Zekiah, the CEO of Signature Curves, is a true Caribbean gem. She is a multi-specialized medical professional with 12 years of continuous experience as a Registered Nurse, a certified Faux Freckle Artist with Scalpa, a certified Ombré Brow Artist by Destinii Beauti, and a Phi Brow Artist with a specialization in Powder Brows. 

Zekiah has a keen interest in achieving a silhouette of perfection. The passion for helping people of all genders to achieve their optimal body compositions began during her body-building and competitor years. It was during this transition in her life that she ventured off into the Body-Sculpting/Cavitation world with Advanced training with Doll Haus Aesthetics to level up her certification belt.  

One additional  advanced certification later, and Signature Curves was born. Zekiah fervently believes that everything a person can dream about is entirely possible to make a reality. Her enthusiasm towards shaping long-lasting results with any client who walks through the door is just a portion of the larger commitment she has to creating a body-positive transformation in the lives of others.


In Zekiah’s words: “xoxo, see you at your body-goal adventure with me!”



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