A graduate from the Natural Hair Care program at CPCC in Charlotte, NC. I specialize in natural hair care and extensions, with 15 years of experience in braiding. Naturally You Hair Salon caters to the natural hair care needs of men, women, and children. I am also a Natural Hair Care instructor who promotes healthy hair and the importance of maintaining it in and outside of the salon. My goal for each of my clients is to help them understand the history of their hair, as well as what it takes to maintain the health of their natural hair while enjoying a variety of styles.


Covid-19 Rules and Regulations

*Experiencing a worldwide pandemic within this last year, it is vital that I ensure the safety of all clients as well as myself. In doing so, the following will be required....

  1. All clients are required to wear a mask (gloves are optional)
  2. Only one person/client in the salon with me at a time.
  3. If possible, please text me when you arrive for your appointment so I can make sure that the salon is safe and clean enough for you to enter.
  4. If you are sick, experiencing symptoms, or been around anyone that is/has been sick or given a positive Covid result, please cancel/reschedule your appointment. In the event you show up for your appointment and appear to be sick or running a temperature, I will be forced to ask you to leave and reschedule. For those that pay a deposit for their service and you show up and appear to be sick or running a temperature, you will not get your non-refundable deposit back and you will have to pay another deposit to reschedule.
  5. Due to the extra time it takes to disinfect between each client, my schedule is extremely tight. Therefore, if you are 15 min late or more to your appointment without notifying me, you will need to reschedule and you will lose your non-refundable deposit if you were required to pay one.

 **Please, no additional guest/children when being serviced, due to limited space and Covid-19. I do reserve the right to reschedule/cancel appointments. In the event you do need to bring your child, you will need to speak with me first about those arrangements. If I agree to you bringing your child, please make sure they are well mannered and respectful within my work space. In the event they are not, you may be asked to reschedule.

Hours of Operation

-Sunday/Monday- Closed (By appt ONLY with an additional fee of $30)

-Tuesday/Thursday- 9am-3pm (Contact me for earlier/later appointments) (No appointments will be scheduled after 3pm until every appt before 3pm is filled, or if there has been prior arrangements made with me.)

-Wednesday/Friday- 9am-5p (Contact me for earlier/later appointments) (No appointments will be scheduled after 5p until every appt before 5p is filled, or if there has been prior arrangements made with me.)

-Saturday- 9am-4pm (Contact me for earlier/later appointments) (No appointments will be scheduled after 4p until every appt before 4p is filled, or if there has been prior arrangements made with me.)

*Due to Covid-19, until further notice, no walk-ins will be accepted, appointment ONLY.


 Deposit/Late Fee/Cancellation/No Show Policies

*All Services $75 or more will require a non-refundable $30 deposit to secure your appt. For all services that require a deposit, the deposit must be paid within 24 hrs of scheduling your appointment or the appointment will be canceled. For deposit payments you may pay those via cash app ($ShanikaMuhammad), Venmo (@Naturally_You), or Zelle (I can provide this information). You also have the option to come into the salon and pay your deposit via cash or credit/debit card (There is a $2 processing fee via Square) if you do not use any other method of payment but it must be within the 24hr time frame. For same day appointments, deposits must be paid within an hour of making appointment, or it will result in appointment being canceled. ALL remaining balances are due at time of service! Please do not ask to pay at a later date because the answer is NO. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

*If you no show/cancel in less than 24 hr without notice then you will lose your non-refundable deposit. In the event you have to cancel and you notify me within 24 hrs then I'm willing to put your deposit toward the appointment that you reschedule, but there will not be a refund of deposits. If you were not required to make a deposit for your service, in order to make another appointment you will be required to make a deposit if you no show for the first appointment. If you are more than 15 min late to your appointment without notice then you will have to reschedule or be worked back in, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If I'm not able to work you back in same-day then you will need to reschedule for another day and a deposit will be required to reschedule. In the event that I need to cancel/reschedule your appointment for personal reasons I will do my best to accommodate your new appointment date. I will also refund your deposit if you don't wish to reschedule your appointment. Out of respect for my clients' time, if I am late to your appointment or cancel/reschedule without enough notice then you will also receive a discounted service. 

Children Policies

*After much consideration, as of Nov. 2020 I will not be accepting any new clients under the age of 8yrs old.

*For all existing clients under the age of 8yrs old, starting Jan. 2021 I will only service these children for birthdays, special occasions (school/family pictures), and special holidays (February (1 appt for black history month), Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas).

*For children 8yrs old and up, if your child is tender headed in any way, disruptive, or disrespectful to myself or their guardian, THEY WILL NOT BE SERVICED and they will not be able to make another appt. in the future.

Preparation for Promotional/All Other Services

*If you schedule a promotional braiding service (weekly flash deals/Groupon voucher, Fresha Voucher), you will be required to come with clean/blow dried hair (clean scalp, hair clear of all products, detangled thoroughly, and blow dried) and if you don't, you will be charged for that service which is $25 or your appointment will be canceled/rescheduled.

*If you have braids/twist prior to your appointment with me, you MUST remove braids/twist and come with combed out/detangled hair prior to coming in for your appointment. In the event you can't or you don't, you will be required to pay for the removal service which is $20 and up.

Policy for other stylist's work

*In terms of other stylist work, I will not touch any one else's work. If you'd like a new style then I will be more than happy to service you at full cost of service, but I will not touch up anyone else's work for any reason. 

Forms of payment accepted

*For payments I accept cash, credit/debit card (Via Square which has a $2 processing fee) , cash app ($ShanikaMuhammad), Venmo (@Naturally_You), PayPal, and Zelle (This information can be provided to you). 


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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Shanika did a wonderful job with my hair! She is very knowledgeable about hair. While doing your hair she give you suggestions that will help and improve growth for your hair. I have been looking for someone that has knowledge about natural hair and able to do protective styles and Shanika is the perfect fit! Thanks Shanika for doing such a great job on my hair!
Lawanda G.
New to area and searched for hair person. Left my last hair person of 10 years due to relocation out of state. Feel comfortable with Shanika, like her background and experience, hair neat and comfortable. Had my 16 year old niece review my possible selections for my hair care, and she says Shanika would be her choice to do her hair, and she is a fashionable ticky girl in California. Thanks Shanika! Alice
Alice W.
Shanika did a excellent job on my daughter’s hair. Teens are picky but my daughter loves her back length jumbo knotless braids. Her work was fast, but neat, and the integrity of her hair outstanding (not a single tight braid). Shanika was on time and her loft is clean. Location is safe and serene. Great experience and she will be returning.
LOCosophy N.
Shanika is patient and kind. Her service is customized to your needs. She provides great advice and quality care. I loved her approachable style, her sensitivity to my hair needs and her neat, polished and affordable work. Thoroughly enjoyed my appointment. Melka
Melka D.
My first time was AMAZING. She was very passionate about informing me on the importance of taking care of my hair and did a wonderful job with giving me exactly what I wanted. Will be coming back!!!!
Kayla E.
Shanika did a great job on my hair. She is very knowledgeable on natural hair care. She was very careful not to braid too tight. My hair looks great.
Anita F.
Shanika,did a great job on my hair. She didn’t braid too tight and made my hair look neat. She’s doesn’t take too long to braid and makes you feel comfortable. I love my knotless braids.
Samantha C.
Shanika did my feed in braids and she was very quick in doing them. Her salon was very clean! Both things I look for Clean and Efficient!
Arielle W.
Shanika did and excellent job doing my braids! Not only do my braids look beautiful but, she also took excellent care of my hair while installing them. I will definitely be returning!!!!
Nneka K.
Shanika is very knowledgeable! She took the time to answer my questions and suggest hair products! Thank you!! I highly recommend Shanika!
Moslean S.
Shanika did a fabulous job on my daughters hair. This was our first experience and she answered my many questions we had and helped us understand everything. She was incredibly knowledgeable and kind, helping us understand everything about her hair. My daughter is so happy to have braids for the first time and has been endlessly smiling. My daughter is excited to go back when it’s time. Thank You for such a wonderful experience.
Kelline W.
I love my hair! Shanika did an amazing job. I got a traditional sew-in that was installed perfectly and she also took extra steps to ensure my natural hair was well taken care prior to the install. She was very professional and you can tell she has a lot of experience. I will be back.
Donice B.
Shanika was the most humble person I HAVE EVER met, IT was truly a pleasure meeting her. The service there was so great, she made us feel WELCOME as we got there and I WILL BE BACK SOON!!!
Ashley D.
Shanika is an amazing professional who's diligence and attention to detail is unmatched. Her soulful personality and hospitable customer service made my appointment an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend her! - Obasi. A
Obasi A.
Shanika was the most humble person I Have met, IT was truly a pleasure meeting her. The service there was so great, she made us feel Comfortable, welcome we got there .very clean, know a lot about hair and I Will be back.
Annette S.
Randomly found Shanika while looking for a new hairstylist. I lost my last stylist due to a career change several months ago. However, nothing is coincidence! What seemed random really wasn't! Shanika did a great job on my hair, I was very happy! When it comes to my hair I only go by referral but everyone I knew was having the same similar stylist issue. Since I'm natural and rarely straighten my hair, I shared my concerns about heat damage and Shanika took it seriously and was very cautious. The true test would be my daughter for back to school . She is an early teen who has no interest in taking care of her hair. When Shanika was done my daughter absolutely loved her hair! Typically she won't even take care of it even after getting it done but not this time, every day she's made sure that it looked it's best, she cares! It turned out to be a fabulously motivating experience!!! Thanks Shanika!
LaTanya H.
I've been wearing my hair short for the past 10 years and wanted to do something different. I met with Shanika for a consultation to see if my hair would be long enough for braids. She gave me her honest feedback and suggested I go with a crochet style instead to allow my hair to grow out more. BEST ADVICE EVER!! I absolutely love my hair and have gotten so many compliments! Her hands are truly blessed! I will be back!!!! Thanks Shanika
Avis C.
Shanika did an excellent job on my daughter’s hair. I will definitely book future appointments.
Andrea W.
Shanika was very professional in her job she asked questions about y hair and gave good advice for me to care for my hair and we tried one style and that didn’t work for her and she advise me of what she could do and what she was use to working with and it worked I let there satisfied with the Crochet hair style she did for me and I am very happy and I will recommend her to any one that wants a good stylist call her you will be satisfied also we had a great time like I new her before. Thanks Shanika a job WELL done.
Alberta K.
Fast, extremely kind, and attentive. If you miss the full service salon experience, then book with Shanika!
Ciara M.
Shanika is the true definition of a passionate professional! She is thoroughly knowledgeable about healthy hair and loves what she does! Shanika asked me if I had any concerns or questions, gave suggestions regarding products and protective styling. I didn't just leave looking good from an evenly trimmed bouncing with body silk press but was also educated on what MY hair needs. Thank you Shanika; I will definitely be rerurning!!
Monica M.
Shanika did a wonderful job with my hair! She is very knowledgeable about hair. While doing my hair she gave me suggestions to continue to improve growth for my hair. I have been looking for someone that has knowledge about natural hair and able to do protective styles and Shanika is the perfect fit! Thanks Shanika for doing such a great job on my hair! Sherry
Sherry H.
I am overwhelmingly impressed with the professionalism, friendliness, and stellar service that I received at Naturally You! Shanika did a fantastic job on my medium knotless braids and I loved that she caters to natural hair and knew exactly how to handle my tresses on the very first time! I can’t wait to return for service!
Dawn C.
Shanika did a wonderful job. Not too tight that pulls your scalp but just right. Wonderful conversations and very efficient. Highly recommend! Thank you Shanika
Mike P.
Shanika always does a great job on myself and my daughters hair. She’s professional and very passionate about the health of your hair!
Ericka S.
Absolutely wonderful and relatable. She informed me on every question I had down to a T. I will be a returning client for sure.
Hailey L.
Awesome service and very patient! Thank you so much; I'll definitely be back again! Kim
Kim M.
Awesome hairstylist especially for the young ladies. Both of my daughters have healthy hair thanks to Shanika! She also makes sure to provide recommended care at home.
Deanna D.
Shanika did a wonderful job braiding my hair. It was not too tight and I was able to sleep comfortably the first night after getting my braids. I will definitely be returning.
Konica M.
Shanika is awesome! I called her on a Friday and she was able to schedule me before my birthday that Tuesday. She is very professional and personable. She stressed that if I had any questions feel free to contact her. I love my crochet hair and I recommend her for your natural hair needs!
Danielle M.
Shanika was amazing and did such a great job on my hair. I love that the service included a wash and condition.
Ieisha D.
Shanika did a fantastic job bringing my hair back to life. She educated me about scalp health and trimming of my see-through split ends lol. Also she didn’t use unnecessary high heat when she flat ironed my hair. I left looking and feeling great. But will return - cause gotta keep those ends trimmed correctly. Thanks!!!
Lo H.
Shanika has helped me in my natural hair transition for the past few years. Her patience has been paramount and fully trust her expertise as it relates to my hair care needs! It is evident that she takes pride in her work!
Adrienne C.
AWESOME Natural hair stylist. Finally someone to Diagnos and treat my hair. Will definitely go again.
Sharon A.
Punctual. Professional. Pro-Stylist. This pretty much sums up my experience with Shanika. She has a wonderful personality and is talented with styling hair. My knotless braids are beautiful. I will be returning.
Topaz K.
Shanika did an excellent job on my hair! I wasn't sure what type style I wanted, so she gave me suggestions. She is very knowledgeable about natural hair and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new stylist.
Torrie G.
Had a great easy going experience! Very knowledgeable of natural hair and products for hair growth.
Jessica M.
Shanika was very professional! I felt very comfortable taking my 3 yr old twin girls to get their hair shampooed and braided with beads. I was very satisfied with her work, and my girls loved their hair...this will definitely be their new hair stylist.
Shakima D.
She is amazing! I loved how my braids turned out and can not wait to come back such a pleasant experience.
Jessica R.