail art, and takes pride in her work. I really appreciate the fact that, unlike other nail salons, she doesn't receive or make phone calls when with a client - she's very focused and attentive. After years of acrylic nails, she encouraged me to try gel nails, and I love them! I've already made a referral! Keep up the great work, Mistey!
Lydia T.
A friend suggested that I go to Mistey,,,and,,,it was the best advice!!! Mistey is funny, nice, fast, and friendly! I even took my granddaughter to get her nails done there! I will never go anywhere else! Karen
Karen R.
My daughter and I have gotten to many different nail salons and different nail techs; however, I am so glad that we met Mistey! She does a super job on our nails for a very reasonable price and more than that...has a wonderful personality. We drive 30 mins. to see her.
Joann S.
Mistey is always my go to she is always willing to fit me into her schedule and she has very reasonable prices! I always feel so comfortable coming to her and she always delivers! She is amazing!!!
Molly D.
Tonight was my first time having my nails done Mistey and I absolutely love them.
Lee Ann S.
Misty is a true artist and professional. Her attention to detail and creativity are fantastic. She ensures the client is absolutely satisfied before leaving. She is caring and compassionate, and always makes my daughter feel pampered. Caroline C.
Caroline C.
I've been to several different nail techs and none are quite like Mistey! Along with ALWAYS doing an amazing job on your nails, she's fun and easy to relate to! And it's obvious that she loves her clients and genuinely cares about the job she does! She's amazing! And I'll never go anywhere else!
Geena F.
Not only is Misty an amazing nail artist, but she is one of my favorite people to talk too! She is so kind and sweet and always hooks me up with beautiful nails. I highly recommend her to everyone whose looking for lots of compliments, great nails, and lots of fun :) - Ali C
Ali C.
I've been going to Mistey for gel manicures for almost a year now, I get great results EVERYTIME! I'm not a girly girl, I'm a DIY fanatic, I like to build things and I cut and stack firewood...I say all of this to say how amazing it is that Mistey's manicures survive at all let alone the 5-7 weeks they last! What a great value! Mistey is reliable and I always end up with a beautiful, long lasting result! I'll never go anywhere else!
Leanna C.
Mistey is by far the best nail tech ever ! She is very sweet, gentle and always makes you look fabulous ! I highly recommend her because she is the bomb . Com
Lauren S.
I love this girl! She is my sunshine on a cloudy day. There aren't any words that describe my appreciation for her in my life. I promise she'll be the nail tech you keep forever..
Julia A.
She is soo good! And is fun!
Chandni P.
I had the best experience with a Misty today! She is awesome! Her warm and friendly personality made me feel like I had known her for ever! My nail service was so gentle and professional; she took the time to explain the services she provides. I loved the additional time and care she took with my service. She will definitely be my new nail technician!! Karen
Karen B.
I cannot say enough how happy I am to have discovered Mistey through my Mom who also goes to her. Today was my first visit to Mistey and I went to her a hot mess! Three broken nails, one in half, and one chipped. She worked miracles!!! My nails look and feel fantastic and the nail art Mistey did is absolutely nothing less than a natural talent!! Thank you so much, Mistey!! I am so glad to have found you! I have already uploaded pics of my nails to my personal FB and told everyone I know (278) friends to come see you!!! Thanks again and see you soon!! Kimberly <3
Kimberly D.
Mistey is great! I always walk out with amazing nails and always get compliments on them. People love them and I am always staring at them.
Kinsey B.
I was recommended to Misty through a very good friend/co-worker of mine. Not only was she professional and talented! She was down to earth and friendly! My kind of people! I have only had 1 other pedicure but many manicures and Mistey hands down THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!! I love love LOVE her! ANd I WILL be back again and again and again!!!! highly recommended to anyone who wants an "above the standard service!" Oh and she won't have you sitting for 45 min after your appointment time like other shops. Amazing Experience! -Diamond
Diamond C.
It's no exaggeration to say that Mistey is the absolute best nail specialist I've met in my entire life. I've always been very self conscious about my dry skin and have had less than desirable experiences everywhere I went. I never felt comfortable; not un til I met Mistey. She is the perfect combination of THE best service I've ever gotten and quite frankly the best companion throughout the service:-) Please never, ever move, girlie, I don't know what I'd do without you!!! -Iren, T
Iren T.
Mistey did my nails for the first time last week and it has been years since I had nails over my own. She was disappointed that I wanted to cover up my real nail. That was a surprise to me most people these days will sell you the moon to drive the cost up. Not her she is going to treat the customer right every time by telling you what is best for each person. The designs she does are out of this world fabulous. Call and make an appointment today and I promise you will not regret it. Thanks Ms Mistey..
Tonda H.
MISTEY IS THE BOMB.COM! lol, Im such a perfectionist when it comes to my nails, and Mistey was awesome at accomodating all my wants and needs. The salon is so personal and wonderful and she really takes her time, which I appreciate so much! It sucks going to those generic salons at the mall that just want to get you in and out and don't care about the quality of their work-Mistey takes her time and doesn't care how long it takes to get the job done, as long as her client is happy! She was so fun and outgoing, but she also didn't feel the need to talk your ear off the entire time like other people do when you get your hair or nails done! Lol. I'm so happy I went to Mistey, and I will DEFINITELY be back-THANK YOU SO MUCH MISTEY!!! :)
Manar F.
MISTEY.. one of the greatest nail artist I KNO! You are definetly a blessing because coming from NY I thought it was goign to be difficult to find a nail artist as open, easy going and talented as you. It's so easy to relate and talk to Mistey. I truly believe that you are the best in the Columbus area. I always have the greatest experiences every time I come in. You are not only my nail artist, you are my freind, mentor. Love you dearly. Your talents will take you far, JUST REMEMBER TO TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! LOL!
Tianna R.
Mistey was such a uplifting person. I enjoyed her very much and she took her time with me . I would send anyone to her. I am so glad I was able to find her. - Lakisha C
Lakisha C.
My nails look amazing! Misty was highly recommended to me, and I am so happy to be one of her clients! If you want the best, book with her!
Joanna H.
Great service! Easy to talk to, very outgoing and did a fantastic job on my nails! I can't wait to come back!
Alexis K.
got acrylics done for the first time and she did an AMAZING job! I can't wait to come back I'm in love with my new nails! I highly suggest going to her to get your nails done :)
Brittany R.
Not only is she GREAT at her work, she is so much fun to be around! She even remembers the things you tell her from your very first appointment. I love going to see her :)
Mackenzie M.
I just had the best time with my sister-in-law. I used to work for one of the "big" spa & salons in the Columbus area, have to say this was by far the BEST manicure and pedicure experience. So worth the drive from Gahanna to be treated by someone who loves what she does and understands how to treat a client. I can't wait to come back!
Stephanie P.
I have been going to Mistey for years she is the best nail artist out there! I would never go to anyone else. I would recommend her to everyone. Mistey is the most caring person in the world and is awesome at what she does. I love getting my nails done from the best. Karen B
Karen B.
Mistey is the best! She always does a fantastic job! -- Heather D.
Heather D.
Mistey is amazing!! My nails always look incredible, and I can't wait for my appointments to see what designs she will come up with next. She is a true professional, and if you live in Dublin the only place to get your nails done is with Mistey!
Erin P.
Polished by Mistey is an amazing experience! She is a highly skilled nail artist that will make any nail idea you have come to life. I was extremely satisfied with my service, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great product and service!
Jenna H.
I love going to see Mistey for my nails! She actually cares about how your nails look, when you go to a nail salon they don't really take their time like Mistey does! Her designs are amazing and they always look so great after! -Ashley S.
Ashley S.
The Best. PERIOD
Kelli H.
Mistey is WONDERFUL!!!!!! I highly recommend her to everyone. Beverly F.
Beverly F.
Mistey gave me one of the best pedicures I have ever received. She gives excellent customer service, her work is very detailed and I will refer all of my friends to her. Also her loft is very serene and relaxing, a great way to unwind.
Marlana L.
Mistey is wonderful! I had my first appointment with her today & I absolutely love her. I got the manicure with gel polish and I love it!! Great location, friendly, very clean and all around great customer service!!!!! Thank you so much! So glad I got to come in! First visit will & will definitely be back.
Kelly F.
Mistey is very talented at what she does! She is like a big sister to me personally, & a great friend. Definitely schedule your next nail appointment with Mistey!
Margie B.
I have received nail service from different technicians in different city/states. But I had the honor and opportunity to receive a manicure from Mistey. The service and atmosphere was incredible. I am truly a witness that Mistey is in a league of her own, and the league should be labeled Perfection -Specialist. So if you're looking for 1 of a kind, 110% professional nail service make a appointment ASAP with Mistey ( NAIL SPECIALIST OF THE CENTURY)
J G.
When I first met Mistey Elliott, I can see she was the most caring person. Her heart is open to everyone. And she would give her last to that person to help them. Mistey is so creative, inventive, when it comes to doing your nails. You would be very satisfied when she is done. From all this, she is like a daughter to me. And I love her very much. And you will too. Helen Bartleson as MOM.
Helen B.
Mistey is a true nail artist. She is good at what she does and provides excellent service. She is very creative, confident and classy. I love her style! I am always a satisfied customer. See you soon Mistey!!!!!
Alicia A.
Mistey is fabulous! Got a mani/pedi with my sister-in-law & had a great experience. Mistey did a beautiful job on our nails & made us feel very relaxed. She's definitely passionate about what she does & treats her clients right! We will definitely be returning...very soon!
Jamie B.
Her quality and service is superb. It's what keeps bringing me back. I drive 2 hours 1 way just to see her! You won't be disappointed.
Mary Kate D.
Never disappointed. Great person to talk to :) love you girl
Tori D.
Mistey's great, she does my nails all the time and they are fabulous. She always does pretty designs too.
Madison H.
Mistey is the most personable and fun nail artist I've ever been too. Every time I'm in I have so much fun, and leave so happy with not only the service but my fabulous nails! I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
Faith J.
I use to dread going and getting my nails done but now I truly looking forward to going and getting them done. Mistey is one of a kind when it comes to doing nails and pedicures. She does wonderful nail art and is a great person to be around and makes me laugh every time I am in there. She takes her time and never acts and again does wonderful work. You will not find a better nail and pedicure specialist around. Thank you Mistey and can't wait to come in again and see what you wonderful nail art you do next time.
Christa W.
Mistey is a great, she did my nails and they were wonderful. I have gotten my nails done before other places and they haven't been as fabulous as mine today.
Lucy S.
This is my first time getting my nails done in Ohio. I'm originally from the Bronx (NY) and nail salons there are crowded, small, and full of foreigners yelling across customers while taking what seems like forever to get your nails done. When I arrived at Mistey's, we were able to start right away because of the convent appointment times that are available. While it didn't take long to get my nails done, I felt so comfortable and relaxed at the loft. By the time your done with your nails, you'll feel as if you made a new friend, and have some amazing nails to show off!! ~ Amanda R.
Amanda R.
Mistey is PERFECT! When I first moved to the Dublin area I had been looking for someone to do my nails. I have been many places and not really know what I was getting on my nails for the high prices I had been paying. But when I started coming to Mistey I felt that she not only did such a wonderful job on my nails but her prices are unbelievable, she takes her time and makes sure that I'm happy with my nails. Also I was able to talk with her and laugh. I'm so at ease now that I found her. Thank you so much for all you do Mistey! Your the BEST.
Mary D.
Mistey is an amazing nail artist. She is very creative and absolutely loves doing nails. You know your nails are nice when you get compliments week after week. I prefer natural and simple nails that are beautiful colors. She learns her clients and gives them what they want Her personality is very welcoming.
Saqualia M.
I had been told to go see Mistey to get my nails done. I was not SOLD on it. I had been to many places inside of the Mall and them places was just worried about getting people in and out! I felt like I never got my money's worth cause the next day my polish started chipping off my nails. I was referred by a friend that's been going to Mistey over !0 years. I must say I will never go to anyone else to get my nails done again!! I tried the gel polish that last for 2 weeks and they last 4 weeks. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYONE TO SEE MISTEY! SHE ROCKS....
Shauna P.
I have been coming to mistey for the past 4 months and all I can say is FABULOUS!!! My nails look perfect every time I leave the salon and look exactly how I want them. She listens to what you want and is a perfectionist so there is never a smuge or uneven acrylic. I get so many compliments on my nails. I look forward to seeing her every 2 weeks and spending an hour chatting and having a great time. Once you go to mistey, you will never go anywhere else!
Polished By M.
Mistey is not your ordinary nail tech, she is a NAIL ARTIST. I had an absolutely wonderful experience this afternoon, and I'm sure it was the first of many more to come! I knew I was going to be a repeat customer when my husband complimented me on how pretty my nails looked. Thank you so much Mistey, you are a jewel. Tracy T.
Tracy T.
Mistey is such an amazing person! She has been doing my manicure & pedicures for many years. She is very PASSIONATE about her work. One thing I love about Mistey is she takes her time and doesn't rush. I would highly recommend anyone to go see her.
Keilan K.
Mistey is one of my favorite people ever! i love her work! she is the only one i trust with my nails! her nail art is to die for! :) she also gives the best customer service has an amazing personality! i recommend all of my friends to her! ive been going to her for years and she is just amazing! love you mistey<3
Natori K.
Got my first set of acrylics somewhere else and was very disappointed. Finally got an appointment with Mistey, and I will never go anywhere else! Absolutely AMAZING service. She's very very talented and friendly. Treats you like a friend, not just like another customer. HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to schedule an appointment with her. Great prices for such an amazing job! Love her!
Emily M.
Mistey is one of my best friends and the most awesome nail tech ever! I have been going to her for years and I have even worked with her. She is very passionate about her work and is a very caring person. She does an amazing job everytime! Karen B
Karen B.
Mistey is wonderful!!! I live in Mansfield however my daughter and daughter-in-law both live in the Columbus area , They both have their manicures and pedicures done by Mistey and brought me in to give her a try.I am disabled and Mistey went out of her way to make me comfortable. My nails were beautiful! I was extremely happy when I left. I believe I will be driving to Columbus for my manicures and pedicures from now on. She is that GOOD!!! Vicki M.
Vicki M.
Mistey is fabulous!! She always taks her time, and is willing to listen to her clients. I give her 10 stars for everything, she is super personable!! Highly recommend for any nail service!! Thanks Mistey!!!
Vik S.
Mistey has never let me down! She does impeccable work, is easy to communicate with and I trust her completely! I am a runway stylist and makeup artist and my hands are often photographed while working backstage; Mistey always makes sure I look on point! Fantastic nail artist <3
Lindsay M.
Mistey is an awesome nail tech! Her art work is the bomb. I've been coming to Mistey for many years & I follow her to whatever salon she goes to. She is one of a kind. I luv her work! 1# nail tech....
Trina B.
I have been getting my nails done for over 10 year by different nail tech's and Mistey is by far the best nail tech out there. I enjoy going to get my nails done every 2weeks. Mistey is a wonderful nail tech & a wonderful person.
Kelly S.
Mistey always does the best job!!! I always leave my color selection and design up to her and she always does exactly what I like. I have followed her from her Polaris location but this location offers everything from a tranquil room and an easy to locate store front. I would recommend everyone looking for an AMAZING nail services!!!!!
Kristina H.
Just had my toes done with Mistey and I have to say, they look fabulous!!!! So happy that she has landed back in Dublin to share her talent with us! Mistey will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your manis and pedis.....and the best part is the price....She can't be beat! ~Amy M.
Amy M.
Mistey is the absolute BEST nail artist I've ever been to! I will never get my nails done anywhere else because she does a better quality job for an affordable price! She is fabulous and does a wonderful job!
Josie K.
Mistey is wonderful! <3 I only go to her to get my nails done. She does a wonderful job on gel nails or on anything you want. Mistey got me hooked gel nails and I will never go back to regular polish again. I'm so glad that I found her again so my nails are going to look great from now on. She cares about what you want and she is honest with you. If you want your nails done right go to Mistey she the best, she makes you feel like you’re at home and the atmosphere there is great . Love you Mistey glad that I found you again sorry it took me so long to write. See you soon.
Morgan W.
Mistey is an awesome nail tech! She is creative and detailed. She does fun and sophisticated designs and I always walk away feeling glamorous!
Jenee G.
Mistey is one of the best nail techs I have encountered. Her attention to detail, artistic abilities and superior customer service is the reason I'll never stray. I would recommend anyone to go to Mistey she will not disappoint and has proven to be one of the best nail techs around!
Lanitra B.
Ihave been having my nail and feet done by Mistey for the past five years. Her creativity and passion is beyond compare. if you want to look and feel beautiful and unigue check her out. She does it right or she won't do it at all. I will follow her to the end of the earth. So proud of you. Mistey is a God sent. So, if you want to be bedazzled check her out her craft is just as beautiful as she is. She is a keeper. See you soon Mardi B.aka hooked on you Mistey E.
Mardi B.
Mistey is a phenomenal nail tech! She's personable and really listens to what her clients want. I can honestly say she's the only person I trust with my nails. Her work ethic is the best I have ever seen and I love her for that! If you want good, quality nails, go to Mistey!
Neqina W.
Mistey is THE best nail tech ever, i honestly went to so many places before, and none of them do as well of a job as Mistey, you won't regret going to her ever, She loves to get to know people, and takes time and pride in her work, I would recommend her to anyone, and everyone. After getting my nails done, I could not go a day without someone saying how beautiful my nails are, or asking about my nails.
Angelina S.
I recently started seeing Mistey and I can already tell you I don't plan on seeing anyone else for my nails. She is completely open to your ideas when it comes to designs, and if you're not entirely sure about what you want done, she is always ready with great suggestions and examples. Everything is run very professionally. Mistey will make you feel comfortable, all while giving you fabulous nails to show off. You're in good hands at Pol!sh'ed by Mistey! :) -Katie A.
Katie A.
Mistey is the best of the best! Every time I get my nails done I love them! My friend actually reccomended her to me back in December and ever since, I trust no one else with my nails but Mistey! She has an awsome personality & is amazing at what she does! 10 stars! :)
Camrie D.
Misty is absolutely fabulous! She is not only professional but she is a blast to be around. I genuinely look forward to not only her superior service, but enjoying her company as well. I started seeing Misty at a different salon, and followed her to Salon Lofts. She takes the time to learn her customer’s style and personalities. I now let her choose my color and design when I go in, and I LOVE it every time! I will never go to anyone else, she is simply the best nail technician in Columbus!
Chelsea B.
I LOVE my nails always when she does them! She's an awesome nail technician and an awesome person :) never go anywhere else to get my nails done since I've started with her, she's amazing!
Courtney S.
Mistey has been doing my nails now for about 2 months and I have to say I'm never going anywhere else but to mistey she's always so gentle on my nails and gives me the best looking designs and she always makes my nails looking amazing I get constant compliments everytime I go to mistey she's amazing and the best!!! Thanks so much mistey <3 Mikayleigh S.
Mikayleigh S.
Mistey is FABULOUS!!! I've been going to Mistey for a couple of years now. She is the best nail tech in Ohio. Her prices are great,her nail art is great& her work is just AWESOME!! She is so great at what she does. Thank you so much for all you do & good luck in your new shop. I love it(even though it's far but your sooo worth it. I love you girl. Your client for life. Eunika.
Eunika J.
Mistey does such a great job when it comes to doing my services!!! I'm at such ease once I sit in her chair and if I'm not she makes sure I am by the time I'm through. I also LOVE how she takes her time w/ my art wk and they are never the same!!!..if you want to experience relaxation go soak in her tub. Thank you sweetie :0)
Tiffany C.
Mistey is amazing and incredibly talented! It was far more than a salon visit, she makes the environment so warm and comfortable. My nails looked amazing, and the pedicure was heavenly! I would highly recommend Mistey to anyone she makes your experience incredible!
Gigi G.
Mistey is THE best hands down I wouldn't go anywhere else to get my nails done! She always does amazing work and we always have a great time! She is amazing :)
Alexandra A.
Mistey is a gifted, skilled nail tech, who takes pride in her work. She offers great services in a friendly atmosphere. Your nails will always look amazing. I've been a client of her's for years. I can personally say, I refuse to go any where else. Keisha .F/E
Keisha F.
Mistey is the most talented nail professional in the Columbus Area. I've been searching for an artist for all my fun nail ideas. Mistey always delivers sky high results. Besides being a talented artist she's a great person and makes me feel comfortable, great personality which makes for a great experience <3
Sonia G.
My nails looked beautiful after Misty painted them! She is amazing at everything and always has a smile on while she does it!
Kristin P.
Mistey is wonderful! She is always willing to work with any nail art that I may bring in and always does a phenomenal job. I never leave disappointed and without fail I will get complements on how awesome my nails look. I would recommend Mistey to anyone!
Kaitlin G.
once a month i give myself the royal treatment!!!!..mistey is such a wonderful person inside and out. I cant say enough about her :0) I've been coming to her for a very long time. mistey is the fastest nail tech i know,i never have to wait a super long time. thank you for everything you do to keep my beauty going. love you
Diana S.
I love my nails! They are gorgeous, I'm definitely coming back! :)
Nadine P.
Mistey is a great nail Specialist!! I really enjoy getting services here. It's been awhile since I've treated myself to this kind of service. I'm so glad to have found my personal hand & feet Specialist agian i will become a regular once again. Thank You Mistey for all you do. You're the Best!!
John W.
I cannot stress how amazing Mistey is!! She always works around my schedule and is SOOO talented!! She truly cares about her clients!!
Kirstin M.
I cannot stress how amazing Mistey is!! She always is able to work around my schedule and always does such an amazing job! She is SO talented!! And, she truly cares about every last one of her clients!! I will continue to come back to her in the future!
Kirstin M.
Mistey is the best! I have been going to her from the time she's been in the Hilliard Salon Lofts, and I continued to follow her to Polaris and now to Dublin! I have already recommended all of my friends to her! You will find no one better than Mistey!
Sonya H.
Just had my first appointment with Mistey and I couldn't be more pleased! She works quickly but does a great job and leaves you with beautiful nails! She's also extremely easy to talk to and very friendly! I highly recommend Mistey if you want amazing, creative nails for an affordable cost!
Sammie S.
Mistey did such a great job on my nails. I got compliments all weekend while I was in Chicago on how great they looked and how amazing the color is! I can't wait to go back to her!
Tara K.
Mistey is the best out there!! She's always leaving my nails looking spotless and amazing. I'll forever swear by her! :)
Rachelle H.
Mistey does a super job as always. I have followed Misty for a very long time in fact she is the only person who does my nails and feet. So wherever she goes I go no matter how far. Thanks Misty for everything you do to make me feel and look great!!
Renee H.
Mistey will do your nails perfectly! Anything you want, she will do and they always come out 100% amazing. Come to Mistey and then you will realize you wont have a reason to go anywhere else. Every manicure she does is unique, and extremely high quality. Someone will compliment you on your nails the same day you get them done, guranteed. Mistey's awesome!!!
Lily L.
I will never get my nails done anywhere else while I'm in Ohio! Misty does amazing nail art at an affordable price in a short amount of time! She always has great suggestions and really listens to what you want! 10/10 for sure.
Alyssa W.
I have been to Mistey twice now and I will never go anywhere else! She is fantastic! When I saw her work I was amazed but never thought I would be able to afford it being a college student...that is NOT the case though! She is affordable and the best! I get multiple compliments a day on the amazing nails she creates! Mistey is so creative and always listens to what you want while going above and beyond any of your expectations. Now only is she extremely talented at what she does but she is also an all around great person! The experience with Polished by Mistey could not get any better!
Taylor F.
I LOVE MISTEY!!! She always does an AWESOME job, and she always makes you feel like she's one of her best friends. Her nail art is wicked and you never have to worry about getting a duplicated design <3 Each nail art is unique to the person who gets it! I honestly can't wait to book my next appointment and see what I get next! Thanks Momma Mistey :)
Ashlee D.
Mistey is an all around awesome person. If you're looking for beautiful designs at a great price, she's your girl! She's filled with awesome ideas, so even if you come in not having a design picked out, you will leave with unique nails sure to please! In addition to creating amazing designs, she's very easy to talk to and genuinely cares about her clients. I highly recommend her to all of my friends! -Nicole
Nicole S.
I have been getting my nails done by Mistey for about 6 months now and i will never go anywhere else for my nails. She makes you feel so comfortable and does an incredible job. I honestly never knew my nails could look so great. When i saw pictures of what she can do I was floored. My inner diva was ready for some fabulous nails that nail shops just can't do. So I had to check her out and I am hooked. My nails always look amazing and unique. I get compliments on every set of nails I have done by Mistey. when people ask me how much my nails cost they are shocked, Mistey's prices are GREAT!!! I have even had a lady tell me that my nails looked like a $100 set. Mistey is not a nail tech she is a nail artist. So many of my friends go to her now and I have never heard any of them being less than thrilled with the incredible work she does. Allow Mistey to do your nails once and you will never want to go anywhere else that I can promise.
Cassy B.
Do you want to freshen up your nails with a fantastic new look. I was so excited to find a nail salon that I look forward to returning to. I used to go to whatever nail place that was convenient and open until my daughter asked me to go here with her and raved over the service she receives. Just got my beautiful nails done yesterday and I couldn't be happier! I received great service, attention to detail, enjoyed a relaxing environment and the friendly staff, not to mention reasonable prices. . Thanks Mistey, I look forward to returning in 2 weeks. S. May
Sonja M.
Her place is awesome! I don't know anyone I would rather go to! Her nails are amazing everytime and even when I don't have a idea she thinks of something fabulous! Everyone should go to her! I mean EVERYONE! Seriously in love with my nails. Also a big plus she's super nice and great to talk to!
Kylie H.
I can here for the first time and I enjoyed the service! I recommend her to others! She is fun to talk to and is amazing at designs and just nails in general! Thanks Mistey! I am excited to come back again!
Lindsay S.
After being referred by a colleague, I started going to Mistey for my nails about a month ago. She is nothing short of fabulous. Not only is she great at what she does (nails, of course) but she's also friendly, charismatic, and funny! She loves to do different, unique designs and welcomes challenging art designs as well. Each time I've visited Mistey at Salon Lofts she has left me with awesome nails, a good laugh, and a relaxing mood! Highly Recommended!
Ashley B.
I found Mistey a couple of years ago and have never gone to another tech since. She does such a wonderful job! My nails are healthy and look great now. She takes her time with her customers and takes pride in her work.
Kate B.
I have been going to Mistey for many years for my manicure & pedicure. As a professional football player I feel that it's very important to keep my feet done. I have been to other places to get my pedicures when I travel, but I feel like I get the special treatment when I go see Mistey. She not only gives wonderful service but her prices is very reasonable. She makes sure that my service is done right, very detailed with her work. I like to get the buff shine on my nails. when Mistey gets done my hands not only feel relaxed from the warm wax and hot towels but my nails are buffed shine like glass. I would most def refer anyone to Mistey. Thank you, once again for the wonderful service you provide to me & your clients~~AKA KP~~(client for life)
Kenny P.
When you hear that Misty is the best in central Ohio, it's the truth. She can do whatever you want for an amazing price! She is super sweet and I love getting my nails done by her every other week! I would recommend her to everyone and I will never go to anyone else!!
Kearstin M.
You can tell Mistey really loves what she does! Oh, so relaxing to get services from her. I feel pretty! Thank you, Mistey. I'll be back!
Gloria A.
I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!! I finally found my nail girl. I have been looking for a long long time. Mistey did a wonderful job. It was so nice to look at my nails when she was done and think OMG I LOVE MY NAILS!!!! Shes a super sweet girl and the prices are great. She has a new life time client here.
Nikki K.
Mistey is the best! I love her because she works around my schedule and always makes time for me. She is so nice and has a great personality. She takes her time when she is doing my nails, and they always look amazing!!!!!!! Most places over charge for nail designs and she doesn't charge for designs. I won't go anywhere else to get my nails done!!
Ashley G.
Mistey is such a sweetheart and her love for what she does shines through! You get a FABULOUS set of nails for a phenomenal price! Your nails are truly one of a kind! Mistey takes getting your nails done to a new level! Once you have been POL!SHED you'll never go back!
Mckenna B.
I was told about Misty by my daughter and I had my first appointment with her today oh my gosh LOVED HER, she was professional and caring she really wanted me to have what I wanted and to be happy with it, she did a beautiful job my nails look awesome !! The price was very very affordable. I will never go anywhere else. Thanks Mistey!!!
Krista O.
I had a nice, neat Gel Balance and a Relaxing Pedicure with Misty! And the Wine that i was served just took it over the top! MarShai
She M.
I had my first appointment today with Mistey and I absolutely loved it..fun , fast and Fantastic ! I have already made my next appointment, can't wait to go again. Thank you so much Mistey..I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that if you want a great set of nails , polish or pedicure this is the WOMAN to see. Danielle Bray :)
Danielle B.
Mistey is Amazing! She has such a gift for doing relaxing nail services while giving you the royal treatment. She gives the best reflexology massages, and has the best prices for the service you receive! I always leave refreshed, renewed, pampered and looking Fabulous! I <3 her!
Farrah L.
I moved here from NY, 5 years ago and really wondered if I will find a manicurist like I had. I was blessed when I found Mistey. She is amazing. There are not enough words to express how I feel about her art with nails. I don't even have to say what I want, Mistey always seems to know what I need. You never leave her chair without a smile on your face. Her professionalism and connection with her clients are great, wherever she goes I will always be there. Mistey you are the Best!!!!!
Annette R.
Mistey is the best nail tech I have ever had. She does an outstanding job. Mistey takes her time is very detailed oriented and makes sure my nails are looking awesome before I leave. She helped improve the look of my nails over the last year. She is also courtesy, friendly, and professional. Thank you. AR
Andre R.
Mistey is amazing! Any kind of design or idea that you have, she can do it. You don't have to worry about not liking your nails because trust me, you will loveee them. She will make sure they are just the way you want them & there's no extra charge for all the compliments you will get after they are done;). I would recommend Mistey to anyone, she's friendly, funny & I always love coming in to get my nails done.
Elizabeth G.
No two nails Mistey does are the same yet they all are still amazing! Her prices are great and it is always an amazing experience to come get my nails done by her! I get so many complements on my nails and they are always done exactly how I want if not better! Very highly recommended!!!!
Megan M.
just had my pedicure with Misty-does great work-she is so caring and thoughtful and takes pride in her work-you don't feel you are being herded out-I have some issues with walking and Misty even went for my car and brought it to me - she is so much fun and caring.
Nancy E.
Mistey is the best by far!! She is always such a pleasure to be around and always gives the absolute best service :)
Danielle C.
I love my nails & I love my Mistey! I went to many salons looking for a nail tech when I finally got tired of sitting in the local Asian nail salon for hours for nails that I only liked some of the time. Mistey does a wonderful job, respects my time and cares about me as a person. I'll never go anywhere else!
Leah B.
I had the best first experience with acrylic nails ever!! Mistey is FANTABULOUS!!! I'm very critical when it comes to the services I want/need. Her resume' and testimonials are superb and true to a "T" I can honestly say, I entered the salon a "hot mess" and came out looking like a goddess. I'm entering my first figure competition this weekend and feel glamorous and ready to hit the stage. Having no experience, I left my options open and Mistey performed her magic. My toes are blinged out and fingers are glossy and professional!! Ladies come check her out ASAP!! Her prices are UNBELIEVEABLE and you will not be disappointed!!! I could go on and on . . . Mel S.
Mel S.
A nail service appointment with Mistey will get you time with a fantastic, fun woman who is a joy to talk to - in addition to the hottest nails in Central Ohio! She brings precision and art to her work that will blow you away. Do yourself a favor - stop settling for nail services that are just good enough. Go get the best from Mistey!
Samantha B.
Mistey is a true artist! My daughter, Kalie had an apt with Kadie to get her hair done for homecoming so instead of running all over town, I decided to book her a nail apt with Misty based on her testimonials! Glad I did! Kalie's nails were funky, fun and unique. No other girl at homecoming had nails that looked that awesome! And Misty's service goes beyond the nails. Her loft has a relaxing and fun atmosphere. We were smiling and laughing the entire time. Misty treated my daughter like a queen!
Lori R.
Mistey is FANTASTIC! We love her! My 5 year old cannot live without HER MISTEY doing her nails! I enjoy her personality and the quality of her work! I will NEVER go to anyone else!
Jamie D.
Mistey is amazing!! At THE OIL BAR...we strive to provide excellent customer service and a wonderful experience each time you shop! Mistey does a fantastic job at our IN STORE PARTIES! All of our customers love her and so do I! She is fun and does a wonderful job! We appreciate her! -All of us from THE OIL BAR
Jamie D.
Got my nails done for the first time with Misty and they look amazing for such a great price! She is an amazing nail artist and a great person to talk to and enjoy your the time with! Couldn't of had a better first time experience!
Asia E.
Mistey is a phenomenal nail artist, as well as person. From the moment I stepped foot into her loft I felt extremely welcomed and I'm in love with my nails! I can't wait to come back!
Nicole S.
I love Mistey she's amazing she is for sure the best around I will never go to anyone else I always recommend her to everyone ! So reasonable and personable <3
Kelsey S.
Misty is uniquely fabulous and fabulously unique!
Kelli R.
She is amazing! Love her work! Please go out to see her!
Kylie H.