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 My immense love for my craft and clients is met with my passion to learn the utmost and bring it back to the people I touch.  I am continuously honing my craft as a master creative colorist, precision cutter, and educator. Serving the Chicago area. PLEASE BOOK VIA BOOKSY  



  • Oligo
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  • Redken Shades EQ
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I absolutely LOVE Sarah! She gave me this wonderful haircut on my bob and I let her do her thing. She did exactly what I wanted without me telling her! The next day I was out with friends and family they all complimented on my hair and it made me feel so great! Thank you Sarah!
Wanda G.
I came to her Sarah over six years ago as a nightmare, with box-dyed black hair that I wanted to turn white. She was straight-forward and honest from the start, teaching me every step of the way. I've treated her word as gospel since then and my hair has never been healthier. Sometimes I'm convinced that she's actually a magician, or a mind-reader, or some combination of both. She can do it all - color melts, corrective color, precision cuts, anything - and most importantly, she can translate any random ideas you throw at her and craft a unique style just for you. Sarah is an artist, an educator, and a genuinely badass person. I cannot recommend her enough.
Laura L.
I didn't recognize Sarah in this new space because she was so happy. What can I tell you? She does excellent work. Sit back and let her do her thing and prepare for the compliments.
Ann F.
One of the best things about Sarah is she genuinely cares about your hair. She has always gone out of her way to teach me helpful tricks to make color stay in longer and she just really understands people. Along with that I've always had the most beautiful results from her!
Andrea L.
I’ve been seeing Sarah for years. We’ve gone through my many phases- all over bright purple, every ombré and balayage, black to blonde to brown to red and back again. There’s nothing Sarah can’t do- all while respecting the integrity of my hair and knowing what works with my face shape/skin color. She’s also the sweetest person to talk to.
Dana L.
Sarah is one of the most talented hair stylists in Chicago. She's easy to talk to, thorough, doesn't BS you, and helps find you the best possible outcome for what you're looking for. She's been my stylist for 7 or 8 years. It's been a privilege getting to know this incredibly talented woman and having her work on my hair.
Heidi G.
I've been going to Sarah for 7+ years and recommend her to anyone who will listen to me - especially if they have thick and/or curly hair or are looking for someone who is a wizard with color. Sarah is knowledgeable, generous, talented and kind, she can tame my mane like none other and I trust her implicitly.
Natalie Y.