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Salon1908 was founded in Hyde Park Chicago by Beauty Industry Innovator and Leader Stephanie Blakley. Salon1908 is a multi-cultural, high-end full-service salon located in Lincoln Park Chicago. Salon1908 in Lincoln Park is our first partnership with Salon Lofts. Our salon professionals are highly trained and respected pillars in the beauty industry providing 5-star service for women, men, children, and their families. We service a diverse clientele. Straight hair, curly hair, fine hair, ethnic hair, natural hair, special needs clients, and those who may have thinning hair or hair loss are ALL of our specialties.


We offer a full range of ala carte treatments and services including organic skin care, wedding hair, and professional makeup artistry. We can even reserve our salon exclusively for bridal parties, couples facials, and girl’s spa day and nights. How FUN!


Children and Adults with Special Needs

We strive to provide a nurturing, kind, patient and caring environment where we put the child, adult, parent, and caregiver at ease. Our stylists are skilled in cutting and styling hair for all children and adults. Our staffed special education trained hair artist understands the extra time, patience, and touch needed to serve children and adults with special needs. 



We provide the following men’s grooming services: classic and long haircuts, hair color and beard grooming and color services. 


High-End Luxury Hair Color

We are the best when it comes to signature customized women’s and men's hair color. We are your blonde expert destination. We like to say “We do Smart Blondes”. Our clients span from everyday professionals, busy housewives, vibrant musicians, actors, film directors, classic models, and the list goes on. Whether you like bright, vibrant, vivid, fantasy colors, temporary color, highlights, Ombré, color rinses, Balayage, grey coverage, or multi-dimensional permanent color, we have an artist for you. Our main permanent hair color line is actually ammonia free. It is always our goal to give you natural looking hair color as if it had been kissed by the sun.


We color with only the best color lines in the industry like CHI, L'Oreal Professional, Pravana, Matrix, Redken, Sebastian, and Manic Panic Professional Gel Color. With such a diverse clientele we pride ourselves in providing a salon back bar that is stocked to meet every texture hair need. We truly understand that no one client is alike. We use only the best products from our favorite professional hair product lines. You get only the BEST of THE BEST with us. Each client is given a thorough consultation in order to prescribe a beauty regime that is not only flattering and professionally possible but collaborative between the client/guest and salon professional. Color correction and color removal services are also available.


Hair Cuts and Styling

Our stylists and barbers are master haircut artists. Our hair artist also offers an array of styling services including, full body special occasion blowouts, flat ironing, hair curling, roller sets, twist-outs, wraps, hair extensions and so much more. Curly hair is one of our many specialties.


Hair Texture Treatments

Salon1908 artists offer a range of texture treatments including keratin smoothing treatments, beach wave body perms, relaxers, texturizers, steam infusion blowouts, and Brazilian blowouts. No matter if we are performing a texture or color service the health and integrity of your hair is our number one priority. We will never skip deep conditioning or bond restorative treatments in a chemical service. Olaplex, Redken, and Mizani bond/ph restorative products are just three of our absolute favorites!


Hair Thinning and Loss Treatments

We have various treatments, retail supplements for sale and services for damaged hair, thinning hair, and hair loss. Clients with these needs can choose an option to be treated in one of our private hair service rooms for privacy at a nominal additional cost.



We offer a full range of luxury skin solutions including anti-aging facials, dry skin facials, acne facials, pre-natal facials, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, and blackhead pore extractions. We use a high-end organic product line called Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR) imported from the UK. NYR has been the leader in Organic Ethical Beauty for over 35 years. Our professional Go to line is none other than the global skincare leader Dermalogica. Each of our locations is staffed with at least 1 Dermalogica Expert.


Luxury Hair Removal and Brow Shaping

With NYR Organics essential oils and products we are able to offer our salon guest a mini-spa aromatherapy experience during their hair removal services. We also offer the opportunity for our salon guest to buy these award-winning organic products on-site and shipped directly to their home from the NYR US warehouse for maximum freshness. After a treatment with our on-site holistic skin therapist, our skin expert will prescribe an at home regime uniquely to you.


We offer brow clean up and brow shaping services too! No beauty stone is left unturned at Salon1908. We are your new beauty BFF’s!



We pride ourselves in our no-wait appointment policy. We do not double book time slots or treat multiple clients at once. Your appointment time is your appointment time. We live the value quality over quantity.


Private Hair Treatment Rooms

We offer private appointment services for those who may have privacy needs. If you are a high profile celebrity client or have religious needs that require a private hair appointment please select a service offering under our "Noel's Nook" category in addition to your standard service.


Hair Extensions

We offer partial, temporary, hair extension services for weddings, banquets, proms, red carpets, and special events. Our extension services always include the appropriate hair and scalp treatments. Our overall objective will always be to care for your natural hair and scalp first. We also color, weaves, and wigs with a drop off and pick up color service appointment.

Retail Store

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organics

08 Pearl Girl - Vantel Pearls Independent Consultant


Our primary goal is to give you the best salon experience you ever had. You will not only leave educated and able to better care for your hair on your own but you will also be at peace knowing that your hair, skin, nails, and brows are in one of the best hands in the beauty industry Salon1908. We are MULTICULTURAL, We are DIVERSE. We are INCLUSIVE. We are EXPERTS. We are TRENDSETTERS. We are ARTIST and you are our canvas. We are the Next Generation of Beauty Industry Innovators and Leaders. We are Salon1908!


4 Parking Conveniences: 1. Street (FREE on Belden, Stockton, or Lincoln Park West), 2. Metered on Clark St. 3. Hourly via Spot Hero (356 W Belden Ave. Back of Building), and 4. Valet for $14 cash only at The Belden Stafford just a 2 min walk away from 7am till Midnight (2300 N. Lincoln Park West at the intersection of Belden).


What are you waiting for? Shop our RETAIL stores at the links below and Book a SERVICE at the link above Online NOW!

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  • Manic Panic Professional
  • Neal's Yard Remedies
  • Dermalogica
1908 is a mega salon that not only provides great service but salon business coaching to the Salon1908 Staff! A fresh business model!
Nina C.
Glad that Salon1908 now has a location near me in Lincoln Park. Magnificent cut and color. Highlights look totally natural, which is what I need and want. Your wonderful work helped me land my new job! Thank you so much!
Sherrilynn A.
Linda F. (05/31/2018) Today was my first spa treatment at Salon 1908. My facial was so relaxing! The treatment included a microdermabrasion step, but the technique used produced no side effects -at all. Stephanie was my esthetician and she explained what each product and step would do for my skin. The rose balm from NYR was my favorite or maybe just all of them... My skin looks great and it can breathe now. #myskinisglowing
Salon N.
Hilary B. (05/14/2018) I have been going to Stephanie for years, and she always does a great job! I have fine, straight hair that takes a lot of attention to detail and she always listens to what I want and takes her time to make it perfect!
Salon N.
Tiera B. (04/29/2018) It was my first time getting a facial. I enjoyed every moment and Stephanie made sure I was very relaxed.
Salon N.
D'andre S. (04/23/2018) I had an experience like no other. This was my very first facial ever and when I say she exceeded my expectations she did that and some. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable of what she does and she relaxes you in a way that you can’t explain. I highly highly recommend anyone to do business with this woman. She has gift,knowledge, and tools to make your experience unforgettable. I look forward to another visit soon. I’m excited!!
Salon N.
Cori F. (04/18/2018) Wonderful cut and company. Loved getting my hair cut by Stephanie
Salon N.
Ray N. (12/14/2017) Fantastic haircut - just what I needed/wanted!! Thank you so much!
Salon N.
Katie G. (11/16/2017) So happy my friend recommended Stephanie for haircuts in Hyde Park. Stephanie was wonderful. I'll be back for another haircut and I'll bring my kiddo too.
Salon N.
Sherri B. (11/16/2017) I have rarely found a salon where I can consistently get a great haircut. Salon 1908 delivers on that-- and a whole lot more. My fine hair easily gets dried out, especially in Chicago's windy weather. Stephanie works magic with deep conditioning treatments, restoring my hair to a healthy, glowing shine. She is also a fantastic colorist. When I explained that I wanted subtle highlights--she suggested two shades based on my desired look. Gorgeous job every time! The natural-looking color adds depth and interest to my baby fine hair. I constantly get compliments. I have reached a point in life where I can't afford to gamble with my look for work or special events. Thankfully, I have found a salon that does it all, with warmth and professionalism.
Salon N.
Cheryl H. (11/14/2017) I asked a friend whose hair I liked about her stylist, and she referred me to Stephanie. I went to see her hoping to get a cut that would look nice, but I got so much more than that! I have had trouble with a dry scalp all of my life, and Stephanie tackled the problem with ease. In the past, most stylists have simply told me to use a different shampoo to help my scalp if they suggested anything at all, and it never made a difference. Stephanie took great care to get to know me and what I was looking for and came up with a system to heal my scalp and make my hair more healthy. I took her advice on washing and visit her on a regular basis for scalp treatments. I even applied some of her strategies to my regular skin care as well, and honestly it has been life-changing. I can't remember the last time my skin, scalp, and hair were in such a good state! It feels amazing. And Stephanie is a wonderful person as well. I can't wait to see her next week for a body wave treatment!
Salon N.
Trinanein K. (04/30/2017) Stephanie did not disappoint! With just a few sample photos of what I was looking for, she was able to take my dull brown curly girl hair and give it multi- dimensional, natural looking red highlights. I love the boost of color to my hair and also my more defined hair cut. Stephanie provided awesome service, warm hospitality, and suggestions for how I can continue to rock these highlights and low-maintenance hairstyle on my own. She's very knowledgeable about the science and chemistry of mixing colors and other hair products together but also has an artistic eye. My hair is summer-ready, as it looks forward to the magic of what the sun will do. Thank you Stephanie!!!
Salon N.
Jennie T. (04/07/2017) I am what you call a penny pincher, target purse and a 5 dollar wallet. BUT Stephanie is worth every penny and I would still go even if she doubled her rates! She listens and knows her clients very well. She does magic with her skills, so long as Stephanie is in Chicago I WILL NOT go to anyone else!
Salon N.
Nicole S. (01/15/2017) Stephanie was professional, warm, and had great suggestions for my hair! She gave me exactly what I asked for, and we talked about plans for the future for my very salt and pepper, curly hair. I'll certainly be back! Sorry I don't have a pic, my selfie game was NOT up to par, today--even though my hair is amazing.
Salon N.
Melanie L. (01/11/2017) Stephanie cut my hair back in December and gave me my first Manoi treatment to condition and enhance my somewhat damaged curls. Already with a month and one more treatment this week I've noticed an incredible difference in the vitality of my hair and the shape of the curls which I know is also helped by the cut. This treatment is incredibly relaxing to boot! Stephanie is a lovely person and I'm looking forward to my next visit. Definitely would recommend to Hyde Park residents and University of Chicago students looking for a local quality salon. The picture is just after my second treatment.
Salon N.
nehemie j. (01/07/2017) Everyone in the salon was so sweet. Besides the excellent hospitality Stephanie took the time to make me feel special, music was great and will recommend to friends.
Salon N.
Rachel B. (12/21/2016) Stephanie is so good!!! She's been doing my hair for about a year now, and I was so happy to follow her to her new salon! The first time she styled me, I wanted to go from violet/dark brown to hot pink, and she went ABOVE AND BEYOND in every way to get my color looking totally awesome, while keeping my hair super soft and healthy! (It took about 11 hours to get all the lightening and color steps, and she never got frustrated!) She's always willing to work with me on scheduling, and ready to change things up if I need something new. (See attached photo of the violet/magenta combo we just did!!) I won't go to anyone else for my color!! Long story short, if you want gorgeous, vibrant color, you want Stephanie!
Salon N.
Lynnette L. (12/16/2016) Stephanie is amazing. And my hair is so cute! She does such a great job figuring out what my hair needs and what products writte work best with my texture and style.
Salon N.
Natalie H. (11/30/2016) I had a great experience at Salon1908. The main stylist, Stephanie, is very knowledgeable about the latest products and services. I highly recommend this stylist if you are the for the high quality service.
Salon N.
Sarah B. (11/20/2016) This exprinence was wonderful! The steam infusion worked amazing with my hair, it gave it a new glow that was never there before! Looking forward to getting my hair done by Stephanie again, she's the best!!
Salon N.
Carolyn J. (11/17/2016) Stephanie does a wonderful job coloring my gray hair. I love it when a stylist listens to their client.
Salon N.