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Rudy is my blowout king! Already having a stylist/colorist, I met Rudy when needing a blowout for an event and have adored him ever since. He's great for any style you need, casual, bombshell, formal updo- and also for great shampooing and conditioning treatments when you've been extra hard on your tresses. He did half of my wedding party and has styled hair for our family photo events, we'd officially adopt him into the family if we could. He's does fantastic hair and is blast to hang out with while you are in his chair! - Crista C.
Crista C.
My one and only Stylist.
Marcia G.
There aren't many people I trust with doing my hair, but I've been coming to Rudy for over 3 years! He does a great job every time, whether I want it colored, cut or something carte blanche and creative, plus he's such a funny and down to earth guy. I'm gutted I can't take him to FL with me when I move!! - John
John W.
Rudy is the best! I get many compliments on both my cut and color. Plus, he is a GREAT guy!
Debbie M.
Love you, Rudy. Best stylist ever! Rudy has saved my hair from disaster, so happy for your new Salon. Melanie
Melanie N.
Good luck with your new salon! I always get compliments on my haircuts! Cherry W.
Cherry W.
For nearly 15+ years, I drove from the south side of Indy to an upscale salon on the north side. Approaching retirement, I knew that I needed to find a salon closer to home. However, I never thought that I would find a stylist and salon in downtown Indy that provides even better service and expertise than the north side salon. And then I found Rudy …. My hair is healthier and has never looked better. The products that Rudy uses and sells, are amazing. My trust is with Rudy to help me age gracefully!
Pamela B.
Rudy is an artist. He gets it when I want to do something wild and different. He isn't afraid to take my hair to new levels of edgy and artsy. I LOVE the way he thinks outside the box for me and my hair. He knows my hair better than I do and always achieves an amazing look. Plus, he's just great fun to hang out with!
Jody M.
I've been a happy client of Rudy's for about 15 years. As is essential, Rudy is really good at making hair pretty. Also important, it's fun to spend 2 hours in his chair every 9 weeks or so. I enjoy his musings, stories and, of course, his recipes. He is also thoughtful (I promised to never tell, but when I was, like, 111 months pregnant, Rudy painted my toenails while my color set). I look forward to his new adventure!
Jaq N.
Rudy rescued me from bad hair texture and color. I was totally and completely bored about my hair and he did a fabulous job! My hair looks fantastic, I few renew, re-energized and highly recommend him.
Carolina C.
Rudy is fantastic! He keeps my hair looking fabulous and young... He's a gifted creative artist with an eye for color and an expertise in style that shows in everything he does! Make an appointment and see for yourself!
Terri B.
I love Rudy not only does he do a fantastic job but I love his humor... he loves to laugh... I love to laugh.. he does fantastic work... What more could you want from a stylist ? He does an amazing job!
Alyx E.
need your magic touch!!!!!
Sue C.
Rudy! I have known him for most of his 21 years as a stylist! He has color corrected me from blonde, brunette and red - he did miss out black, which we did for a while - a very adventurous color that he introduced me to! Not only is he wonderful with color, but his precision cutting is amazing! I constantly have complete strangers compliment me on my hair! I have been asked if I was a hairdresser, because of the edgy cut that I've had, and recently, while in a salon and day spa having my nails done, had a lady ask if she could take a picture of my hair to show her stylist - I gave her Rudy's card, as I have many of my friends - he truly is amazing!!
Ros K.