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Hello, I am Stephanie Moberg, Licensed Massage Therapist since 2010. I have an affinity for the forest and I have incorporated Shinrin Yoku, forest bathing, as a meditative practice that weaves itself throughout all my bodywork. I do both Table and Chair massage. 

I have been working on the Northshore of Chicago since 2011. My philosophy for treatment is using moist heat packs for massage treatment during your service to warm the tissue and allow the heat to communicate with the nervous system. Your body responds by going into the para-sympathetic response, which is the relaxation response.  The heat and weight of these pads assist me in moving the constricted tight muscle tissue away from their origins and attachment sites therby giving you a richer more effective session. Passive stretching, positional release and neuromuscular techniques are used to achieve a complete massage experience. 

& SATURDAY 11-5*

Table Massage- In both relaxation and deep tissue services, I am utilizing the moist heat pads for the best results in your tailor made bodywork session. Additionally, I use a 25lb weighted blanket to help relieve stress.  You enter my massage room, which is inspired by the forest, you'll hear and see the forest but most importantly you'll smell the forest. This will help remove you from your daily stressors and relax with an authentic earthy sensory experience. It's not about my ability to go deep, its about your ability to receive depth; everyone is different. 



Chair Massage-Better than a coffe break, jump into a hot tub for a few minutes surrounded by the forest to gain mental clairity, unplug from a stressful atmosphere and renew your focus. This is an innovative practice I have created by combining three modalities of massage. Thermal connective tissue release, tapotement and Shinrin Yoku meditative elements. 

What you'll experience: You will step into a forest retreat loft, sit in a massage chair, I lay heat on your back, neck and shoulders, this gives the feel of sinking into a hot tub. Then I use tapotement, an electric thumper tool, over the heated pads which gives the feel of those powerful jets pressing into the muscle tissue.  The thumper delivers eight to thirty-two (8-32) compressions per second, per square inch. I control where the thumper goes by moving up inch by inch from your low back to the base of your neck, over the shoulders and deltoids. 
You will see the forest, hear the forest and more importantly SMELL the forest. Coniferous trees bring about the NK cells, the natural killer cells, in your immune system.  This part of your sensory experience is the Shinrin Yoku meditative practice. 

The three of these therapies married together gives you my Signature Hot Tub Chair Massage.  

Heat treatments are used for chronic conditions to help relax and loosen tissues and to stimulate blood and lymph flow. 


 *This massage is not for everyone!*



If you have the an acute injury in the past 72 hours, flu, skin infection/sunburn, poor thermal regulation, any degenerative disc disease, whiplash injury, pregnancy, recent potential hemmorage, recent fever or infectious disease, edema, open wounds, impaired cognition, cardiac insufficiency, currently in litigation for back injury/whiplash, acute inflamatory condition (rheumatoid arthritis), active bleeding condition, Thrombophlebitis/DVT/PVD, undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, have superficial metal implants/pacemaker/spinal cord stimulator, venous ulcers, impared muscular sensation- hypo or hyper, if you have applied topical counter irritants like Icy hot or Tiger balm this therapy is not appropriate for you...THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, if you dont like heat or percussion, if the scent of forest makes you ill or nauseated please do not proceed to receiving a Hot Tub Chair Massage.

Thank you.

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Stephanie Moberg has struck out on her own with Hot Tub Chair Massage. She still offers table massage services, but has added in a unique chair massage. Her chair massage can easily be done while waiting on one of the neighboring salons or estheticians, and adds moist heat (to relax the muscles) and tapotement to really work out any kinks. Totally worth the trip to Highland Park to get a world class massage.
Christopher H.