My name is Dr. Racine Johnson, I am a Occupational Therapist and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy with an extensive education and experience in Manual Therapy including Massage, Joint Mobilization, Soft Tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) Mobilization and treating conditions of the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments in all areas of the body including the Neck, Back, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hands.  I have worked with all age groups in multiple types of environments treating a variety of Neurological and Orthopedic conditions.

I use an anatomical functional approach to creating your treatment plan.

I would be most honored to have the opportunity to assist you in relaxing, managing any pain you may be experiencing, increasing mobility, increasing strength and endurance so that you can enjoy the life you love.

Please call/text 704 808-0092 or e-mail drrjotpt@gmail.com for information or appointment.


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Allison M. February 11, 2014 (Offsite Review) Dr. Johnson is AWESOME! Although I was in pain as a result of my car accident, she was determined to guide me through to my healing. She was gentle, compassionate and considerate of my time. I am convinced, she has the power of God in those two hands of her's.
Racine J.
Saw Racine for an upper back injury experienced when exercising. Her expertise in rehabilitation, massage therapy, external exercise regimens outside of the PT clinic was far and above the best PT treatment I had ever received and in no time at all I was as good as new! In addition, her professionalism and kindness were a huge plus and will forever be grateful for her amazing work. Jason Mackay
Racine J.
Racine (or Dr. Johnson) was my Occupational Therapist when I broke my wrist. The first thing I noticed about her was her professionalism. We always started and ended on time and I felt like I received the best treatment in the hour I was allotted. Racine was also very personable with all of her patients. She was genuinely interested in getting to know me, she loved to laugh and I actually looked forward to my visits to occupational therapy. If anyone has a need for a occupational therapy, I would highly recommend Racine. If there is a star rating, I give a 5. Kim Patterson (kim and tony patterson)
Racine J.
I came to physical therapy with Racine after being rear-ended by a mack truck while i was 10 weeks pregnant. Luckily, i had no broken bones but all my muscles were sore and i was in tremendous pain. Due to the pregnancy, I couldn't use painkillers and chiropractic treatment only got me so far. I was referred to Racine's services as my last hope and she took the time to analyze my injury, explain what was causing my pain, and develop a comprehensive plan for stopping the pain and strengthening my muscles. On top of stopping my burning, shooting leg pain, Racine helped me strengthen muscles for child birth. When i finally gave birth, my leg was pain free and the delivery was better than I imagined it could be! I'm so thankful Racine took the time to personalize my treatment and showed me the value of physical therapy. I highly recommend her! -Kelly D. Posey
Kelly D.