I am a professional tattoo artist that has been creating body art for almost 15 years. I specialize in custom tattoo designs from the smallest piece to full arms, backs, chest, legs, ribs and everywhere in between. I love creating unique pieces for my clients and friends. I have a penchant for designing dark art and horror themed tattoos as well.  Art has always been a passion for me and I look forward to continuing to grow my skill set and talent.  I love all things art and tattoo related.  

Although I have amazingly loyal clientele that keep me busy and are continuously bring me new guests, I hope to acquire many more new clients and meet a lot of new people!

Getting tattooed should be an enjoyable experience and I cater to each persons unique individuality and love getting to know my clients while they in turn, learn about me. Come on in and we'll have a great time!

If you have an idea but not quite sure how to get it down on paper, I'm your man. Share your vision and we will collaborate on your personal design.

I look forward to creating some amazing custom ink and building my clientele even further!! 

See you all sooooon!!

Click the FB link to check out some more of my artwork here:

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  • Eternal Tattoo Ink
  • Hustle Butter Tattoo ointment/aftercare
  • Saniderm
Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Sean is how my go-to. He has done several tattoos for me, including a coverup. I am so happy with all of them. The experience was casual, but professional, and easy. Thank you Sean!
Anna K.
Sean is an amazing artist and I cannot wait to have my half sleeve finished! -Jennifer W.
Jennifer W.
Love my tattoo from Sean! Hes an amazing artist and super nice person. Cant wait for me next piece!
Danielle C.
I've sat with Sean for approximately 30 hours in the last 5 years. Nothing but professional every single time. Very punctual extremely detail oriented and exceptionally talented. I've had work done by others. After going to Sean I will never let anyone else tattoo me!
Myke G.
Great artist, great guy. Beautiful tattoo work, light handed, and he keeps you entertained during your session. I always have a great experience with Sean and will continue to go to him for my ink.
Amy L.
Sean gave me my first and only tattoo when I was 60 — a beautiful hummingbird on my wrist to honor my late mother - his grandmother. Yes, I’m his mom, the biggest fan of his art, and so proud of him. He started drawing as soon as he could hold a crayon. He didn’t scribble -he drew recognizable pictures. He amazed his teachers, his friends, and his family. He honed his skills in art school. I don’t know how many tattoo artists went to art school. I know he will create a beautiful piece of art on your skin and entertain you at the same time. Enjoy the tattoo experience with my talented, caring, and funny son.
Wanda G.
Sean is AWESOME!! He refreshed an old tattoo for me and gave it a very unique twist and I LOVE IT! I cant wait to come check out his new spot and support this amazing artist!!
Morigan H.
Great artist. Has tattooed me numerous times. Even tried to talk me out of getting my face tattooed, because he was concerned for my future. I didn't listen but he tried. All around great guy and artist.
Mike Y.
Sean is a phenomenal artist. I have two original tattoos by Sean and am looking forward to more custom artwork from him in the future.
Courtney G.
Sean is my preferred artist for his originality and vision. On two occasions I have told him what I was wanting and he blew me away by the custom pieces of art he came up with, better than I could imagine. He's also down to earth and funny, making you completely comfortable- which helps when you're in the chair for long periods of time.
Amy D.
This is man is A PHENONIMAL artist. I have two tattoos from him but whenever get my stuff together for more will def be reaching out to him. Even for people getting first tattoos he is very easy to talk to and can help with what ever custom work you want done.
Sean G.
Sean is the only (and I’ve been to 8) artist who truly understood what I wanted done and the pieces he has done look amazing. He is also a joy to be around makes the whole process easy!
Amy B.
Not only my little brother but my tattoo artist. I've watched his artistic talent develop since he was 3 years old. I've witnessed his struggles and his successes....I couldn't be more proud to be his big bro.... You won't be disappointed in his work....
Neil H.
Sean is one of the best around the Rdu area. He is great to work with and cares about his customers. I have gotten multiple tattoos from him and couldn't be happier with his style of work and his attention to detail. If your looking custom work I wouldn't recommend anyone else
Brandon H.
Sean is an amazing tattoo artist. I have two original pieces from him one cover up and one original piece drawn by daughter that he put on my back for me. I can't wait to see him at his new place and have some more tattoos and artwork done. Constance Brinson & Family
Constance B.
sean is the one of the greatest out there!! he’s done all but 2 of my tattoos & i wear that art proudly!! i’ll defi be supporting him in his new shop!!
Becca H.
Sean is an amazing artist and cares deeply about his clients. My daughter brought him an idea for her first tattoo and he brought it to life. She now has several art pieces done by Sean as well as me and my husband. Can’t wait to visit the new shop!
Jami N.
Sean is an amazing artist with a wicked sense of humor. I cant wait for my next beautiful tattoo!
Dawn B.