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I have been doing eyebrows since I was fourteen!! That's almost 17 years of perfecting my craft! I had the pleasure of attending Aveda in Charlotte and obtaining my aesthetics license two years ago. That accomplishment, along with being extensively trained through Benefit Cosmetics has helped to increase a sincere love for BROWS! This industry is ever growing, and I've made it my mission to continuously research and learn to stay ahead of the game! Do you need a little brow help? Regrowth, reshape, you name it!, Let's work together to find YOUR best set of brows! Love your brows again!

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I met Rose about two years ago, she has been doing my make up and lashes for about 1 year now. She professional, timely, reasonably priced and one of the best in the industry!!! Ivory P
Ivory P.
Rose, has done amazing look on my eyebrows like no other!! so happy!! :)
Barbara M.
Rose is amazing!! I am always satisfied with her exceptional services!!
Joyce S.
I've only been seeing Rose for a short time, but will definitely continue because in that short time she has assisted in correcting untrained brow waxing and I have brow shape now! She has also taught me to color in my brows to the extent that someone asked me yesterday if they were micro-bladed! Rose is such a professional and great teacher as well!
Dawn T.
Rose has been doing my brows for over a year now and after years of over threading, untrained waxing I can finally say I have SHAPE! I never knew what a difference it made having them tinted either. As a natural blonde my brows were always lighter than my colored hair. Filling them in took patience and time I simply don’t have. Now Rose tints them for me between hair appointments and ombrés the colors. Genius! No one would ever know I was blonde (had I not just told you all). Thanks Rose!! You’re the best!!!
Elizabeth C.
I have been a faithful mannequin and client for Rose since 2015. After my first experience with her I said never again will anyone touch my brows and 3 years later I still stand by my word. She very professional, quick, smooth, and very painless. I’m ready for my next appointment now lol.
Avery C.