My name is Raine and I am the owner of Rainey Days Hair. With every person in my chair, I strive to understand the wants and needs of their hair; with every color service, I work to ensure the integrity of the hair is maintained, while also achieving the beautiful result you're looking for. 

I have been working as a stylist for going on four years, and in that time I have worked tirelessly to make sure every customer is not just content with the result, but instead, is excited to leave my chair so others can see their all new look. Because I understand how important hair can be to a person, I want to make sure that importance is reflected in my own work. 

I especially excel in gray blending highlights, funky-fashion colors, both classic and fade styles for men. So, please don't hesitate to ask about any of those! 

I also take great pleasure in my craft, and thoroughly enjoy explaining the ins-and-outs of hair care, and the process while you're in the chair. So if you find yourself either worried or curious never hesitate to ask!

I am also kid friendly, and have dealt with a number of toddler aged children in my time as a stylist, so feel free to bring your whole family.

I look forward to serving you all, and hope you look forward to the you that you will see in the mirror by the time I've finished!


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I took my picky daughter to have her hair cut and she absolutely loved Raine. She loved her hair and how Raine listened to what she wanted and made it happen! I would 100% recommend her!
Tara S.