Well, let's see where to start...

* I AM a Licensed Massage Therapist that graduated from Columbus School of Medical Massage and completed the required 900 hours of course work & hands-on massage training. Outside of school-regulated massages I took it upon myself to get EXTRA training and practice by Traveling to traveling to individuals' homes and performing different massage techniques categorized to their bodily needs.

* Soon as I graduated I wasted no time to open my own Massage business. starting in a small space at Salon Lofts leading to running and operating my very own Massage Parlor with loving therapist in due time...

I have always known I am to work with my hands in a therapeutic manner to heal other human beings and make their life better either that is on an emotional, physical, or physiological level I am here to help improve your quality of living. I will continue to learn and improve my massage techniques because I am here to SERVE YOU!!!


* Tell me, When was the last time you were last touched or hugged? When was the last time you were touched or rubbed down intentionally with loving hands? Tactile deprivation is real amongst all humans, and to thrive as human beings we need touch. it helps to shape our reality from young as a baby to a fully developed adult. Your skin is HUNGRY FOR A LOVING TOUCH, it is an essential part of being human. This is where I can help to touch you on all layers of being. For the hand FEELS so much and gives so much as well. Let me give you a loving, relaxing, soothing TOUCH that can change your whole day for the better. 

* let me tell you this. Not only have I become an Intentional Massage Therapist, but I also took it upon myself to get certified in Level TWO energy work classified as REIKI a Japanese ancient Art form of energetic healing created by Dr. Mikao Usui.. This way I can implement a deeper form of healing to my clients to better improve their entirety of being.  

During a reiki session, the practitioner places their hands either directly on you or just above you to bring about healing. The belief is that the practitioner is able to stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities.

What are the benefits???

* Relieves PAIN, ANXIETY, and FATIGUE.


* Enhances Quality of Life

* Boost MOOD

* Can treat many conditions (chronic pain)  and Emotional states

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I’ve came for a visit with Stephanie twice now and she is very professional and good with what she do. I’ve been having major pain in my leg for almost a month now and I decided to come to Stephanie and see if she could relieve my pain. I’ve come the CBD massage and every time I came after my pain levels started to go down more and more. Everything about this service is relaxing and you can tell she cares about her patience’s and what they go through. I highly recommend her. Thanks a lot Stephanie
Matt W.