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Rahyana is beyond AMAZING and is literally a master of balayages!! I had died my hair jet black from box dye a few months back and wasn’t too fond of the color on my skin tone so I went to Ray and asked for her advice. After sitting down with me and giving me a honest timeline and consultation, she not only listened and looked through every picture I showed her, but also took the time to go on Pinterest to find me something she herself thought would suit my features. She is a complete sweetheart and is extremely professional. She will work with you to achieve whatever look you show her and will get you to reach the desired color in minimal processes and time! As long as you have patience with her, you can completely blindly trust her with your hair! I can confidently say that I now will never go to another hairstylist ever again. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing she really is!! I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone!!!! - Anam G.
Anam G.
Rahyana is wonderful! I instantly felt very comfortable when I walked in. After sitting down Rahyana really took her time to listen carefully to all my concerns. I was really worried because in the past I felt like a lot of stylists would act like they are listening and then end up giving me the same haircut they give all their other clients. Rahyana wasn't like that at all. She even gave me a few tips and explained a bunch of facts about my hair I never knew. She was super informative and helpful!. On top of that her personality is also really great which made the experience even better. No awkward pauses no trying to figure out what to look at haha. I LOVED her drying skills. I seriously cant stop touching my hair bc of how soft and straight it is. When everything was done I was blown away with the end result. I am confident and really recommend Rahyana for your next cut! Will definitely be back!
Jane K.