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Hello clients, future and current! I have been a stylist in the Indianapolis area for 3 years. I trained at an Aveda Institute, where I learned everything under the sun about cosmetology! I have worked in full-service salons as well as a non-chemical service salon. Working in the non-chemical service salon allowed me to fine tune my cutting techniques, especially with men's cuts. I love hair color, and often change my own so don't be surprised if I have a new color every time you see me! I love experimenting with anything from fun and trendy fashion colors to dimensional highlights to classic natural colors! I had LONG hair for years before cutting it into a pixie, which has given me first-hand knowledge on cutting and styling all lengths. My favorite is when I get to create sassy short cuts similar to mine, but I love showing my clients new ways to style and wear their lovely locks, no matter the length. My most important goal is to send every client out loving how they feel, with healthy beautiful hair!

If you don't see time to get in with me that fits with your schedule, please contact me and I will work with your schedule to get you in! 

Product lines I regularly use for hair color and styling include: Redken, Pravana, American Crew, and Sexy Hair.

Product Lines available for retail sale: Contact me for more info. 

Don't see your favorite professional product? Contact me and I will order it for you! 

  • Redken
  • Pravana
  • American Crew
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Even though I have not seen Rachael at her new salon; I can totally vouch for her skills! Rachael and I went to high school together and were good friends. So naturally, whenever I wanted my hair colored, I'd text Rachael! When she was still a student, she did a pink balayage and then later, once that wore off, she colored the ends of my hair a pretty evergreen. The green was my favorite! I sort of let her do what she wanted because I didn't really care as long as the evergreen was incorporated, it was just my ends and it looked good. Lol. Rachael ended up fading my regular hair color into the evergreen and doing like an ombre from the evergreen to a dark blue. IT WAS SO PRETTY!!! The color lasted a long time and faded really well too. it faded to a pretty blonde. Everyone thought that I had actually gotten the blonde at my ends on purpose it looked so good. Rachael was at the end of her training and about to graduate from Aveda the two times she colored my hair. So I cannot even imagine how amazing she is now! I have dreads now. I have only had them for a little over a year. So I haven't really done much with my hair since then when it comes to color. The ends are still that pretty blonde though... and everyone still loves it.
Eve G.