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We are Removery, North America’s laser tattoo removal people.

Our job is to help people reflect on the outside, who they are on the inside. The technology we use means that you can choose to express yourself by completely removing any trace of a tattoo, or fading just a small piece of it away, sometimes to make room for something else.

Removery exists to empower you to become who you want to be, by giving you choices over your tattoos. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service and care at every stage of your tattoo removal or fading journey.

Our people, Removeries, and community will make you feel respected, understood, and comfortable.

Meet our Indy team below:

Kendra Stock

I have been a nurse for about 18 years and have done all types of nursing and admin. Nursing!! I was the DON of Selah house for most of my career, which is an inpatient facility for girls with eating disorders. I have learned to deal with all types of people, and their passions, goals and heartaches.  This is the first time I have worked with lasers, and I love it!!!! I also love to meet all the people that walk through this door and hear their stories and be able to connect with them on their journey!  

I am the proudest mother of two amazing girls, Kalli and Kambry, who are my life!!I love being the crazy loud mom cheering them on at all their sports!!!!  I have a huge passion for fitness and health, and love to workout daily!!!! I am

So happy and honored to be part of such a caring, compassionate, and loving work family!!!!! I can finally enjoy going to work again!! This job has truly blessed my family and me!


Kaylee Bowman

I come from a dental background which then turned into corporate field training. Training dental assistants and sales associates across the US on basic dental knowledge, customer service, and sales. I joined Removery because I am a big fan of making people happy and taking care of their needs! I personally have 10 tattoos and think it’s so great to be a part of a company that accepts that! I love learning about the science part of laser and tattoo removal as well as being able to get to know each client and their personal removal journey. 

Interests: I am a social butterfly and I love to hang out with friends as well as having a genuinely good time! Trips to Florida are my therapy! I am a Disney FANATIC and if anyone needs a Disney trip planned, you got your girl :)


Amy Fuller

My name is Amy Fuller, I have been a nurse for 25 years now working in multiple specialties:  ICU, surgery, nursing leadership, medical sales, insurance medicine and now medical aesthetics.   I love people, listening to their story and making them feel good about themselves!   I have 3 daughters and enjoy traveling, working out, and reading.   I am always up for new book suggestions!    Something unique about me is that I have always wanted to learn American Sign Language and I am currently taking classes with my daughter. 

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