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As a Licensed Master Barber, I have spent more than 25 years mastering the classic art of barbering with an extensive and diverse multi-racial clientele approach of straight razors and shears, coupled with the mastery, understanding and application of classic barbering techniques. My expertise in the areas of skin, facial hair and grooming needs is unmatched. With topics ranging from shear/finger techniques, hairline maintenance, and product placement, I provide important tips, tricks, and tools for men serious about their appearance and personal style.

I offer each of my clients a unique treatment, personalized to suit their hair and skin needs. My services include straight razor shaves, facial hair trimming and shaping, haircuts, skin services and overall grooming. I also specialize in different grades of hair which are typically avoided by run of the mill barbers. Among my favorite cuts are ones in which no clippers are involved. I have also developed a keen eye over the years for Bespoke/Custom styling, and is an expert on what styles suit different face shapes.

With any service or treatment, I work to educate my clients on how they can maintain a proper grooming regimen at home. I have access to, and knowledge of a wide array of men's hair and skin products in the marketplace today, and can help clients chose what best suits their own personal needs.

I aim to maintain and further the craft by continuously seeking to improve and build upon my own skill set, while sharing and imparting wisdom gained along the way to others. In addition to being the Owner and Proprietor of my own location at the Salon Lofts, I currently contribute my services to various Industry Trade Shows and Training Seminars across the country.


Instagram: @radodabarber

  • Paul Mitchell
  • Redken
  • Elegant Shaving Gel
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