Hi, I'm Ryan!

I specialize in skincare, eyelash extensions, and waxing. Specifically intimate waxing for men, male Brazilians, or "manzillians" if you want to be coy.

I've been working in the field of esthetics for 6 years now, and every day I can help someone feel their best is a good day. After the trials and tribulations of 2020 I figured nothing is ever guaranteed so if I was ever going to try to make it on my own this was the time to try. I was licensed in Michigan at a school founded and owned by 2 generations of my own family, beauty just running in the blood, I guess. 

I bring a passion for skin and cosmetics that I hope to share with my clients, to show them how to get the results they desire while also building up their self worth. All the skincare and makeup in the world is worthless if you don't like yourself, and that's my primary goal before anything else. I help my clients identify what THEY want and what will make THEM feel good about themselves, not what they've been told to want or what they think other people want from them.

Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Ryan is an amazing esthetician but more importantly an amazing person! He truly cares about his clients and spends time to get to know them. He did my lash extensions and I got so many compliments on them! I highly recommend Ryan! He is outstanding :)
Jamie B.
Ryan did my eyebrows and Brazilian wax! Best service I ever had! I will never go to anyone else!
Deb N.
Ryan did my eyelashes and they looked amazing i loved them so much! It was a great price and they stayed on for weeks! I have also had my makeup done by Ryan several times and i always received TONS of compliments about how natural and amazing it looked!
Jordan H.
Ryan is a wonderful Esthetician. He really cares about his clients and listens to their needs. He does my anti-aging facials every six weeks and my skin is glowing. I highly recommend Ryan. He is the best!
Rachelle H.
Ryan has been my esthetician for 5 years. His facials are amazing and my skin has major visual improvement. He is professional, kind and loves his profession! Marge B.
Marjorie B.