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Riley is an experienced stylist who knows just what I want and I always leave her loft feeling beautiful! She takes the time to talk to me and understand what I want, is knowledgeable and skilled, and has a fabulous line of products.
Romy N.
I can’t say enough how great of a hairstylist Riley is! She is skilled, efficient, and so friendly which makes the process of getting your hair done much more enjoyable. She performed a color correction on me that turned a botched fire engine red color into a beautiful natural ginger and has maintained the color so well for me that everyone assumes I’m a natural redhead. She is the best choice for all of your hair needs!
Paige C.
Riley is an amazing stylist who I have watched grow in just as amazing ways over the years. She has taken my hair from the worst it has been to the best I’ve ever seen it be. She’s encouraged me to take risks with my hair and always made what I was nervous to do turn out excellent. 10/10 would recommend.
Paige W.